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Chocolate Cookies!!! by   amon'', INFi!!

21st June.

Hello guys. Finally, after month I upload a new fullspeed track & Forever". I got this by song of newest album, which really great. The track itself is than 32 seconds. I try to kept, and in my opinion I check it out for yourself. The track should very suitable

The scenery as on some of my previous fs tracks, but great. I used the sunset gives the track a beautiful look and tell me your opinion.

I kept the media but nice. The intro contains cams text together fx colours don't turn them on. It's in my usual special cams in the outro, instead of the last 3 seconds, so you can take a look at other fx colours beautify it. A GPS is always.


Style: Fulled
Author Time: 31.74
Mood: Sunt
Coers: 3800

This is made by Ornaim. Thanks again for this awesome work mate, you know
And now, get (:

User Conts

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? ? ZoggeR|'P.H.C« 21-un-2011


? ? Pat 21-Jun-2011

Damn you xD

? ? .Wiinty 22-Jun-2011

Very underrated track...

? ? TurbRono 22-Jun-2011

totally overd track

? ? dan!el 23-Jun-2011

this long drop the fun for me.

? ? Pat 23-Jun-2011

Ye, the run must be perfect before to get land on the very left side, it's easier.

? ? dan!el 23-Jun-2011

I've finished the track maybe 5 times, so I drop. but still, I rarely can get in even if I know to go.

? ? v.neck 23-Jun-2011

You could block instead of this .. scenery thingy drop, tried this and works much better imo

? ? Pat 23-Jun-2011

No, because over and is unsmooth.

? ? Fytrim. 23-Jun-2011

pfff. V.Neck. ur.

? ? ZopUH[in TMN] 24-Jun-2011

the drop mistake

? ? v.neck 25-Jun-2011

Quote ...
pfff. V.Neck. amateur.

not sd based standard run.
but keep it discussion here :b

? ? jstc 27-Jun-2011

cuz you anyways

? ? Kang 28-Jun-2011

Your comment and if you've noticed a dumbing down of my character here to blend in. LOL stab

btw jstc, wheres your it on the list.

? ? Nino (: 17-Oct-2014

nais cut

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User Award ? ? KANTER 19-Jul-2011

Great flow, great track

User Award ? ? Mastermind 16-Oct-2011

what a beauty!

User Award ? ? canje|off 30-Aug-2013

thanks to me here, but for building this awesome track
should you earlier

User Award ? ? Kumpelblase 30-Aug-2013

nice one Pat
and no canje

User Award ? ? eXon 21-Oct-2013

wow nice track!

User Award ? ? sempiro 22-Apr-2014

great for hunting

User Award ? ? Tesla 09-Feb-2015

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