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Off For a very very very long time.. dunno yet if i will come back , to busy in personal life+girlfriend+bored of this game+ the commmunity
Change of coming back: 1%


Aloha Guys'n'Girls

This is The Profile of Dutchy ! ( in Case you didn't knew that..)
So you have arrived here to know some more about me, eh?
Well Just read the text below..


Real Name'' Kai
Nickname'' Dutchy
Age'' 18 <3
Date Of Birth 04-10-1991
Where do i Live?'' The Netherlands


When did ya start Playing TM?

I have noooh Clue , probably begin 2007, when TMNF came out i started building maps,
I always said i would build speedtech Only, but now i also have made some DirtTracks
TMX is one of the best Community's i have ever been active, Great People, some of them are always willing to help others, awesome
Ow Btw some people don't know it I Hate The MediaTracker!
Ok I do Like to Make Scenery, so if you need my help, just ask im here for yOu
You wanna have my msn?, Just ask me


Spam Award

With the TMX Player's Choice Awards
I won an award, for Biggest Spammer of The year, i still don't think i deserve it, but hey atleast i have an award, and this was the comment wich belongs to the award

Dutchy - After commenting instantly after i posted this project up, dutchy supplied me with a pointless post, and he has writen afew more since he won this award.

Thanks alot for this, i wanna thank everyone who have voted for me

My newest Track...

Moonloop #1 by   Dutchy!



Favorite Author

Matto'' He can Build everything, stunning dirts, great Techs, and Magical Platformers,
His Screeny's are mindblowing and he's a very nice Person with a big Italian Heart
Probably the best allrounder here on TMX
Ow and Btw he can also make FS

Tributes to me :

I still dont know exactly why people gave me tribute tracks, but i got some
and here they are !

» Jun!or « by   _Mono »

For Dutchy by   aiden.KraL'

Euphoria. by   PagH .xT

Trackspam by   Takashi (-> In United forever)

Anomaly. by   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb

fytrim goes mudd.. (for Dutchy) by   Fytrim.

Somewhere else... by   uetzer|R4a

~4 Tributes in one month , December 2009~

Flying Dutchman by   Khone

- losin my reliGion! by   - ziE @ RIP TM <3

Playing Favourites by   McMuffin

The Night After Christmas by   FrostyFreeze

Personal ShowCase
A very uniQue map from Cranberries, UniQue because of his scenery!. but ofcourse the track itself's also a Real beauty, unexpected transitions.
Lovely flow!

S k y H i g h by   cranberries

That's it Folks!


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