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PagH's Page!xD
..tmx member since 2008_
Status: 0nF!re!

18.07.10: I'm back from France!
17.04.10: EjecT and Kinetic have merged =
21.02.10: Got 3rd place in SF competition (FS tracks), so it's pretty good ^^.
07.02.10: Numb3rs Reached its 80th award. OMG - thanks all!
07.02.10: Today I achieved my award number 800 - thanks everyone, for support and all ^^, much is happening these days, huh?
06.02.10: SE7EN was released!
04.02.10: The team EjecT Gaming had its grand official opening! It's a team I and some other guys have been working on lately > > check more here > >
03-02-10: New accountpage update. New feature available: "SHOP" look beneath!
02-02-10: Put the final touch on "SE7EN" which is now ready to be released; stay tuned!
19-01-10: Sky Sight achieved its 50th award; thank you!

Get you showcase here. Look "shop" beneath!

All payments are coppers (aviable for players with TMU only)

x Scenery: (look following categories)
o SpeedTech/Tech (both platform and road)
- Light (2500cc and less) cost 2000
- Medium (2500-4000cc) cost 3000
- Heavy (4000 and more) cost 4000
o FullSpeed:
Cost no matter heavy or light 4000

x MediaTrack:
o Intro: 3500
o Ingame: 1000
o Outro: n/a

Payment: Coppers goes to this account: mpagh - Send me a PM with your order. When I'll achieve coppers I'll start scenery or inset the showcase. For questions, please contact me!

o Mathias
o 16
o Denmark - Aalborg

o MSN: Please make a clear statement of who you are.
o Xfire: mathiaspagh


[SF] SE7EN by   PagH .xT


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