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Registered : 25-Feb-2012
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Hey! This is my Account Page

RL Name: Daniel / Ingame: Twister
Location: Northern Germany
Status: active, working on new tracks

- I usually build Fullspeed, but sometimes also other styles!
- started playing trackmania around 2009 and it´s my favorite PC Game ever
- I make my screens usually just for fun (mainly with Gimp and some editings with Pixlr)



Here are some of my tracks!

Fullspeed - Roller Coaster
interceptor by   'Twister

Enemy Unknown by   'Twister

x_undefined_ by   'Twister

Fullspeed - best scenery
transmission by   'Twister

Speedtech - MTC 1000cc, not easy
MTC - Echoes of Air by   'Twister

Offroad - easy & flowy
Searching by   'Twister

Mini-FS - hunter
Don't Waste My Time! by   'Twister

Fullspeed - MTC - Different Checkpoints
MTC - Sunflower by   'Twister

Fullspeed - MTC - Blue Feelings
MTC - Paint the road! by   'Twister

RPG - had much fun building this
[RPG] abandoned: by   'Twister

Fullspeed - some fs stuff
Nothing More by   'Twister

Fullspeed - one of my best
Dreamscape by   'Twister

Tech - yes it's tech
Imagine Breaker by   'Twister

Fullspeed - most awards (23 )
golden coast by   'Twister

Maze - i had great fun watching the results
TMX Puzzle Track.3 | CitS II by   TMX Moderators

Tech/Speedtech - more scenery heavy
Midnight Myths by   'Twister

Fullspeed - kinda diverse fs
Reflect!ons by   'Twister

Fullspeed - just fs
Juggernaut.» by   'Twister

Fullspeed - simple design
Reload.» by   'Twister

Fullspeed - good flow
Some Kind Of Blue. by   'Twister

Offroad/Tech - i think it's cool
Black & White by   'Twister

Fullspeed - this one got classic smh, it's not bad tho
Discovery by   'Twister

Fullspeed - stuff
Pepperm!nt by   'Twister

Fullspeed - simple
OxygeN by   'Twister

best screens i made for others
Breezy Sea by   elaus43

later. by   »Reality

Bye.Bye.Macadam by   grobec



25th February'12 - Registered on Tmx.
10th March'12 - First Award received!.
~ November'12 - Nominated for the most underrated author
MTC January'13 [Puzzle] - First track for MTC, 2nd place - "MTC - Castle in the Sky"
25th April'13 - Received my 100. Award by   Kumpelblase
Personal Best Leaderboard rank: 5. with a score of 18,463 (24.6.13)
Particpated the IBC with "com3 around / ibc"
31.7.13 - won cookies in a Screen Competition
2014 Year of Inactivity
11-Jun-2015 - received my 200
30th June: "TMX Puzzle Track.3 | CitS II by   TMX Moderators"
still June'15: was judge in a MTC
20th July: my first BOTW with "golden coast by   'Twister"
11-April-2016 - 300
??? classic "Discovery"
18-August-2019 - 400

Twister out

Tracks : 99 Show
Track Packs : 0 Show
Awards Received : 422 Show
Awards Given : 731 Show
Rating : 90  
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 85 452 15,237
Stadium 85 452 63,683
Environment WRs Top10s
United 0 3
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 0
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