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My real name is Chad, I'm 20 years old (from April 1999), French and I live near Paris.
I discovered trackmania in ~2007 with a friend, but I started playing it in only 2008. I joigned TMU-X in 2011.
I build Press Forward and FullSpeed tracks mostly, but I'm a huge RPG lover.

PC Specs

-AMD FX-8350 Black Edition @ 3.5 Ghz
-Asus M5A97 R2.0
-Gigabyte GTX 970 WindForce 4Go
-Cooler Master TX3 EVO
-HDD Western Digital 1To
-Cooler Master PSU Bronze 550w
-Z3 Plus White Edition

Here's my Youtube Channel.

Newest track :

DTC6 - invictus by   Chadox & fredair

Press Forward :

"[PF] Phase Finale"
"[PF] Poseidon's Force"
[bad track link]
"[PF] IMPACT..."
"[PF] Processing Fire"
"[PF] Pulp Fiction..."
"[PF] Eden..."

Fullspeed :

"There's no Forgiveness"
"May the Force be with you !"
"Signal To Noise"
"U N L E A S H E D"
"e x i l e  2"
"-MTC- Ante Meridiem"
"e x i l e"
"Hit The Edge"
"Craft Your Way"
"-MTC- Growing Up"
"[2 x 256] E T E R N A L"
"Blue Light"
"T H E | E D G E"
"A L I C E"
"E D E N _ B E A R"
"B L U R E"

Duo/Trio/Quadro :

"DTC6 - invictus"
"[PF] Penumbra"
"[PF] Common Construction"Best Press Forward of the year at the UCA 2014
"DTC4 - High!"
"[PF] Pleiades Formation - MTC"



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