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About me:

Hi all,

I'm already playing since october 2006 and I was pretty active on the old tmx for nations tracks and now I switched to the forever side ^^ I hope you guys enjoy it here and I hope you also pay attention to underrated mappers, plz give every mapper what he deserves, an award is a nice way to say thank you for the fun you had while playing his/her map

Name: David
Date of Birth: 11/04/1988
Country: Belgium --> Flanders
Village: Westmalle
Current team: PureNitro (PN)
Ex-team(s): PN --> stands for Pure Nitro, I founded it, but due to lots of members leaving and me not able to recruit (to do something about that situation) because of examinations, I decided the only thing to rescue them was to appoint somebody who had TIME to recruit, so I appointed a new CL and left the clan at 5 January 2008 (also cause my brother/cofounder left). But 28th of November 2008 I joined them again, probably for my whole TMlife ^^
Playing since: October 2006
Style: Speed and speed/tech

Video about me driving some tracks:
D4v1d in movie (TMtube)
D4v1d in movie (Youtube)

My awarding system:

A nice track (nice flow, nice MT,...) deserves an so if you got one, then I'll give one. I only got like two types of awards:
1) the standard ones, the ones I usually give
2) the big fat ones, you can recognize them if it is in fat text, those are for the extraordinary ones. So if it is stated, "Here is my and it's a big one", you know your track captured me from start till finish!
--> as far as I'm aware of I only gave four HUGE so far (not big but huge) and although I didn't planned it, two of them are from the same author:
"My Paradise by   Firwarre.F® - Inactive"
"Monolith by   Baston"
"Allegory`- by   Baston"
"Respiration by   hoheb"

1000th --> "Brainsick"

Tributes for me I feel so honored to actually have tributes and they rock too, so certainly check them out:

Th4nks! by   Tomdeos

°Opus. by   Baston

The begin of the end by   Gallardo | gonna quit :)

Dangerous Video by   Gelex[Break/Gone]

My maps:

These are the maps I already have uplodaded on TMX:

If you want some Speed, then certainly try this one:

When Evening Falls by   PN`D4v1d

A track that has selected for the first ESL speedmappack:

ESL - A new day (No_SC) by   PN`D4v1d

If you want some Speed/tech, you should try this one:

Driftin' to the sunset by   PN`D4v1d

And the first mini of the Endless D.serie which contains 4 tracks, so if you like some drifts:

Endless Desire by   PN`D4v1d



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