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Hello users and lovers.
As you peeked into my account, here is few informations about me as if you are interested

Name: Ilija
Nationality: Croatian
Born: 05.October.1998.
TMx user since: 02-Sep-2012
TM player: since January-2010

Some interesting facts about me & teams ive played for.

I play generaly for like 8 years now, but with alot of breaks/pauses.
Love football,betting,womens ,traveling and trackmania ofc#
Mine favorite style would be fullspeed, but i had alot of fases during playtime haha, so I also drive tech and lol.
Im more like combined, but mostly or if I have to choose it would be surely fullspeed now.
(fan of oldschool fullspeed)
I build fullspeed/lol/tech but mostly and commonly tech maps

Fast Team [FAST]: since 2013. - 2015.
SpeedFreaks [SFx]: since 2016. - 2017.

Nothing much to say, I used tmx only for fun, never participate in any of tournaments.
[WHY?] - i dont really know.
won several amateur cups hosted in Croatia, in city of Osijek!
Year 2018. first time participated in mtc!

Some tracks worth mentioning!

a fullspeed mix of odd and oldschool

distinguished by   ZechoX

imo mine best tech track so far

amaro┬┤ by   ZechoX

my best rated mini tech

Invision - Mini Tech by   ZechoX

my first mtc entry - September 2018.

mtc - cold outside by   ZechoX

Here are some of the best I could put, was tough to choose, there is no sence putting like 10 maps here.
go check some if you have free time and will
-Thanks to everyone who took their time reading this, hope seeing you in tmx or on road

<3 you all!


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