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Registered : 05-Nov-2008
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Relics of Avabur - funny browser game totally free. register from my link and we both get 10% extra drops
my ingame name is Nauki and here is register link

5000th award 30.9.2015 (first person to hit 2000, 3000, 4000 and now 5000)
Fastest driver in TMX (ranking 1.) (11.10.2013) -->
from 11.10.2013 to --> 10.10.2014 (exsatly one year, 365 day) i have uploaded 2992 replays, 2855 of them are in top10.
Have most downloaded map in tmx history (251 211) "mamu <> 23. by   Lovva"
Given most awards in tmx history
Uploaded most replays
Uploaded most top10 replays
Uploaded most replays in 6 month (2000)
Uploaded most replays in 2014 (2200)
Reported most illegal screenshots (countless)
My unbeatable AT "Sky.´ - My Favorite Moderator by   Lovva"
Uploaded Longest replay in tmx history "Lovva°tEch°1. by   Lovva" (52 hour)
Made non-mixed map with most laps tmx history "ONLY 9999. by   Lovva" (9999 lap)
One of oldest member in trackmania (started 17.7.2005) and still active

Hall Of Fame drivers (my choose)
fs: kumbelbase, switch
Tech: karjen, rxt
Dirt: Zerguso+Trax+Pantseri
Rpg: igntul, onicole
Stunt: ~HAKIM~
TMX most helpful person: eyebo

"I get where you're coming from MrHost but it seems to me that you're just 'Venting' your frustration out on the guy... ~HAKIM~ is actually the 'Top of his field'', The best TM has ever seen with regards to this type of map. + his maps are unbelievably creative."


irc_ninja @ Quakenet

Tracks : 703 Show
Track Packs : 0 Show
Awards Received : 959 Show
Awards Given : 7776 Show
Rating : 11  
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 1016 8041 9,540
Stadium 1016 8041 31,573
Environment WRs Top10s
United 0 6
Environment WRs Top10s Score
United 0 0 0
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