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Welcome to my page ,

I'm »Trex and live in Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia! My ingame name is AR »Trex so it's different from my login in TM! That was a mistake ! Right now I'm a member of Aurora Racing. !
Online login: mrpresident123
I build mostly FS Tracks, but I want to expand my skills on Tech, Speed and maybe Press Forwards. However, I am open for all other kinds of tracks. In 2014 I started building tracks so I don't have as much experience as other mappers, but I think you will be able to accomplish my tracks. I spend a lot of time in every single track in order to make the best of it. So I hope you enjoy my tracks! Please leave Feedback so that I can improve my skills on the next maps.

Maps for competitions:
"fwT.among2worlds« by   FWT maps"
"TDA - SpeedTechA01 by   Tmx Driving Academy"

Duos where I was involved:
"Fragmin [FS] by   L3cKy"
"SRHT 2 - Cur!osity! by   Trex & Drover"
"¬MTC. ORIGINS « by   Fredair & Trex"
"Dual forCe [«] by   Trex & Drover"
"¬Dark Asylum.« V.2 by   AR »Trex" (even if only my name occurs there, it was a duo with   sr.Drover)
"?Elysium? by   sr.Drover"
"DTC7 - Scr!bbles. by   Trex.Magik"

1000th Award
"[FS] Inter Co Ruption by   OneCredit"

Origin of the name "Trex" (as reaction to some requests):

It began one day when I watched a video about a poem modified under the use of Google Translator, so translating texts from e.g. English to Japanese and back. Having fun while hearing to the awkward results, I decided to try this myself and not far from then I had my own YouTube channel with a friend of mine. At the beginning we focused on translating which lead us to the name "Trextors" (from the amalgamation of "text" and "translate"), but after a short time I saw more potential there and we started with gameplays and commentaries. As we needed some variation in our videos, we introduced movie and game reviews in which I presented facts and the plot of new popular movies or games which would be released. I have to admit that making these kind of videos took me a lot of time, sometimes even a week or more, because I gave much effort to every detail and I wanted everything to be exactly like my imaginations (tho I often had surreal ones ). That's the reason why I didn't release much reviews.

Anyways, even if I told you my story of life there and if you are still reading this, that's the origin of my name. Unfortunately I had to quit the channel at the end of 2014 because my classmates identified my voice on one of the videos (yea, I kept it secretly) and they started founding depreciative groups on WhatsApp and Facebook. Then they invited me into them and lampooned my videos. So after all I had 13 subscribers, 78 videos and about 2000 clicks.

I hope this long comment satisfies your questions and is enough to read in order to bypass the remaining time

Most awarded:

Spirit of VenGeance« by   AR »Trex

Personal Favourites of my maps:
Actually, my newest maps are always my favorites, here is only a list of also nice maps from me:
»Behind The Hori.Zon by   AR »Trex

»Reach Your Limit! by   AR »Trex

Frozen Fire by   AR »Trex

Welcome To Stadium | THREE by   AR »Trex


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