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Some facts about me

»Name: Peter
»Birthday: 9/12/2000
»Nationality: Polish
»Active account name: fanboy101
»Moderator: 18/11/2017 - xx/xx/xxxx

My Trackmania biography

»I began trackmania nations forever in 2010. I had played the game for fun back then. My pc has had many problems from this point, i had found the game once again on my laptop however around 2011-2012. Since then i have wanted to become better, and i have been through a few teams. I am planning on staying with apX until the end of my racing career. I take care when building my maps so that people like you who play my maps can enjoy them the most!

Successful maps

"CCP#09 »A Snowy World by   apX.Magik :3"
»First entry for the Christmas Calender Project, in the year 2015. Also my most awarded map, with some awards from legandary mappers including De Facer, C4 Freak, Mastermind, Pat, v neck and more!

"Focus The Slide! by   apX.Magik :3"

»Mini speedslide map, one of my first fullspeed maps too!

"Faster Than Light by   apX.Magik :3"
»For any crazy hunters, my currently fastest map inside of the stadium with a speed of 700 and more with a length of about 52 seconds!

"SRHT 2 - Turbo Pengu!n. by   apX.Magik :3"
»Competition map for the Shark Racing Hunting Tournament.

"GA2018 - Kaibu by   apX.Magik :3"
»Speed map for the Gamer's Assembly 2018

"Hunting With friends #01 by   apX.Magik :3"
First in the Hunting With Friends series map!

"»Myster!es by   apX.Magik :3"
One of the highest LB rated maps i have, made in the shortest amount of time.


»I hosted the biggest campaign created on tmx -   Tmx Driving Academy
»I hosted two fullspeed tournaments F2C -   F2C Admins & F3C -   F3C Admins
»Thanks to those who nominated me in the 2017 UCA for:
¬Best fullspeed builder
¬Friendliest face on TMX
¬Most active user
¬TMX's helping hand
¬TMX lifetime achievement
¬TMX crew member of the year
» Hosted the Christmas Calendar Project 2018
» Hosted Monthly Track Contests for the whole of 2018.

That's pretty much it, have fun playing and ill hopefully see you online!

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