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Hey how

I thought, I tell you things about me. So let's go.

My real name is Marc. I'm 18 years old and my day of birth is on 11.29.1994.
I'm from Germany near Stuttgart. Exactly: Europe-Germany-Baden Württemberg-Stuttgart

My contact:

Xfire: renkii

Now to my tm-career :

My brother found this game TMNF. After a "test-driving" on his computer, I liked it and I downloaded TMNF. I play Trackmania since christmas 2008. First I played one or two months lonely on the servers. One day I came on a R4a-server. R4a-members gave me the homepage of R4a and I did my application. After the trial-time R4a add me to the team. So in this team I had a lot of fun because we had a lot events. In this time i began to map and built my first (bad ) map. But a few months later, somebody of a other clan Real made me an offer to come to his clan. I accept the offer and went to Real. But I didn't came out with the members. So I leaved the clan. Now I tried to make an own clan. Unsuccesfful! Two weeks later my team made a fusion with team-PyroX. In this team I learned a much to drive fast. This clan was very succesful beacause we won many wars.
After I came back from holiday, the team-PyroX were diverged. Yeah, now I was clanless. After a few weeks, I thought it's boring to play alone. So I went back to R4a. In the time at R4a I bulit better tracks, because Uetzer helped me a lot. Finally i got the message, that my old clan PyroX founded again. Than I went back to PyroX. One month later it dissolved again. Now I have formed an own clan with a virtual mate, but this try was'nt succesful. After that I joined FAM, but I left it before the trial-time was over. I didn't fit in the team.

Yeah that was my TM-history.

After that to tracks!

My favorite FullSpeed-Tracks are:

Diamond by   Socius

[FS] Angelus. by   Tox::Kingsslayer :-)

Bounce by   MaC « psycho

Crash~Hunter 5 by   uetzer|R4a

Elusive by   Mastermind

My favorite Tech-Tracks are:

Morning Breeze by   darkpuddle

Werewolf by   Hitchy

Pure Devotion! by   .Dotchy «

S k Y d i v e r by   uetzer|R4a

And now the people I want to thank:

R4aUetzer: Thank you for tipps you gave me, without you I wouldn't map
R4aDidi: Thank you for the great hours on the servers and the hours will come
Lothar: For the screens you made me and the screens you will make
Benni: For the cool graphics and videos you made and will make
Gurke: For the great hours in skype
type X: For the great Screens and the duo-maps with you
...and all others I forgot

Yeah, what more to say? I don't know


Hey !

Team Blacktown organizes a competition – but we need your help! We need speedmaps, but not only normal speedmaps…

Here are the details:

The most important thing is that the track is a Laps-map, so you have to pay attention to the speed because you should can drive it in FULLSPEED!
The track has to be longer than 40 seconds per round. Furthermore it should be respawnable and the mode should be daytime. Please keep the scenery low. It is better for the performance on the computers. No intro is needed.

Please don’t show your maps to other persons because all should have the same conditions.
Send your maps to . If you have questions also send an email.

Deadline: Sunday, 16. September 2012

We know that it is very difficult to build such a Fullspeed-Laps-Map! But we trust in you!

The best maps will be chosen by the participants of the competition.

Thank you!

Team Blacktown

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