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How the Leaderboard works
How the Leaderboard works10:33 AM 16-Jun-16 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
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This is my edit of cranberries edit of TimeBreaker's explanation.

How the Leaderboard calculates your score:
Takes an average of your best 10 times on normal tracks.
Go to 'Find Tracks' and sort by "Best Rated for Main LB" (LB Rating - Highest) to find the ones worth the most points. The scores of the tracks are based on the rating of those who have a time on that track.

How the LB of a track rises:
The No.1 player in the main LB adds 10,000 to the LB rating of the track. Everyone else will add less than 10,000 LB points, depending on how close to the No.1 in the main LB they are. So if the Top 10 of the Leaderboard is very close together and they are the only ones uploading replays, we will get final LB scores very close to 100,000! However, this has never really been the case. Instead, people from all over the Leaderboard upload replays. So how do I know whether I still add LB to a track or not?

- If the Top 10 replays of a map are driven by players that are in front of you in the Leaderboard, you won't be able to increase the LB of the track.

- If the Top 10 replays of a map are driven by players that are below you in the Leaderboard, you will increase the LB rating, based on the difference of your LB Score and their LB Score. Let's assume you are first in the Leaderboard and would add 10,000 to the track. The person who has currently the 10th record on the uploaded map is 36th place in the Leaderboard and only added 3,000 to the track by uploading their replay. If you now upload your replay, the LB score will rise by 7,000 points (10,000 - 3,000).

- It is important who you kick out of the Top 10, not whether you get the WR or not. Because the LB score is calculated by every single score in the Top 10.

- If you added your score once to the track score of the LB and you leave the Top 10, you cannot add the same score again by entering the Top 10 again.

The LB rating of a track is built up by the 10 fastest drivers on this track. that's why we need at least 10 guys with good LB to get a good score on our tracks. The leader of the WR leaderboard will give 10.000 points to a track. So theoretically, a track can reach 100.000 LB points.

User 1 has 86,737 (variable = a)
User 2 has 85,289 (variable = b)
the formula is (b/a)*10 = x
x = the score that User 2 gives to a track = 9.833

So when both, User 1 and User 2, submit a record, the track will have a score of 19.833. The tracks LB rating can just go higher, it can't decrease!


This are a few practical examples. We assume a theoretical Leaderboard with the following scores:

User 1 - adds 10,000
User 2 - adds 9,500
User 3 - adds 9,000
User 4 - adds 8,500
User 5 - adds 8,000
User 6 - adds 7,500
User 7 - adds 7,000
User 8 - adds 6,500
User 9 - adds 6,000
User 10 - adds 5,500
User 11 - adds 5,000
User 12 - adds 4,500
User 13 - adds 4,000
User 14 - adds 3,500
User 15 - adds 3,000
User 16 - adds 2,500
User 17 - adds 2,000
User 18 - adds 1,500
User 19 - adds 1,000
User 20 - adds 0,500

If the Top 10 uploads a replay, we will have a score of 10,000 + 9,500 + 9,000 + (...) + 5,500 = 77,500

If User 1, 4, 9 and 16 upload a replay we have a score of 29,000

If the Top 10 is filled by users 11 - 20, we have a score of 22,500. If User 1 now uploads a replay he kicks User 20 out of the Top 10 and adds not 10,000, but 9,500 points to the score.

So when should I upload a replay for LB hunt?
*When you are higher up on the Leaderboard than the current Top 10.
*When you kick someone out of the Top 10 who is behind you in the Leaderboard.

Why didn't I add LB?
*There might be players outside of the Top 10 who are in front of you and already added LB.
*You might have kicked out a player of the Top 10 who has a high LB score.
*You are lower ranked than the current Top 10 of the track.
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PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

Update as of tomorrow!

Nadeo Leaderboard
o Nadeo tracks have their own leaderboard.
o Because there is a finite number of tracks, all we do is total up your points.
o On each track, 1st place gets 50,000 points overall, summing up three categories - Position, Time and Bonus.
o Position category is worth 60% of points and is calculated based on your position on the track leaderboard.
o The formula for the Position score is ((n-x+1)/n)^(ln(n/10 + 2)^1.5 + 1), where n - total amount of replays, x - your position.
o Time category is worth 25% of points and is calculated based on your time compared to the other players.
o The formula for the Time score varies depending on how high you are on the LB and can be found under this link.
o Bonus category is worth 15% of points and is given depending on your special achievements.
o You get 100% of the Bonus if you are 1st on the track, 60% if 2nd, 40% if 3rd, 30% if 4th, 20% if 5th, 10% if 6-8th, 5% if 9-15th.
o You get 3% of the Bonus if you are outside the top 15 but have the author medal, 1% if gold, 0.4% if silver, 0.1% if bronze.

Competition Patch
o To upload replays in the top 50 on Nadeo and Classic maps you need a Competition Patch.
o The patch protects from cheating with common methods, such as slowing down the game.
o To download the patch, go to this page and follow the instructions.
o If you need help with installing the patch, you can join the Discord server of the patch for help.
9:15 PM 03-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

looking forward to these new features.Gratz again crew team.
10:16 PM 04-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

This is very best update ! i been waiting this SOOOO LONG
finally we can have lots of people with 70k+ lb rating because now its easy to upload 80k+ replays on top lb maps

love this.
10:56 AM 05-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

ayooo time to dump my 10+yo replay folder and skyrocket on the ladderboard
Last edited 05-Jul-2021 by   Dule
11:23 AM 05-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

Originally posted by Dule ...
ayooo time to dump my 10+yo replay folder and skyrocket on the ladderboard

I think nixx has already started doing what you said edit: Thanks to batch upload, we will be able to do this much faster.

Last edited 05-Jul-2021 by   krocix29
12:17 PM 05-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

Welp I got 6303 replays in autosaves and about 1150 in other folders, this will take a while
But considering I have tons of replays for MT and stuff, I doubt more than half of everything will be valid..
12:29 PM 05-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

yeah i just uploaded my whole folder, had around 4k replays on this pc but only like 1k that wasn't on tmx from other mass upload. one thing i noticed, mass upload is faster if you keep the tab open. if you switch tab, it goes extremely slow.
Last edited 05-Jul-2021 by   .nixx
1:25 PM 05-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

yup out of all of mine, only 1112 are valid
ye for the tabs trick I noticed that when they first time introduced the mass upload ^^
1:57 PM 05-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

@nixx aylmao rekt 8)))
2:22 PM 05-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

waahah let the fight begin edit:

edit 2 : Lovva digging high LB tracks
Last edited 05-Jul-2021 by   krocix29
6:58 PM 05-Jul-21 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

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