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Name: Download Sylcon Bay (pizza delivery)
Pack: Download [Kristján] MissionPack
By:   fab'm
Version: 21-Feb-2010
Released: 21-Feb-2010
TMX id: 2387210
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 48,177
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Maze
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m 30s Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Day
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1:26.26   ANE Ervis!+ 0:00.0048,177
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1:28.05   Bajs+ 0:01.7942,178
1:28.07   WungkongSlider!+ 0:01.8142,111
1:28.81   TimeBreaker+ 0:02.5539,631
1:29.28   fab'm+ 0:03.0238,056
1:29.45   Triple.shoot+ 0:03.1937,487
1:30.34   herculano4ever+ 0:04.0834,504
1:30.43   uetzer|R4a+ 0:04.1734,203
1:30.58   Captain Jack Sparrow+ 0:04.3233,700
1:30.70   ludde_xd+ 0:04.4433,298
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Author Comments

hi all i present you my newest track
Sylcon Bay Pizza Delivery
.......bigger screen.........

The inhabitants of Sylcon Bay are hungry and its mission is to deliver all 8 pizzas for these starving people

This track represents maybe one of the best tracks i ever did
A lot of my MT skills are in this track
it tooked me some weeks to make the perfect blockmix and to make all MT effects work well

Mod: RDV urban by MoiRiRi
Music: Ready Steady Go by Paul Oakenfold
Mediatracker: Intro, GPS, InGame, Outro
Some images from Devil's Night track and Google

Thanks a lot to the people who helped me with this project:
dnbFreak, NichtNachMachen, nyrbius, speedline

And Herculano for his amazing video

RDV mod isnt autoloading because of the current situation in tm mod so if you want to enjoy this track in its potential please download it at
Save it without unzip it at C:\Documents\TrackMania\Skins\Stadium\Mod\ creating the folders if you don't have then

here's the old version of this track
"Sylcon Bay by   fab'm"

new town, new mission (ehm basically the same mission) ^^
"Sylcon Bay 2, back to deliveries by   fab'm"

new video made by me (:

User Comments
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  fab'm 21-Feb-2010
thx for
and thx a lot for
200 downloads (13-12-10)
300 downloads now after 1 year and half (16-04-12)
400 more after 4 years... well it's great anyway


great friend and great mapper thanks for your fast award
mod fredi-t
thx for , yh i agree MoiRiRi's mod works fine in this track
[PT] »P10P«
I'm glad you liked this update
thx : ) i'm glad you liked it
thx for your my friend :0)
thx for your and for your cool PL track
thx, i'm glad you liked this update too ^^
thx for awarding and feedback : )
brigadao pelo caneco xD
yh i like missions tracks too ^^
thx (: i'm glad you like it
thx for your and your wounderfull video (:
Captain Jack Sparrow
thx for your award maybe one of the biggest anyone gave me ^^ and no, this track isnt my first story track but its my second (:
thx for i'm glad you like it (:
well idd GTA vice city was my source of inspiration to make the track, too bad i couldn't find a scooter like the one in game (: and ofc amazing time you did O_o
thx for your BIG bro ^^
wow omg amazing time you had done O_o
thx (: i'm glad you like it
thx i'm glad you enjoyed (:
thx for award (:
i tryed to make the track like the pizza mission in GTA vice city, i allways ran out of pizzas (:
unfortunately story tracks are rare nowadays and its my favourite kind of tracks. Thx for i'm glad you like it (:
thx i'm glad you like it (:
great award from a great mapper (:
Frx ben75
thx for your nice award (:
thanks for award and for a nice run (:
thanks for your awesome award (:
thanks m8 (:
thanks - o mod que escolhi para a pista tem esses detalhes das pessoas (:
thanks (:
  dnbfreak 24-Feb-2010
Great Screen btw
  »! <3 : off : 18-Apr-2010
Nice Track

  TimeBreaker 09-May-2010
I could improve my time by 2 or 3 seconds, but this would take some time which I don't have
  ANE Ervis! 01-Jan-2011
best YeaH! team member atm lol ^^... i lost a lot of times better than this, but even this one is good
great track mendes
  fab'm 02-Jan-2011
thx for your coment, award and a stunning new WR
  ANE Ervis! 29-Jun-2011
just done 1.26.26 but I can do much better
now go for 1.25.xx
  BarJurgen 11-Nov-2011
are you joking? 1.25.xx?
  WungkongSlider! 30-Nov-2017
Nice Video And GPS 1:29.28 By Fabio
Music : Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go (Video)
I Like Music Thx
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   wishbone1977 09-May-2010
This was ambitious, but very well carried out. I like the graphical mod used. Gives it much more of a city feel. The whole "you've run out of pizzas, please return to the restaurant to pick up more" thing can easily be misinterpreted though. I'd cut that out if I were you. But overall a very cool track.
User Award   Pilot 09-May-2010
Really Great to see a story track. They seem to be rare !!! RPG are abundant,
Keep ideas simple and all is well and end well
User Award   DMW 10-May-2010
Good job dude!! the track is fun to ride and you did a very good mt work too.

here's your well deserved award .: :. keep on building
User Award   Ongrid.xT 05-Jul-2010
Great story track
User Award   Frx ben75 02-Sep-2010
Nice one!
User Award   ANE Ervis! 06-Jan-2011
Here my award for your greatest track
User Award   banned broilerz | BB 07-Apr-2011
User Award   kernchiller 29-May-2011
what a pleasure to play!
User Award   antpedro100 03-Jul-2011
beautifull, como e que meteste aquela cena das pessoas?
User Award   mummy 05-Aug-2011
i did like your firsth version more(music and mod), but it had some weard loopcams so thats why, i award this one.
I dont usually drive tarmac but this one is easy so good for begginners
Heres your
User Award   SpiderX22 24-Apr-2013
Nice story track
User Award   flipover 12-Jul-2013
OM*G Forgot about this masterpiece!!!!

Loved to play it back in the day, and still play it from time to time! Another great on from the best mapper in our country
User Award   marisap 16-Aug-2013
User Award   Undertaker GT 04-May-2014
the track was easy and flow,
the idea of pizza delivery with CP,
was very cool and i love the city scenery,
and i like RDV urban Mod, i have in my tracks
User Award   uetzer|R4a 11-Sep-2016
User Award   WungkongSlider! 02-Dec-2017
Nice Track
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