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Name: Download shade
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Bl@derunner
Version: 03-Sep-2012
Released: 24-Aug-2012
TMX id: 5098069
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 74,013
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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0:55.06   ted_turner+ 0:00.0074,013
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0:55.20   AR »NGTT <3+ 0:00.1472,884
0:55.92   Kadzio+ 0:00.8667,077
0:56.18   Switch+ 0:01.1264,980
0:56.25   byrOn.° [inactive]+ 0:01.1964,415
0:56.66   iMap // gone OFF4EVER+ 0:01.6061,108
0:56.76   MR+ 0:01.7060,302
0:57.42   der-bozz.esu+ 0:02.3654,979
1:01.49   Gnark+ 0:06.4322,152
1:03.68   Joost»LT+ 0:08.624,490
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Author Comments

hello tmx community

after many feedbacks, many hours of hard work and I think, an interesting result !
i am proud to present to you, and i would be glad you could take a little time to test,
my new fullspeeder
the special thing about this track i think, they can be driven very soft at a high speed.
nice speedslides and some interesting elements, ensure the track never loses its tension


Screen Competition Winners are

Stunt says Hello 2012 by   Fusion.Stunt

second place
"lunatic 2 by   vasiacool/back" and "Necropolis by   Gnark"
third place
"Suit Up ! #Forever by   Pixis"

first of all I would like to thank all participants !
I am excited about so many great contributions
it was not easy to crown the winner
some I'd prefered also in the top 3, but unfortunately I had to decide

first winner is Stunt@TMNx
his screen I particularly because of the great camera setting
like the colors and the very successful editing
and he make his entry complete alone !
i love it

second winner is vasiacool and Gnark with this entry
here it is a problem that vasiacool has taken the angle and text from Gnark
however, I believe the result so much that I have been so chosen
here I like very much the act of editing.
the great editing gives the result such a brilliant acquired !
but Gnark has done 50% to
thus, I would rank 2 share on two winner

The third winner is Pixis with this entry
his editing is very well done , i like it very much

one more really cool entry coming a bit to late :/
but i like it very much and give a small showcase for this nice work too !
its from Rowie , check out !

I again want to thank all other Screen Competition Participants

"Add!ct!ve Fantasy, by   Rowie."
"Flowing Rage by   GodofWar"
"Behind Closed Doors. by   pascow.esu"
"For An Angel by   Verdin-"
"Speed Hunt #2 by   alchemY"
"¬N0T by   DrKris"
"I Follow You by   enky"
".Risin' by   fishy'"
"»Evoc' by   .Ornaiim"

and I hope no one is mad at me if he did not land in the top 3
it was very close to the end

thx for beta testing and help me make such a great track goes to

"[PF] dignitas » by   eSU.shox"
"Aurora.« by   inf."
"Elusive by   Mastermind"
"C l o s e R by   moe - offline!"
"The first Drop by   McBong"
"borrowed. by   reaper."
"».Revival by   alchemY"
"[FS]wesc by   hypno.dgf"
"DieAxtation! by   Ravenwest"

big thx you all

greetings blade

any feedback on this track is appreciated

User Comments
Showing 11 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  dan!el 24-Aug-2012
  Fusion.Stunt 24-Aug-2012
  Razo.'R |R4a 24-Aug-2012
  Bl@derunner 24-Aug-2012
upload a record gogo
  McBong 24-Aug-2012
here's the record but atm I'm trying to do better
  Benbe.xT 29-Aug-2012
  Bl@derunner 03-Sep-2012
must change the ghost in the intro , the old version dont run on playplal
  iMap // gone OFF4EVER 24-Nov-2013
This track got chosen for the CTH revived
  AR »NGTT <3 29-Nov-2013
Man dat ending, kills all my good runs there... failed a .0x
  Switch 01-Dec-2013
how do you do that ?
  AR »NGTT <3 01-Dec-2013
how do i always fail ? xD
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User Awards
Showing 18 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   vasiacool/back 24-Aug-2012
Nice track
User Award   Fusion.Stunt 24-Aug-2012
A lot of action in this one
User Award   Pixis 24-Aug-2012
Awesome track, smooth, fast, and not easy at some points
Really love it, great job !

User Award   alchemY 24-Aug-2012
sweet one!
User Award   McBong 24-Aug-2012
I love this one

Some little sd action and a wonderful speed with nice walls

Great job
User Award   inf. 24-Aug-2012
scenery isn't my taste at all, but the track is wonderful. good job
User Award   ocwil 24-Aug-2012
nice track
User Award   FT»chalwhen 25-Aug-2012
ps. i try to drive a replay
User Award   Mastermind 25-Aug-2012
good one!
Needs some time for finishing, but all in all it's was fun to play!

User Award   Golo 25-Aug-2012
User Award   Ravenwest 25-Aug-2012
Hey mate,
Wanted to be 1st,fail >.<
I really respect your style,it's one of the best styles of fullspeed for me.I like this hard tricks and awesome flow.And you sure you do awesome work with respawns,it's really hard,I know.What about scenery?I would advice you to build maps in day mod and with perhaps something like ESL - Fasten your Seatbelt's or ESL - Mad mission's scenery,coz it's my favourites maps from you,hehe.
User Award   X3Max 27-Aug-2012
Very good smooth flow and speed
Disliked only the start
User Award   shaft78 29-Aug-2012
Awesome track man.
nice work >><<
User Award   Benbe.xT 31-Aug-2012
blade, I have always been a fan of your overlength-fullspeeders
cool transitions, some nice ideas and stunts that even I can pass
good work !

User Award   SiNiSTER 15-Sep-2012
nice track blade, i keep messing up at that were you jump to the sculpter i manage to finish with crash o-0, it just alittle bit at that section for me to complete a full time.. i like it just cant get past the part o-0... nice work blade ...

User Award   Rasque 15-Oct-2012
User Award   iMap // gone OFF4EVER 30-Nov-2013
That scenery , great speed and route. Awesome flow!
User Award   Gnark 30-Nov-2013
I struggled with this at first but cos it's so well designed it kept me having one more go till I got it

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