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Name: Download This Rocks (TMX5A)
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   AR »Mass
Version: 04-Mar-2009
Released: 04-Mar-2009
TMX id: 971231
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 45,036
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:40.39   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.0045,036
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:42.13   penete1+ 0:01.7433,395
0:44.64   AR »Ghost.+ 0:04.2516,602
0:44.72   Quantum.Max'+ 0:04.3316,067
0:44.79   GSA|dynamYte+ 0:04.4015,599
0:44.85   matza+ 0:04.4615,197
0:45.12   SynCro.+ 0:04.7313,391
0:45.19   AR »Mass+ 0:04.8012,923
0:45.35   l AcOlite+ 0:04.9611,853
0:45.68   GSA|Impi+ 0:05.299,645
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Author Comments

Hay Tmx'ers

Here i present my track
for the TMC.
May the best track win!

About the track:

Author time: 45.77:)
Decent time: 45~46
track length: ~5300m

MT work:
Map overview:

Beta Testers:Thank you
Low Joe.B

As i said, may the best win

Goodluck All


User Comments
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  JooR 04-Mar-2009
got ya spot!
  AR »Mass 04-Mar-2009
Thanks list

Thank you for ur award:
Fytrim - Back in P!eces - thnx m8
JooR.~ zT - lovely words
jordy_van_boxtel -
hzq3 -
Jakub19 - thnx
GSA|Impi - its a pleasure
Coasterking - dont be jealous
GSA|Cheet.~ zT - thank you
GSA|Mimo - lovely words
Ewouth - less words say the most

~10 already (1h&30mins online)~
Socius - in ur eyes its never perfect xD
Joe.B - am i so selfish
cayman.~ zT -
GSADynamite - Wow prob 1 of the best i ever had
brainzzz - shut up with ur music old git xD *
dfd.Basskid - thanks m8
Seychellen - thank you 2
r4auetzer~zT - thanks m8
trippe - nice award
Syncro.~ zT | Forever - Wouw ur award

~20 already (1day online)~
GSA|Aerox - thnx m8
Th3n00b - as always thank you
Smiler -
GSA|DieAxt - <3 words m8
R4ß. Max - great words off a great driver
McBee -
Psymax.~uT - lovely words
Musse - thanks
Gekko12482 ~UT`
~30 already (2day online)~
Thank Youuuuu BREAKIIIII
Gallardo - Great award m8
M®.Zogge®~zT - Lovely words
vladish.F® - Thnx
Morto - great
r4a Robble - Thank youu
DNC nitro,- - srry i cant realy make an easy track ask joe.b
Moofie -

*@ brainzzz you know who said it
  joe b 04-Mar-2009
And mass take a look at my track with Flip Socius awarded it and didn't use a "--" ... haha pwned
  AR »Mass 04-Mar-2009
doesnt matter i know its bit slow but i couldnt change it, but ill try to make something that fits for socius xD
  SynCro. 05-Mar-2009
what's up with the times here?
I'm suprised no1 has gotten a high 44 time yet
Well would be nice to see sure many are up to the challenge
  AR »Mass 05-Mar-2009
ye well i didn't realy hunted it, but im going to brake ur time xD
  SynCro. 05-Mar-2009
gogo 44 mass

Edit - Of course dyna has to be a dick and make my time look stupid
hahahaha j/k dyna.....Sick Time Dude !!
  AR »Mass 06-Mar-2009
ye he does that all the time xD
  Quantum.Max' 07-Mar-2009
let's break the 44.5x !!!
  AR »Mass 08-Mar-2009
pfff, im happy when i break the 45.00
  joe b 08-Mar-2009
Mass you suckar! ^^... You have now 3 more... Nice work
  AR »Mass 08-Mar-2009
do i taste some jealousy
  matza 09-Mar-2009
omg bad time

just passing the time somehow instead of waiting for the new sps map

i might come back and break max' time

ps: @mass: thats pure jealousy by joe.b you just have the better map
  joe b 09-Mar-2009
Na not at all homeboy
  Optimusje 10-Mar-2009
"Here i present my track
for the TMC."

lol XD? >.<

tried it btw, but wont tell ya nuthin till the contest is over
  AR »Mass 10-Mar-2009
pls 1 clue, tip, hint, what ever
  SynCro. 11-Mar-2009
i dont think it's for tmc mass
it's tmx anniversary
maybe thats what opti is saying
  AR »Mass 11-Mar-2009
nah wel, i have a sort of reading dissorder so i think that i read a sentence or a word good (atleast when im reading in a hurry) but the actual word is something else, or i just made a type misstake but i think its the 1reason , soo my bad ill read next time better
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User Awards
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User Award   Joost»LT 22-Mar-2009
Didn't I award this!?

The track rocks
Marvelous speed, flow and fun
Cool startsection too

And cool MT

Srry for shortie tho

User Award   °°Dino°° 11-Apr-2009
Yeah whatelse shall one say, you did not pledge too much,
the Track truly rocks
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