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...several days ago, I tried to update this account, with links to my precision type tracks. After 60 links, i update the page and it was OK.
I added 25 more and when I tried to update it, everything was deleted. I asked moderators to restore it, but they said it can't be done.
So, I don't want to write anything here, just to add those links again....

My precision maps:

1. " fastest"
2. "...intermezzo..."
7."1-2-3-4-5 Ultimate Adventure!!"
11."Below 13 secs"
12."Below 17 secs?"
13."Better than nothing"
14."Black panels"
15."Blue edges"
16."Blue Forca"
17."Blue runway"
19."Deadly Ride!!"
20."Dog Eat Dog"
22."CobOguz 2"
23."CobOguz 3"
24."CobOguz 4"
25."CobOguz 5"
27."Short trigger 2"
28."Short trigger 3"
29."Short trigger 4"
30."Short trigger 5"
31."Shorrrt acction"
32."Talking about precission..."
33."Top-Ten Reactions"
34."Ultra short caprice"
35."The Lack"
36."Hunting impossible"
37."For all haters out there..."
38."In the Dead of Night"
39."Nasty shorty"
40."Noonward Race"
41."Moon race 1"
42."Moon race 2"
43."Moon race 3"
44."Moon race 4"
45."Moon race 5"
46."Moon race 6"
47."Moon race 7"
48."Moon race 8"
49."Moon race 9"
50."Moon race - BONUS!!"
51."Take a deep breath 1"
52."Exercise No.2"
53."Question mark!"
54."Reaction test"
55."Satch Boogie"
56."Edges edge"
57."Little monster"
58."Short Tale"
59."Short Tale 2"
60."Ultimate Frustration"
61."Practice in Turkey"
62."Practice in Turkey 2"
63."Practice in Turkey 3"
64."Practice in Turkey 4"
65."Practice in Turkey 5"
66."Every day in every way, I...."
67."Too easy for You?"
68."Too easy for You, again?"
69."Short measure"
70."Skill Testset"
72."Precizzznost!! 2"
73."Precizzznost!! 3"
74."Precizzznost!! 4"
75."Precizzznost!! 5"
76."They say it can NOT be done"
77."I Like It T00"
78."Monster Sprint"
79."Monster Sprint 2"
80."Top 10"
81."Fine tuning"
82."Fine tuning 3"
83."Fine tuning 5"
84."FS? way...."
85."Grandpa CAN do it!!"
86."Insane madness"
87."Insane madness 2"
88."Insane madness 3"
89."Hazard Road"
90."Nano Piccolo"
91."The Gates"
92."The Gates 2"
93."The Gates 3"
94."The Gates 4"
95."The Gates 5"
96."Tunel vision"
97."Sofisticated run"
98."Reaction time"
99."Do it in FS!!"
100."Do it in FS!! 2"

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