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We all have to try the new !

The minis/lol or the fullspeed/short are my prefered building style.
Since 2015 i tried to pay more attention including tech elements in my tracks.
Building scenery is an important thing to me.
And for sure the tm unlimiter - it gives so much space in creativity!

I am from germany.

hold the flow/fun factor
one typical example track of me - because i was very happy to mix nearly everyting without flicker. Scenery & Track. A very good experience.

C'est la vie by   elaus43

No flying Döner by   elaus43

most successful track

Black Widow by   elaus43

most successful offroader
CCP#07 - Youth by   elaus43

personal love
Tyrrhenic Vulc by   elaus43

2oooth track
Chimera by   elaus43

first duo track 2014 me and das.schaf
"schaf & elaus by   »das.schaf"

second duo 2015 me and brainhead
"Via Petrosa by   elaus43|brainhead"

third duo 2015 me and Silver°
"For all Hunters by   WeLoveTrackmania"

fourth duo 2015 me and stefan markus
"Rewinder by   elaus43|stefan_markus"

fifth duo 2016 me and Magik!
"Never Alone! by   Elaus.Magik"

sixth duo 2016 me and uetzer|R4a
"Duolicious by   elaus43|uetzer"

seventh duo 2016 me and Sam
"Haruko by   Sam|Elaus"

eighth duo 2017 me and letreflenoir
"Technical Juncture by   letreflenoir&elaus"

ninth duo 2017 me and Ryxsar
"The Deep by   Ryxsar"

tenth duo 2017 me and panic.scorpion
"Wobble Mania by   scorplaus"

eleventh duo 2017 me and LeTrefleNoir
"DTC6 - Wild Horses by   letreflenoir&elaus"

twelfth duo 2017 me and panic.scorpion
"Wobble Mania II by   scorplaus"

thirteenth duo 2017 me and noobi
for the SRHT 2nd Edition
"SRHT 2 - Red Nose by   nooblaus"

fourteenth duo 2017 me and Drover
"Dancing with Dogs by   Elaus_Drover"

fifteenth duo 2017 me and Pecorenzo
"Aphrodirtsiac by   elaus&Pecorenzo"

sixteenth duo 2018 me and xyz
"Structure Earthly by   xyz&elaus"

seventeenth duo 2018 me and Pecorenzo
"Mickey & his helmet by   elaus&Pecorenzo"

eighteenth duo 2019 me and Twister
"Spectral Stripes by   elaus&Twister"

nineteenth duo 2020 me and Alabastron
"DTC9 - BORDERLINES by   Alabastron/elaus43"

twenties duo 2020 me and Pascow
"DTC9 - Mudslinger by   elaus43&pascow"

Community Project by blublu | 9 builders!
"Step by Step by   NineBuilders"

5 Builders Project - 1st track on in 2o19
"INDU5TRIA by   DirtDevil's"

7 Builders Project - Offroad Track 2o20
"7even Sands by   DirtDevil's"

50+ Times - MTC - Participation
1st place february 2019
"MTC - Stargaze Lightning by   elaus43"
1st place november 2020
"mtc - my style by   elaus43"

TMX USER CHOICE AWARD 2015 - Best LoL Builder

TMX USER CHOICE AWARD 2016 - Best LoL Builder

CCP 2016 - here i buildt a speedy tech track called "Santas Ride"

TDA Project 2016 by magik

CCP 2017 - here i buildt an offroad track called "Youth"
CCP 2018 - offroad track again called "Via Vitae"
CCP 2019 - normal style called "bright childrens eyes"
CCP 2020 - normal track again called "Yeti gets spikes"

Made 1st place on Dirt World TM2 - League of mappers - with my track "Leckofanni"

TMX USER CHOICE AWARD 2017 - Friendliest Face

TMX USER CHOICE AWARD 2018 - Best Lol Builder Friendliest Face

1st.Track "Black Widow by   elaus43" goes classic !!!

TMX USER CHOICE AWARD 2019 - Best Lol Builder Friendliest Face

TMX USER CHOICE AWARD 2020 - Best Lol Builder Trackmania Legend!

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