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The end is near...05-Oct-2014
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
It's already October, which means that this year is coming to an end. , you know what this means!
Traditionally this is the time for two of our projects: The TMX User Choice Awards 2014 and the Christmas Calendar Project '14!

If you want to participate in the CCP and build a track for the community click here! There are only 23 spots, so don't hesitate and go ahead!

And the User Choice Awards are in their nomination phase where you can honor the work of the best, most beautiful, awesome and lovely users of the community. To nominate your favorites in the different categories click here!
A new Site Leader29-Sep-2014
Posted By:   peteypablo7 
Hi people from

it's probably not new to say that I haven't been active at all during the last months Since I live on my own, things have changed which makes me having less time for TMX. I'm kinda sad to announce this, but after a chat with the other crewmembers, I decided to step back and pass the leadership to somebody else I feel that, pascow is a great replacement for me and I'm sure he'll do very fine.

He's active, friendly and knows a lot about the game As for now, I'll remain as teammember, not knowing if I'll say goodbye to TMX or if I should return. That will depend on my private life and what happens in the real world. I check TMX on regular base, but not everyday anymore. Please respect the new site leader (and the other crewmembers and users) with the same respect as you respected me

Take care everyone
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#1000 Awards for Dule20-Oct-2014
  Bits and PiecesAuthor :   SF - Dule
Record 0:49.08  by   Rxt 25
A few awards ago, our long-standing and asskicking community-member   SF - Dule passed a very special border: He got his 1000th award on this site. Therefore he gets one of his maps showcased and we decided to choose his map Bits and Pieces, which is a fast techtrack in a beautiful dirt-layout. Give it a try and congratulations Dule!
Why not try some of this author's other tracks ...
PZ - Fe... [WR] »I... [WR] »S...
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Hunt Pleasure  997.galliTech30s 4
The Kaboom !  YuakayTech45s 3    
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