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eSU lol-Cup needs your maps!²10-Sep-2014
Posted By:   dan!el 

eSU has recently started organizing a weekly cup played on lol-tracks, and they need your help!

Make the tracks according to the rules found in this forum post, upload them to a file-sharing site and send them to   Sky.esu unil Monday, September the 22nd.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated

CTC - Creative Track Competition16-Jul-2014
Posted By:   pascow.esu 

As the name of the Competition tells you already, it's the goal to build a track as creative as possible.

You have plenty of time to build, deadline would be the end of October. More information to be found here.

If there are at least 15 entries by the end of the deadline, the winner wins a game of his choice on steam worth max. 20€.

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Dirt this week!13-Sep-2014
  PURGEAuthor :   Trax
Record 1:08.85  by   Gizmo. 8
Check out this dirt track by Trax! It is well flowing and smooth, should be fun for beginners and nice for hunting. In case you normally don't drive dirt: why not try it this weekend?
Why not try some of this author's other tracks ...
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Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
Hard Short #5  dympiaNormal15s            
lol 1 Creative name  VorovitzovLOL15s            
LOL nose # 01  lucaslego92LOL15s     
.-New Dawn  stenoxFullSpeed45s            
Login easy track 1  ImLoginNormal15s            
???? ??ƒ?  («michu»)PressForward45s            
prostration oo2  belleepoqueSpeedTech45s            
viel glück  bill ²Normal1m        
Hard LOL #5  cosmin850RPG30s            
Fat King  keyzarLOL15s            
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10 Latest Awards
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
¬Endless Expanses  ZR MATFullSpeed45s 12
[PF] Common Constr...  Nop|Chadox|Kim...PressForward4m 16
[FS] Stratosphère  Paulmar35FullSpeed30s 4
Single Core  Beast21Normal15s 3        
Memories of GanjaR...  TraxFullSpeed45s 2
Winnie the Pooh  elaus43LOL15s 1
very.short6  tp.linkNormal15s 1    
Turst Speed  tatiaaaaaFullSpeed30s 1
mtc - Green Nation.  DisGo | iGn' @...FullSpeed30s 12
Paratoxic Road  Tim2505Tech30s 1    
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10 Recent TMX Supporter Tracks
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
No tracks found.
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Best Of The Week
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
Signal To Noise  ChadoXFullSpeed1m 27
[PF] Common Constr...  Nop|Chadox|Kim...PressForward4m 16
mtc | radium  TrianFullSpeed30s 13
¬Endless Expanses  ZR MATFullSpeed45s 12
Tonalite  Buddha|R4aOffroad45s 12
Last Days of Summer  GoW|R4aFullSpeed45s 11
mtc « Sky Fortress.  simo_900FullSpeed30s 11
MTC - All Things Go  Sky.esuSpeedTech45s 10
.:MTC:. Electric w...  ¬Papinorobino.FullSpeed45s 10    
Enter Elevator  simo_9002Stunt15s 8    
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