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Facebook page for TMX!17-Nov-2014
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
Hey Guys,

recently we discovered this brand new social network stuff called Facebook, and it's really an awesome platform! If you've never heard about it, check it out - like wow, the internet has endless possiblities! Therefore we took the next step and created a Facebook page for TMX, so that everyone who uses TMX more or less regularly can be updated about all the important and unimportant stuff.


To follow the page, you have to hit the like button (that button with the thumb, crazy, huh?).

Party hard, !

P.S. You have a possibility to create the cover photo for the page! Check out the contest forum thread for more information.
The Official UCA 2014 RESULTS and trackbuilding competitions!04-Nov-2014
Posted By:   pascow.esu 
We passed the nominations phase and the main voting in the User Choice Awards. The results are officially released. Check this thread!

Furthermore, we'll have a new edition of the Allround Championship running in early 2015. For that, we need a lot of maps in different styles. Check this thread to see the restrictions!

In addition to that, we have three trackbuilding competitions up and running:
- Duo Tracks Contest by   dan!el;
- Simple Editor Contest by   Kristján;
- November 2014 MTC by   cranberries.

So if you want to show off your trackbuilding skills, you have a few competitions to choose from.
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10 Newest Tracks
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
minix-xXx-082  canlifeTech15s            
4 checks !  eduardobreakerNormal30s            
Very Short Kuk #032  KukkerNormal15s            
Smoothie  iAppLeFullSpeed30s 1
Mõrñing LoL  Mateo.LOL15s 1       
i get hunted 3  Skillet:)Tech30s            
small track 252  VivekLOL15s 1    
Wiktoria? apos;s P...  wiktoria0096Normal30s            
Volcano  EntityFullSpeed45s            
open struggle/hit ...  elaus43LOL15s 2
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10 Latest Awards
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
Smoothie  iAppLeFullSpeed30s 1
Mõrñing LoL  Mateo.LOL15s 1       
small track 252  VivekLOL15s 1    
open struggle/hit ...  elaus43LOL15s 2
Long Jumps  giancoFullSpeed45s 4    
[SE] Highlife.  AR »Rockz.FullSpeed30s 1    
For ya mates  Metal_SnakeNormal45s 42
For-Fahoff  LeonHc(ex.Leon...Normal45s 17
redRoad  dukatyNormal45s 12
Green Despair  NLChr!sFullSpeed45s 33
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Best Of The Week
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
.6  PsymaxSpeedTech30s 25
»Scenic View.  TrianFullSpeed45s 19
[Distortion]  Paulmar35FullSpeed30s 12
Frik  giancoFullSpeed30s 10
Smooth N Simple  iAppLeFullSpeed30s 10    
Longfingah  elaus43FullSpeed45s 7
Equality.  Mister_BloodFullSpeed45s 7
go  elaus43Normal15s 6
[Disproportion]  Paulmar35FullSpeed45s 6
Study I: Roadtrans...  aiden.KraL'Tech30s 5
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