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CTC - Creative Track Competition16-Jul-2014
Posted By:   pascow.esu 

As the name of the Competition tells you already, it's the goal to build a track as creative as possible.

You have plenty of time to build, deadline would be the end of October. More information to be found here.

If there are at least 15 entries by the end of the deadline, the winner wins a game of his choice on steam worth max. 20€.

Free - The Universal Demo for SM and TM²12-Jul-2014
Posted By:   MrA 
Maniaplanet Universal Demo is now available at

Free access to TrackMania² Stadium, Canyon, Valley, ShootMania Storm and all community-created content. Unlimited play for 48h after registration. Limits apply after that.

The blog post at explains, but below are the key details that you need to know...

o 45 white solo tracks
o Access to the TrackMania² multi-environment title (Canyon + Valley + Stadium together.)
o Full multiplayer experience (Nadeo and user-created gamemodes and Title Packs)
o Access to all editors (Map, MediaTracker (Video), Actions & Weapons, Items)
o Up to 3 user made solo & multiplayer experiences

o 3 multiplayer ranked modes: Battle, Elite & Siege
o Full multiplayer experience (Nadeo and user-created gamemodes and Title Packs)
o Access to all editors (Map, MediaTracker (Video), Actions & Weapons, Items)
o Custom Titles: solo & multiplayer innovative modes

All these features are available for free the first 48h for the environments you don’t own and then for an unlimited amount of time for titles with less than 100 concurrent players OR one hour per day otherwise.

Download the setup on

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Hope you ain't got...28-Jul-2014
  Trouble..Author :   link`
Record 0:40.40  by   AR »NGTT <3 7
For winning June 2014 MTC, link chose his about two years old fullspeeder to be showcased. The top10 isn't well hunted yet, gogo and change that!
Why not try some of this author's other tracks ...
Mini fs... Mini fs... Mini fs...
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