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Donations to TMNF site.30-Oct-2014
Posted By:   MrA 
As many of you will have known, the TMX Supporter window on the front page has been broken for a long time. It's not been showing the tracks uploaded by donators.

In the light of this persisting so long without being fixed, we have removed the TMX Supporters front page window, and also the prompt to donate from the track uploads page is gone. In the unlikely event that these features are ever fixed, we can reinstate them (as they are hidden, not deleted).

We have left the donate button in place because we still hope for some donations to help pay for the server costs, but sadly we can't say 'thank you' in the way we would have wanted to.

I prefer this solution, than to misslead anyone (else) into a donation they may not have otherwise made.

Thanks for everyone's support over the years. We do still want to be here for some years yet!
The end is near...05-Oct-2014
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
It's already October, which means that this year is coming to an end. , you know what this means!
Traditionally this is the time for two of our projects: The TMX User Choice Awards 2014 and the Christmas Calendar Project '14!

If you want to participate in the CCP and build a track for the community click here! There are only 23 spots, so don't hesitate and go ahead!

And the User Choice Awards are in their nomination phase where you can honor the work of the best, most beautiful, awesome and lovely users of the community. To nominate your favorites in the different categories click here!
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Welcome back!26-Oct-2014
  Old StylAuthor :   gianco
Record 0:38.04  by   qtm | Kumpel 14
Gianco released his 99th track exactly 4 years ago.
Finally he has uploaded his 100th track and it is great fun to play!
So give it a spin and show it some love
Why not try some of this author's other tracks ...
Fullspe... Marathon Injection
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Tekk That  troytarrisonTech45s            
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Brontosaurus Relaxed  elaus43LOL15s 
Lunatic 002  getoLOL15s         
MarKo 160  MarKoMLOL15s            
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10 Latest Awards
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
(Rpg-mini) Kopst0o...  BlaspeeftRPG1m 45s 1           
Cloquet Dirt °Sauna°  saunaOffroad1m 45s 1    
S-Run 4  FlyingFinn19LOL15s 1    
collapse of illusi...  Razo.'R |R4aFullSpeed45s 20
[PL] A Track By ME...  gabeliniohiossPressForward30s 6    
Never Dream.°  vencjuFullSpeed45s 9
rise&fall.  5teasy.esuFullSpeed45s 11
AquariaL [RPG] [CTC]  igntul_simoRPGLong 34    
Atomic Recute !  Atomic.NitroLOL30s 1    
Infinite Punishment  CvRkTech3m 10
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Best Of The Week
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
Fasten Your Seatbe...  simo_900FullSpeed1m 45
AquariaL [RPG] [CTC]  igntul_simoRPGLong 34    
[ x ] per [ i ] me...  cranberriesOffroad1m 45s 19
GoodBye Mother  kripkeFullSpeed1m 12
Slam.  Mister_BloodFullSpeed30s 11
Infinite Punishment  CvRkTech3m 10
Home.  moe ft. apfelFullSpeed45s 10
i get hunted 2  Skillet:)Tech30s 8    
playing the same o...  Triple.shootFullSpeed30s 7
[PL] A Track By ME...  gabeliniohiossPressForward30s 6    
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