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ARC 2015 - Building Phase!06-Dec-2014
Posted By:   HardDance 
Hi ,

as some of you may already have been noticing, the ARC started again.
Let's say the building phase did, not the hunting part.
We're searching for motivated builders who're able to make a cool hunting track.

There are 6 styles to choose: FS, mini FS, tech, speedtech, dirt & RPG.

If you seem to be interested and want to know more, you can have a look here!
Furthermore, you can always PM me with a question.

>>> Building prizes are now revealed! <<<


Christmas Calendar Project!30-Nov-2014
Posted By:   dan!el 
Winter is coming, and as every year, that means the Christmas Calendar Project is back! Every day until Christmas we'll get a track as a present starting tomorrow For more information check the official CCP'14 topic.
Facebook page for TMX!17-Nov-2014
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
Hey Guys,

recently we discovered this brand new social network stuff called Facebook, and it's really an awesome platform! If you've never heard about it, check it out - like wow, the internet has endless possiblities! Therefore we took the next step and created a Facebook page for TMX, so that everyone who uses TMX more or less regularly can be updated about all the important and unimportant stuff.


To follow the page, you have to hit the like button (that button with the thumb, crazy, huh?).

Party hard, !
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  ExHiBiTiOn NaScArAuthor :   s2dm
Record 1:49.83  by   HardDance 4
Ever played a Nascar track?
Well, they're fast, long and extremly fun to hunt!
Check out this beauty with a great nascar atmosphere.
Why not try some of this author's other tracks ...
K.D.D.O 7:m3 7r... ??m?g3d...
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