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Hello there. I'm Matteo aka matto. No capital, thanks.

- Author Showcase at TmBlog
- Dirt manual (dead project)


I quit playing online in 2009. Although I'm at university now, I still build for fun in my spare time.
Please don't ask for a screenshot or a map for your competition, because I don't have enough time for this stuff.
Anything else, feel free to send a PM or...

Contact me:
xFire: mattok
YouTube: mattoita
deviantart: matt0123


kids kids kids kids kids kids...

I often think to myself - damn, this place is full of kids! then I think - damn, it's actually the whole social Internet: youtube, facebook, chatrooms, etc. then I think - damn, it's just me getting old! I've always been a "old" kind of guy, you know, don't do silly things, stick to the rules, respect each other, that kind of stuff. Now that I'm getting older, that I'll soon be 21, that university is rolling pretty good, I realize I'm getting more and more childish regarding my taste: let's do stupid stuff, insult each other, respect nothing, break the rules. I don't know really, it confuses me, because my taste is childish but my conscience is that of a mid-age philosopher. So I don't find myself at ease with kids, but I also don't like old people very much. Does anyone out there feel the same?


Being a dick doesn't make you look cool. It makes you look like a dick.


Don't you find it ridiculous when people point out how much time they spent building a [Px] track? I mean, for about 90% of that time they just sat in front of the screen holding x to get to the last part; so, well, I think they're trying to tell us: "I wasted X hours of my life watching the same thing over and over, just to get this track done, so please give me an award to make me feel less miserable".


Some of my favourite tracks/builders:

S|N C|TY by   cranberries

Phantom (for Kendal) by   Fytrim.

Back in your head by   Kendal

Tight fit 1.1 by   Just_I

Kwai by   Bajs

Roots by   Etidu

Respiration by   hoheb

CCP #25 - Slippery Nights by   HardDance_TimeBreaker

Unite. by   rewiind

Sloth by   7 Sins Project 2009

Wrath by   7 Sins Project 2009

Absorption by   CRO|Bare


My best tracks in my opinion:

Same old stuff by   matto

slid by   matto Dirtzoo by   matto

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