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Important! TM Patch requirement for Nadeo and Classic replays02-Apr-2021
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
An important announcement for everyone interested in uploading replays to classic or nadeo maps:

From May 1st on it is required to have the TrackMania Competition Patch installed in order to be eligible to upload replays to those types of maps.

What is the TM Competition Patch?
It is a special patch for the game that stops players from cheating, such as by using macros, slowing down the game and other forms of injecting inputs.

Why is this necessary?
It gets easier and easier to have computer programs assist or completely take over your run (for example TAS'ing). Sometimes, it can be very difficult to detect if players use such external tools (which are considered cheats!). Requiring the patch allows us to stop cheating.

How does the patch work?
The patch is simply installed into the game's installation directory and from there, the patch will always work when you open the game. The patch is in no way invasive - it does not install any low level drivers on your system or collect any data about it.

Why only on Classic and Nadeo maps?
We cannot ask every single player that uploads replays to TMX to use the patch. Some players play once every few month and will have no idea that this patch exists. Asking everyone to download the patch, therefore, feels like asking too much. Instead, we focus on the most prestigious tracks where clean leaderboards are most important.

More Info & Download
For more information and the download check the website of the patch, the official discord server of the developer or the forum thread.
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