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Replay Mass-Uploads Enabled19-Feb-2020
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
If you ever wanted to just dump your whole autosave folder full of replays onto tmx and see what sticks, you can do exactly that now by automatically mass-uploading replays!

Let's thank   TGYoshi for the implementation
Posted By:   eyebo.wp 
Replay uploads are disabled temporarily. We're doing some maintenance on the site.

Replay uploading is enabled again. Please let us know if you have any more issues with long load times for replay uploads.

In an effort to speed up the site, we're also trying out a new system that queues the leaderboard calculations until later, instead of doing them at the time of the replay upload. So if you don't see a green check mark next to your newly uploaded replay, don't fret! It should be there later.

If you visit the Leaderboards you might see some numbers crossed out. These are users whose data hasn't been updated yet. The system is still processing them. Hover on the crossed out number and a tooltip will say how long it's been since the data was up to date.
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Tiny Tracks with Big Ideas16-Feb-2020
  ??? LET THE PAST DIEAuthor :   iHq/fredair.esu
Record 0:17.14  by   shortz.esu 8
The very first Tiny TMX Building Extravaganza finished and fredair managed to secure the win versus 14 other tracks with this creative and excellently mapped track. Especially the last castle inclusion is very clever! Check out the rest of the maps and the full results here and make sure to participate next time!
Why not try some of this author's other tracks ...
.SINGUL... mtc » v... THERAPY...
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10 Newest Tracks
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
Bellyache  MMFMorkenRPG30s        
new rpg  momo2304RPG15s        
10sLunatic 8  AcfikLOL15s        
trash cutter 2  agripassNormal15s        
Cafard #0007  chakal92LOL15s        
/-\ccuracy  SzymiiLOL15s 1
LoL Sen #241  SlamenSenLOL15s     
[Fs] LifeTime  maxspeedFullSpeed1m        
3000  xxlr8FullSpeed30s 3
?e?hi?is  NidahasaFullSpeed45s        
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10 Latest Awards
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
3000  xxlr8FullSpeed30s 3
/-\ccuracy  SzymiiLOL15s 1
LOL Map 2020 #09  ArmNawaphatTHLOL15s 1
Failix«  Vixen.«FullSpeed45s 20
The adventure of l...  elaus43Normal30s 10
Nine Hundred [Trial]  simo_900TrialLong 30
ÐE??@ Mini LoL 22-...  derrapadorLOL15s 1
Escape from City  XDragonNormal1m 1    
See You Again  threadingTech30s 6
chrysanthemum  krocix29Tech1m 11
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Best Of The Week
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
Nine Hundred [Trial]  simo_900TrialLong 30
The adventure of l...  elaus43Normal30s 10
tmx malt  krocix29Normal15s 10
tmx sig  SwitchTech15s 7    
sad harlekin pOOp  elaus43LOL30s 6
Normal one 3  MoonShadowNormal30s 6
Miniz 06  »jizoTech15s 5
ÐE??@ KoRtA 17-2-20  derrapadorTech15s 5
ÐE??@ Maybe FuN ...  derrapadorTech30s 4
3000  xxlr8FullSpeed30s 3
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