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New classic tracks21-May-2017
Posted By:   .Ornaiim 
Some legendary tracks from the past two years have been added to the classic prestigious list. These tracks have been chosen for their stunning aspects such as innovative sections, great hunt and addictive factors, and, of course, for their fame.

Do you want to know if your favorite tracks became classic?
Take a look at the latest addition in the classic list topic here.

None of the latest classic tracks suit you? Don't worry some other tracks will be added in the next weeks
SR Hunting Tournament - 2nd edition15-Apr-2017
Posted By:   HardDance 
Originally posted by SR.noobi (less active) ...
Good evening TMNF community,

Maybe some of you remember the Shark Racing scrim we made last year in may. We had a lot of fun so why not doing it again? We, Shark Racing, proudly announce the second edition of the (maybe) biggest fullspeed tournament in TMNF this year and we invite you all! Join in and have some fun

Style: Fullspeed

When: 2nd June 8pm CEST until 18th June 10pm CEST

for whom: Teams, solo players and builders.

Read more HERE!
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Do you like short hunters ?21-May-2017
  Platform Hunter #1Author :   peteypablo7
Record 0:17.61  by   EpiK :) 21
Few years ago, Peteypablo made a very cool series of small, easy and fun platform tracks. Platform Hunter have been exclusively made of platform blocs in order to have fullspeed hunting tracks only based on platform driving skills. A kind of Nadeo's tracks but in more sophisticated. Are you going to beat the WR ? Be careful this Platform Hunter series is heavily addictive !
Why not try some of this author's other tracks ...
[RPG] D... Sch!zop... [RPG] T...
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10 Newest Tracks
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
funny lol :D #47  psmiguelLOL15s     
Dirt Race Waldbran...  waldbrandpizzaOffroad3m        
lolsport D178  lolsportLOL15s     
Funnyfan 5  xXx The Rain M...Trial15s 1    
Zorscy« Time Stops  SolitarioFullSpeed45s        
Spooky Halloween r...  tip-topTech30s        
«ªÑ» 26  Andre_2k16Normal15s        
little Egypt. (mRpg)  tmtommyRPG1m 30s        
easy drifts 43  Speedracer|LOL15s     
Mini FS A  Camchaize8FullSpeed30s        
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10 Latest Awards
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
basic hunt #4  Triple.shootTech15s 9
Funnyfan 5  xXx The Rain M...Trial15s 1    
Spring!  .OrnaiimTech45s 37
G_N LOL (222) COOP  GADERONLOL15s 1    
Goudeleuk  alixyzTrial30s 1    
Out of the soliD.  Guik'ZFullSpeed15s 19
Q1Speed  QuatFullSpeed15s 26
Short Cut #4  Dex_MLOL15s 1
[PF] rigolo  zemus42PressForward30s 1
ShiSui  rafal'Tech30s 2
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Best Of The Week
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
MTC - Arrow In The...  LeTrefleNoirFullSpeed30s 15
[MTC] PoLentinaDir...  dsc PecorenzoOffroad45s 10
basic hunt #4  Triple.shootTech15s 9
[MTC]Almost Late  grobecOffroad30s 8
MTC - Gangway 4  GrondoNormal1m 8
Nougat Jäde (Lovva)  LovvaSpeedTech15s 8
Burden of Lassitude  SR.noobiFullSpeed45s 7
Spieglein Spieglein  elaus43LOL15s 6
The Center of Grav...  GrondoLOL30s 5
[5x5] Free the Wheel  GrondoLOL15s 5
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