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Hitch & Boeny present21-May-2020
  Bright RaysAuthor :   Hitchy&Boeny
Record 0:59.19  by   Loso 13
Boeny and Hitchy both registered on TMNF-X a loooong time ago. And while Boeny had been inactive for a couple of years, Hitchy was still building tracks every now and then until a while ago. But in the last couple of months we hadn't seen a map by him either. Now, both authors returned to the game a few weeks ago, which resulted in this mapping cooperation. Check it out, especially if you like flowy and highly huntable tech
Seven Builders. One Map.16-Apr-2020
  7even SandsAuthor :   DirtDevil's
Record 1:46.97  by   nair 19
The DirtDevils are proud to present you one of the biggest multi-author collaborations for a dirt track on TMX! Seven mappers built this track, with even more users contributing to the project with MT work, cut prevention work and a screenshot. At a length of ~1:50 minutes, this dirt track is one to remember. It is great to see these collaborative efforts still happening and also resulting in such an interesting map. Enjoy playing it - and who knows, maybe the next time even more mappers will come together!
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One track, one block29-Mar-2020
  [OBMC] DisconnectAuthor :   Deska
Record 0:41.51  by   Deska 8
More than a year ago already, Deska built this super interesting map that only uses one type of block (apart from start and finish). He nevertheless managed to create diverse, interesting parts throughout the route and seeing that the map did not receive much attention back then, it surely deserves this showcase!
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DeskaLOL 1
Updated Classics Vol. 223-Mar-2020
  Till i Cøllapze «Author :   AR »Rockz.
Record 0:35.25  by   AR »Rockz. 63
This fullspeeder has been updated a while ago, but the Top 10 has not filled up again yet - time to change that by revisiting this old classic fullspeed track by Rockz!
Updated Classics Vol. 123-Mar-2020
  Q5TechAuthor :   Quat
Record 0:28.83  by   Wagentje 56
We are showcasing a bunch of updated classic tracks, encouraging you to rehunt these amazing maps and to leave your replay on the page. How about starting with this road-based tech map by Quat? Easy enough to be a fun hunt for everyone!
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Unlimiter needed!11-Mar-2020
  [50³]Advertising BoardAuthor :   csafs
Record 0:18.00  by   Kumpelblase 13
A short fullspeed mini taking you along the side of the stadium, which includes nice and smooth transitions and is good for hunting.
Enjoy the race
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Short Distance
Cloud Island
Tiny Tracks with Big Ideas16-Feb-2020
  ??? LET THE PAST DIEAuthor :   iHq/fredair.esu
Record 0:17.14  by   shortz.esu 9
The very first Tiny TMX Building Extravaganza finished and fredair managed to secure the win versus 14 other tracks with this creative and excellently mapped track. Especially the last castle inclusion is very clever! Check out the rest of the maps and the full results here and make sure to participate next time!
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- 2017 -
mtc - path2life.
CCP#04 - .wntr´
Mini Time!03-Feb-2020
  Miniz 01Author :   »jizo
Record 0:23.00  by   .nixx 7
Check out this fun little mini track by jizo - it is creative, looks good and also has some hunting potential. And maybe we will see more from this relatively new author, the first few minis by him are promising at least!
MTC December - Winner Showcase17-Jan-2020
  Spectral StripesAuthor :   elaus&Twister
Record 0:47.20  by   'Twister 14
This duo by Twister and elaus went a bit under the radar of the community, but is a blast to play! Diverse transitions turn this speedy map with tech elements into a great fun track. Check it out
MTC November - Winner Pick07-Jan-2020
  threadiliciousAuthor :   threading
Record 0:46.32  by   Funtime.troLL 11
  Triple.shoot won the November 2019 MTC and has chosen this track by   threading to showcase. Enjoy!
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Hands Of Time
Absolute Beginners
Old Tech Love
MTC Winner Showcase - August29-Sep-2019
  memories from the pastAuthor :   kiMi!
Record 1:16.66  by   Rxt 9
  Arien.wp has choosen this new tech track by   kiMi! as showcase for his win at the MTC. A solid tech track which shouldn´t be unnoticed!
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shortz ~ 01
back to the time
red place
MTC February Winner Showcase09-Jun-2019
  FlowMotionAuthor :   GodofWar
Record 0:47.42  by   One. 9
  elaus43 who won the February MTC used his showcase, to show you the newest track by   GodofWar who is sticking around with us for almost 9 years by now, gg.
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Future Memories
Short Hop Hunt #4
March MTC Winner Pick30-Mar-2019
  Saturnus [RPG]Author :   simo_900
Record 152:13.82  by   Poly! 16
  Arien.wp won the March 2019 MTC and wanted to showcase this masterpiece from simo_900. We're told he spent a year building it.
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Uncanny Valley [Trial]
Neverland [1.3]
MTC December Showcase18-Feb-2019
  Subscribe to PewdiepieAuthor :   Edge.Fwo
Record 0:18.74  by   Dule 7
As an MTC winner, Arien wanted to showcase this map to show how he's done his part. Hope you enjoy
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A01-Race KakteenLand
A01-Race Clocked
A01-Race - Bored God Edition
MTC September 2018 winner07-Feb-2019
  INDU5TRIAAuthor :   DirtDevil's
Record 1:06.03  by   grobec 7
As the winner of the september MTC,   Pecorenzo decided that he wanted to showcase this map created by the 5 dirt devil builders. This map is quite seriously underrated and really fun, and it's quite rare to see a community map released as well so definitely go check it out!
MTC November Winner01-Jan-2019
  above and beyond.Author :   Switch
Record 0:49.62  by   Switch 15
As the winner of MTC November,   Arien.wp picked this map as his showcase; the track is packed full of action, diversity and transitions - Exactly the kind of map to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019!
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forever alone 2°
Two Minutes of Tech!09-Dec-2018
  - Nitrous Express -Author :   Habba
Record 1:58.37  by   Miki 11
Habba, Denny and Craph125 created this enjoyable, longer tech map for the Endless Team Cup Race. And what a blast it turns out to be - diverse, technical, definitely something to check out!
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June MTC winner30-Oct-2018
  «impact!Author :   Arien.wp
Record 0:54.39  by   jo la taupe 7
  Sparco won the MTC from June and decided to showcase this track from Arien! This is a sweet and very fun tech track to play on. Try it!
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MTC - Sorted
MTC - Nightshift
July MTC Winner!30-Sep-2018
  MTC - KryptoniteAuthor :   iHq/fredair.esu
Record 0:59.64  by   Dule 10
After winning the July MTC,   Arien.wp decided to showcase this map... "I started playing tm in the early 2017 and this was one of the first maps I ever came across and now looking back at this one its really underrated" , So give it a go and have fun!
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mtc - turbulence
F2C - pu.Lse
Legion xf
April MTC Winner Showcase07-Sep-2018
  [48³] mtc - delta station.Author :   DisGo.esu
Record 2:54.71  by   DisGo.esu 8
  simo_900 won the Monthly Track Contest from April and decided to showcase this track from DisGo. It's a small and very cool RPG with a unique atmosphere. Go and check it out !
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TDA - TechB01
TDA - DirtB01
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