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The MTC winner's showcase of December 2016!13-Jan-2017
  MLP2 - JGGIUGAuthor :   AR »Trian
Record 1:39.36  by   raptor . 10
  AR »Trian won the MTC of December 2016 and decided to pick his "easy to play hard to master" multilap fullspeeder as a showcase. Check this track out, the whole concept works out really nice
awful maps??? Not at all!18-Dec-2016
  December DustAuthor :   awful maps
Record 1:11.39  by   WiiDii 16
Here's a great example of how dirt tracks can be fast and smooth. Really enjoyable track with technical parts and a speedy finish!
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#activequalitypeople 225-Oct-2016
  Troubled SoulsAuthor :   !k7
Record 1:12.37  by   racehans 6
This track is a long hunt dirt track with some exigent parts, but always with a nice flow. Keep up the good work !k7 !
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Burn th... ibc - S... ...grrr...
  TerminatorAuthor :   Zipperke / Pm for MT
Record 1:03.80  by   Vince.TM 8
Typical and so unique Zipperke's style about mediatracker on a fresh fs track with smooth lines. Keep up the good work Zip !
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A deserved Showcase....24-Oct-2016
  [PF] Ph/\ntom FakeAuthor :   » Ptitnono.F®
Record 1:41.49  by   ben3847 895
...for a track that got way too less attention.

We can only encourage you to try this track and give it an award.
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[PF] Pure Feelings
More than 1000 tracks!16-Sep-2016
  Black WidowAuthor :   elaus43
Record 0:51.46  by   racehans 28
  elaus43 has been one of the most active users on this website ever, when it comes to map building - more than 1000 maps go onto his account. And elaus offers a great diversity in his work - mini, lol, fullspeed, sometimes tech or even rpg are part of his overall work. This map in particular is one that he put a lot of effort in, which makes it an excellent showcase-choice to celebrate his mapping legacy up to this day
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A winner's showcase31-Aug-2016
  OutbreakAuthor :   Ravenwest
Record 0:47.75  by   Switch 23
As a recent MTC winner,   Ravenwest decided to showcase his newest fullspeeder Outbreak! After being absent for quite a while he returned to solo-mapping with this beast, delivering us the sweet oldschool-feeling we all crave for every now and then. Download it and dive into the glorious old times of fullspeed-mapping
MTC Winner's Choice!11-Jul-2016
  Ocean Grave!Author :   meNtality
Record 0:37.72  by   *aAa*. KiD 12
  meNtality won last months MTC and he is using this opportunity to promote one of his tracks. That guy just came back this March from a 5-year-break, so show him some love and test his first creation after his comeback.
Diversity n' stuff26-Jun-2016
  Lune Rouge'Author :   Switch
Record 0:44.50  by   Switch 18
This great track went a bit unnoticed maybe due to some tight and tricky ways. But it got other advantages like a very good scenery, much diversity and nice spots, all of them make it very interesting
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So refreshing !10-May-2016
  STC6/NC5-wiRène~Author :   Kryw
Record 0:55.51  by   Bergie 19
I present you an unusual tech track style, for tmx and a lot more for competitions like STC. Only a few drifts for 55 seconds, because keeping your speed is the most important: learn good trajectories, master little releases and jumps, etc. it is diversity on all surfaces. You can create differences not only with drifts (in tech maps ofc) here is the message. I advice you to try it, it's worth it and I reserved my 1000th award for it
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Winner's Showcase Choice!27-Apr-2016
  UnexpectedAuthor :   AR »Trian
Record 0:41.53  by   Matix 7
Trian won this months MTC and not only he thinks that this is an excellent opportunity to promote one of his tracks that many people didn't notice. It's a tech track by Trian. A tech track. By Trian. That's worth a download.
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To a very special friend15-Apr-2016
  aQuaGTAuthor :   rycardoo
Record 0:53.88  by   x-tremest555 34
Last Saturday,   rycardoo, a fellow track builder, a fantastic person who dedicated so much to the Portuguese and overall community, and a fantastic person who me and tons of people were proud to call “friend”, passed away...
This track is a showcase of passion and creativity he was well known to have… a cool unusual concept and one of his best works he had to pleasure to build with, as he usually said, with love, dedication and care.
Descansa em paz amigo
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DTC5 is on its way!13-Mar-2016
  DTC5 - SubsonicAuthor :   Trian&Aiden
Record 0:54.21  by   Quantum|Fire... 25
  AR »Trian won the February MTC here on TMX and picked his DTC5-entry as a new showcase. Together with aiden.Kral' he built a fast - very fast - fullspeeder. Check it out, leave some feedback and a time
Time for Tech..!22-Feb-2016
  Japan Tech 04Author :
Record 0:38.94  by   racehans 8
Registered since August 2015 and already got a silver UCA in Most unnoticed author, ion built fresh tech tracks coming from Japan and his author times are always a nice challenge
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In Retrospect: TMX and its Authors #306-Feb-2016
  Dutch Delight UltimateAuthor :   GR.
Record 0:41.30  by   chrisor. 36
  GR. is one of the most beloved veterans, starting his tmx carreer in tm sunrise in 2005 and then dominating the fullspeed scene in tmn-x back in 2006 with great classic maps that are being played to this day such as Black Velvet, Sticky Tarmac, etc...
His biggest success came with the release of Dutch Delight that had recently its 10th aniversary.
Have fun with this track ultimate edition
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10 Years Trackmania Nations ESWC!28-Jan-2016
  MoldAuthor :   Bajs
Record 0:54.80  by   Spunki 19
Here's a great oldschool speedtech by Bajs, made in TMN ESWC! Happy birthday TM
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In Retrospect: TMX and its Authors #218-Jan-2016
  Fly on sLidesAuthor :   Cw*FaHoFF.xT
Record 0:48.83  by   ColdCloud 49
  Cw*FaHoFF.xT started playing TM in 2007 over at TMN-X, where he uploaded over 30 tracks. With the release of TMNF he transitioned to TMX and published mainly speed-tech tracks. The showcased map is a transitional speedtech with many surface changes. He uploaded his last track in late 2010 on this site, leaving behind some old but gold maps for the community. Have fun
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In Retrospect: TMX and its Authors #106-Jan-2016
  Something to RememberAuthor :   aQ » Alba.
Record 0:35.18  by   Hydro || Adi 44
  aQ » Alba. started Trackmania with TMN in 2007 and uploaded quite a few tracks on TMN-X. With the release of TMNF he started to publish high-quality tracks on a regular base, mostly techmaps. Remarkable is his combination of dirt and roadparts, as also seen in our showcased map. He basically stopped in 2009, with smaller comebacks in 2010 and 2012. If you love hunting techmaps, you should check out his work. Personal suggestions: Zero Grav!tY & Re.Usopia. Have fun
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SD when you're feeling cold!13-Dec-2015
  -Breakup.Author :   S1oux
Record 0:42.37  by   zr mat 18
Originally posted by Trian ...
You said this isn't your first track ever but hey, it's your first one on TMX and considering that it's unbelievable how great it is. I mean, if it was on some server and I didn't know the track I could imagine it having tons awards.

Here we have a great SD track from a newcomer that definitely deserves some more attention! Make sure to give it a go, you won't be disappointed!
Community track with nine(!) builders.06-Dec-2015
  Step by StepAuthor :   NineBuilders
Record 1:34.22  by   wormi 12
We dont see community tracks very often anymore. Here's one made just a few weeks ago, with no less than nine builders! The track offers a great diversity when it comes to style, fs, speedtech, tech, dirt and the end kinda feels a bit RPG'ish. So you get it all in one track. Have a go!
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