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TMX Hall of fame
TMX Hall of fame3:51 PM 12-Apr-08 : Quote : Report : #

In this topic all great achievement of the TMX community here will shown here. This includes:
- Offical competitions run by TMX
- Offical Community tracks
- Special community projects
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10:51 AM 02-Aug-08 : Quote : Report : #

The first official entry for the TMX Hall of fame: The TMX Wallpaper competion held between 7th of June untill 7th of July by TMX. This competition was held on TMU-X en TMNF-X and was a combined project

For this competition the assignment was to make a wallpaper to promote TMX. This wallpaper had to meet some basic criteria's:

- The wallpaper background had to be TM related
- A TMX logo should be present
- The wallpaper should feature 3 track screenshots from TMX tracks
- A clear space for desktop icons

Here are the winners of this competions

1st phenomega (TMU-X)

1400*900 pixels

2nd Titi (TMU-X)

1400*900 pixels

3rd Rusties (TMU-X)

1440*900 pixels

The full result can be found here with extra comments on all entries by the judges.
TMX Scenery Contest7:24 PM 02-Aug-08 : Quote : Report : #
F1 Racer

o Winning Track:
Scenery Contest Winner by   TMX Scenery Contest

o Track pack:
It was too big to upload as a proper pack, i will try to get this sorted ASAP.
4:22 AM 18-Sep-08 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

TMX Community FullSpeed Track 1 by   TMX Community
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5:38 PM 30-Oct-08 : Quote : Report : #

TMX Community ~ Speed Tech 1 by   TMX Community
TMX Puzzle Tracks1:17 PM 24-Jan-16 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

TMX Forever Puzzle Track 1 by   TMX Moderators

Author:   Junavara

#01.   CRO|Bare
#02.   »RtA«mael²
#03.   Sd.Marci [TMX Cuthunter]



TMX Puzzle Track.2 by   TMX Moderators

Author:   aiden.KraL'

#01.   Sharky^
#02.   paf.bobti89
#03.   SILL


TMX Puzzle Track.3 | CitS II by   TMX Moderators

Author:   'Twister

#01.   euronics.DeviL
#02.   Marius 89
#03.   cranberries


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