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Various modding video tutorials - 85min. combined length
Various modding video tutorials - 85min. combined length8:17 PM 11-Apr-10 : Quote : Report : #

As part of the RPG Community Mod Contest I decided to put a lot of effort in trying to make the learning process for the creation of environment mods easier. I figured that using videos would be the best solution for this.

The main tutorial consists of five parts and has a total length of 44min. It's a screencasting video, meaning you will see all my interactions on the PC.
It's basically showing all the steps necessary in order to properly edit textures and create a good-looking mod.
The three other tutorials are shorter and will give an overview of texture placement on surfaces, texture examples and an explanation on how to create Batch-jobs.

Overview of Diffuse textures applied on surfaces

44min long tutorial - Editing Textures Part 1: Acquiring textures and images, Preperations, Editing, Seamless Tiling

Part 2: Seamless Tiling, Blending Images, MIP map effect, Normal and Specular maps, Avoiding Shadow Bugs, Creating the zip-file

Part 3: Editing StadiumCircuitD, StadiumFabricD and FabricFloorD, Creating Alpha Channels

Part 4: Editing StadiumPlatformFloorD, StadiumRoadD and StadiumWarpAuvent2D, Advanced Alpha Channel editing

Part 5: Packing the mod, Testing

Batching Textures Part 1

Batching Textures Part 2

Texture Examples Part 1

Texture Examples Part 2

8:39 PM 11-Apr-10 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

Such effort is of course awarded with a sticky (:

I haven't looked through it all but looking at the length of everything it's probably very, very useful for those modders out there ^^
8:59 PM 11-Apr-10 : Quote : Report : #

Thanks a lot for the sticky Januy, feels great to be rewarded after so much work !
Hope I won't disappoint at second glance
4:26 PM 12-Apr-10 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

nice stuff
7:19 PM 29-May-10 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

is there some infos about "stadium grass fence" in one of your tutos ?

because i did'nt find it in the first video.

Thanks !

I would like to change it a bit and alos the ""Stadium Grass Stripe"
8:00 PM 29-May-10 : Quote : Report : #

no, there is no info about grass or dirt textures in the tutorials. Haven't really tried it myself but StadiumGrassStripe should have the same saving parameters as StadiumGrass. For StadiumGrassFence I remember getting some errors when saving. Maybe you need to save it without mipmaps. Or I simply forgot an alphachannel..dunno.
8:46 AM 30-May-10 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer just gets saved as DXT1 with 1 bit alpha. This just gives the hight of the grass. With some mods like sand it's best to make this file black with a black alpha to take hight away. I've also edited it to give depth to snow that also works well
6:39 PM 15-Aug-13 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Didn't invent a good topic for this, but an Antichamber mod would be so sick, and simple to make if you know how to make mods in general. I would make it but I have no interest to learn this thing only for it ^^

So if some pro modder is bored...
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