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TMN Forever - MTC History
TMN Forever - MTC History7:31 PM 24-Jul-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

the TMNF MTC History

text and editing made by   cranberries &   Kendal


March 2009 - TMX 5 Year Anniversary
Build a track in honor of the 5th anniversary of TMX. (participants: 15)
Winning Track: "Past to Present (TMX5A) by   Whizkid ~ PWF"

April 2009 - Short Laps
Lap tracks that are max 20 seconds per lap, and at least 3 laps long. (participants: 41)
Winning Track: "Trickshot (MTC) by   Socius"

May 2009 - Four tiles wide
The area on which the track is built may only be four tiles wide (participants: 51)
Winning Track: "Perilous Journey (MTC) by   sj@tmn"

June 2009 - Water Jumps
The vehicle must "jump" or bounce on water at least five times during the track. (participants: 42)
Winning Track: "Reality Check(MTC) by   NitroGuy!"

August 2009 - Surfaces
The track must contain all of the surfaces available - on a limited track length! (participants: 48)
Winning Track: ".Begin To Wonder~ (MTC) by   NLpwf"

September 2009 - Connections
Every piece of the track has to be connected to the one pole in the base track. (participants: 49)
Winning Track: "(MTC) Flying Art° by   MaskedMan(Less Active)"

November 2009 - Custom Camera's
The entire track should be viewed from a custom made camera. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "ÇamAlot (MTC) by   Zhuckar"

December 2009 - Restricted Area
The track should not be built in the middle dirt patch (22x22x32 restriction) and above it. (participants: 34)
Winning Track: "MTC-Tight Tension~ by   NLpwf"
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Beyond Help!

January 2010 - Momentum
1 or 2 blocks after the start, there should be an engine killer, but no checkpoints after that. (participants: 30)
Winning Track: "(MTC)Beating Heart by   Billyboy"

February 2010 - Blockmixing
Include some element of blockmixing. (participants: 24)
Winning Track: "MTC - Tropic Thunder by   NLpwf"

March 2010 - Connect the dots
Using a pre-made track with a few scattered blocks, you must connect them to make a track. (participants: 14)
Winning Track: "Light Years (mtc) by   Natzke"

April 2010 - From top to bottom
The track starts on the upper most level and ends on the bottom, only driving down or flat. (participants: 31)
Winning Track: "Up the Downstair - MTC by   aenima"

May 2010 - Backward Driving
You must drive at least 10 seconds backwards from the start and make at least one jump or stunt. (participants: 21)
Winning Track: "MTC.Polarity by   Etidu"

June 2010 - multiple roads
You have to split your track in at least 2 roads. (participants: 14)
Winning Track: "MTC-Filthy Mammoth by   »Flo.F®"

July 2010 - Variation
Build a track where you do not touch a same kind of surface twice. (participants: 8)
Winning Track: "MTC - QuickshaKe by   Griff. (giz)"

August 2010 - In one column
the Start, the Finish and all the CPs must stay exactly on top/underneath of each other. (participants: 20)
Winning Track: "[MTC]One Moment... by   Mastermind"

September 2010 - Off-Road
ride on more off-road than other surfaces. (participants: 13)
Winning Track: "MTC-Empty Spaces by   c0ve"

October 2010 - 1 Check-Point Mini Multilap Track
make a multilap track with only 1 checkpoint. (participants: 12)
Winning Track: "NeverGreen » MTC by   jstc"

November + December 2010 - Adventure Map
some of you might know this kind of tracks as RPG, that's exactly what this MTC is about. (participants: 7)
Winning Track: "Frozenland [MTC] [Archived] by   eie"
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Beyond Help!

January 2011 - Three of a Kind
Combine three existing MTC themes. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "MTC»fragile. by   Nex'"

February 2011 - Schizophrenia
build a track containing only 2 folders from the editor. (participants: 17)
Winning Track: "MTC - Half Nadeo by   Zenit"

March 2011 - Only Once
you can only use 1 CP from each folder of the editor that contains CPs. (participants: 15)
Winning Track: "[MTC] Atrophied Mind by   ZoggeR"

April 2011 - Uniqueness
each block put in the track has to be used only once. (participants: 16)
Winning Track: "Wealth. (MTC) by   Cyanogenoid"

May 2011 - Thin, Thiner, The Thinnest
the track must only be 2 blocks wide. (participants: 30)
Winning Track: "[MTC] Spirit Chaos by   SapphiroN"

June 2011 - Endurance
the track must be at least 3 min long (AT) no matter what style, but not longer than 5min (participants: 20)
Winning Track: "MTC - Living A Lie by   Hitchy"

July 2011 - Colors
you have to build a track that emphasizes one specific color of your choice. (participants: 27)
Winning Track: ":mtc: Serenity by   Joost»LT"

August 2011 - One Block Reuse
you have to build a track that reuses the same block 3 times in the race. (participants: 24)
Winning Track: "T H R I C E (mtc) by   pantseri_Wormi"

September 2011 - The Future Forever
you have to build a track that represents your vision of the Future TMN-F. (participants: 26)
Winning Track: "Dual'Nature (MTC) by   le.on"

October 2011 - Symmetric
you have to build a completely symmetrical track, including the route and the entire scenery. (participants: 8)
Winning Track: "[MTC]symphonY of sYmmetry by   Mastermind"

November/December 2011 - Mini-Series
you have to build 3 mini tracks that are related to each other, and make them as a track pack. (participants: 13)
Winning pack: "dope series by   Pat"
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Beyond Help!

January 2012 - Flatland
Build a track as close to the ground as possible. (participants: 23)
Winning Track: "MTC - Is it over ? by   makonen.nwt"

February 2012 - 8 blocks
Use only 8 blocks to build your entire track. (participants: 23)
Winning Track: "texas kickoff - mtc by   Kristján PT <3"

March 2012 - Indoor
The entire track must be built inside an enclosed space. (participants: 21)
Winning Track: "]MTC[ W a t e r l a n d by   uetzer|R4a"

April 2012 - No Connection
Every block in the track must stand alone, not connected to others. (participants: 26)
Winning Track: "[MTC] - a_Part by   Raffi"

May 2012 - Looking down
Build a track that has a custom camera looking straight down, from above. (participants: 12)
Winning Track: "Chicken Invaders mtc by   Kristján PT <3"

June 2012 - Diagonal
make a track that starts in one corner and ends in the opposite corner of the editor. (participants: 23)
Winning Track: "MTC - Speedy Gringo by   Ft|nevermind.xT"

July 2012 - 2 blocks tutorial
choose 2 specific blocks and use them in the track play at least 5 times each. (participants: 7)
Winning Track: "cyberGenesis.« (mtc) by   Razo.'R |R4a"

August 2012 - Contrast
use contrasting driving surfaces when the player changes the surface of the track. (participants: 5)
Winning Track: "MTC - /2estricted II by   pascow&shox"

September 2012 - Flip it
build a track that flips the car in 3 different places during the race. (participants: 8)
Winning Track: "MTC - Flip Theory by   Pesca"

October 2012 - Way to go!
your tracks must be built in the exact left-right scheme provided: R.L.L.R.L.R.R.R.L.R.L.L.R. (participants: 8)
Winning Track: "[MTC] Shatter the Silence by   Enai Siaion"

November 2012 - Do your best ...
make the best you can, using very specific directions and rules - see theme description. (participants: 24)
Winning Track: "MTC - Londinium by   Ft|nevermind.xT"

December 2012 - Feelings
make a track that conveys a certain feeling or emotion to the player/viewer. (participants: 6)
Winning Track: "[MTC] Tristeza by   Didi|R4a"
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Beyond Help!

January 2013 - Puzzle
build a track that challenges the player to find different and faster ways to the finish. (participants: 10)
Winning Track: "TM Pro Skater mtc by   Kristján PT <3"

February 2013 - Big Jumps
make at least 3 HUGE (over 3 seconds) jumps in your track. (participants: 10)
Winning Track: "MTC oO# by   »Flo.F®"

March 2013 - Connected
no jumps, no broken roads or platforms, no transitions of any kind. (participants: 10)
Winning Track: "Glue on the roads - mtc by   Didi|R4a"

April 2013 - Air check
build a track where the player does not touch the checkpoints. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "MTC - done and dusted by   pascow.esu"

May 2013 - Rise Up
build a track that goes from the grass up to the sky. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "MTC - Journey to Mars« by   R4aI|rodeo"

June 2013 - Pick Your Poison
build a track with 3 constraints you chose from a given list. (participants: 17)
Winning Track: "mtc « Pacific Rim. by   simo_900"

July 2013 - MTC break

August 2013 - MTC break

September 2013 - MTC break

October 2013 - Horizontal Ring CPs
Use 3 horizontal ring CPs in your track. (participants: 19)
Winning Track: "[mtc] Black Crown by   Joost»LT"

November 2013 - Folder 1
Use the elements from Folder 1 of the editor in the track itself. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "MTC » in2reality by   eSU.shox"

December 2013 - Stocking Stuffer
Make a very small track so that Santa can place it inside Christmas Stockings. (participants: 13)
Winning Track: "MTC - i've got [5x5] problems by   NOT RaµL"
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Beyond Help!

January 2014 - Pass Through
The player must pass through blocks with holes during the race. (participants: 14)
Winning Track: "MTC» h8trz g0nna h8. by   eSU.shox"

February 2014 - Mix Master
Build a track that contains Tech Drifts, FS Walls and Dirt slides. (participants: 17)
Winning Track: "MTC - Western Gold by   pascow.esu"

March 2014 - Lightweight
Make a 500cc track with a multilap start/finish block. (participants: 36)
Winning Track: "500 blaze it (MTC) by   dan!el"

April Fools' Day 2014 - Now THIS is lightweight
Make a 400cc track in which the blocks are not connected at all. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "MTC - Castle Run by   SF - Dule"
April 2014 - Reuse Section
Build a track that has a section reused by the player in the opposite direction during the race. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "»mtc. Mind over Matter by   Crashtestdummy"

May 2014 - 1x1 blocks
Build a track using only the 1x1 blocks of the editor. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "[mtc] bitter metallic side. by   Razo.'R |R4a"

June 2014 - In One Line
Build a track where the Start, Finish and All CP blocks have to sit in one single line. (participants: 12)
Winning Track: "s i d e l i n e » mtc by   link`"

July 2014 - The World is Flat!
Build a track that has completely flat parts in more than 75% of the race. (participants: 17)
Winning Track: "mellow tech cloud - mtc by   ben3847"

August 2014 - 3 Surfaces
Build a track where the player uses 3 distinctly different surfaces during the race. (participants: 9)
Winning Track: "nuttö "mtc" by   CvRk"

September 2014 - From side to side
Build a track from one side to the other without turning back towards the start. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "MTC - All Things Go by   Sky.esu"

October 2014 - Open space
Build a track without having scenery above or next to the track. (participants: 8)
Winning Track: "MTC _ Even by   Raffi"

November 2014 - 3 blocks per Folder
Build a track where you can use a maximum of 3 blocks from each Editor folder. (participants: 8)
Winning Track: "[mtc] Less is More by   AR »Trian"

December 2014 - Winter
Build a track with a Winter or Christmas feel. (participants: 17)
Winning Track: "(MTC) Snowblind by   clavicula-nox"
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Beyond Help!

January 2015 - Transition Overdose
Build a track that contains at least 15 transitions in under 40 seconds. (participants: 10)
Winning Track: "[MTC] Bump. by   inf."

February 2015 - Valentine's Day
Build a Valentine's Day themed track that contains something Red. (participants: 9)
Winning Track: "[MTC] Rose of Fire. by   _firestorrm"

March 2015 - Shopping list
Build a track that contains a certain amount of things listed in the rules. (participants: 6)
Winning Track: "MTC - Voltige by   superJu"

April Fools' Day 2015 - The NEW Shopping list
Build new tracks for a new list of items. (participants: 2)
Winning Track: NO -,- both tracks lost
April 2015 - Connect the CPs
Connect all the Checkpoints from a pre-made Base Track to build your entry. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "mtc | just close your eyes by   Kristján PT <3"

May 2015 - No Ground or Stadium!
Make a track where the player does not see the ground or the stadium itself. (participants: 14)
Winning Track: "fortified (mtc). by   Razo.'R |R4a"

June 2015 - Press ... something
Make a track that has to be finished by pressing a set of keys simultaneously without interruption. (participants: 8)
Winning Track: "[PF] Pleiades Formation - MTC by   ChadoXSimo"

July 2015 - CP bug
Make a track where the CPs and the Finish have to be taken from the side or underneath. (participants: 8)
Winning Track: "[mtc] l'affaire de l'anguille by   AR »Trian"

August 2015 - Up and Down
Make a track that alternates between jumps up and drops down. (participants: 15)
Winning Track: "MTC - KonKite by   superJu"

September 2015 - Pool Party
make a track that contains 3 water jumps in the same pool of water. (participants: 10)
Winning Track: "mtc | tears in rain by   Kristján PT <3"

October 2015 - Over-inflated Pumpkin
make a track where every block is connected to the Orange Inflatable from the base track. (participants: 9)
Winning Track: "GhostBusters [MTC] by   Zipperke"

November 2015 - Obstacles
make a track where the player has to drive on several obstacle blocks. (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "complex shores. (mtc) by   Razo.'R |R4a"

December 2015 - Save the trees !!!
Make a track that goes through the pine trees of a base track (participants: 11)
Winning Track: "mtc « Avalanche. by   simo_900"
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  Kristján PT <3
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January 2016 - Start again
Make a track where the Start block is reused by the player during the race (participants: 21)
Winning Track: "mtc - nether collapse by   Razo.'R |R4a"

February 2016 - TMN Birthday
Since it's the 10th anniversary of Trackmania Nations, the task was to build a track using only the blocks from TMN. (participants: 32)
Winning Track: "[MTC] Snorkeling Cactus Weasels by   AR »Trian"

March 2016 - Symmetry
Make a track a track with 2 symmetric routes (participants: 5)
Winning Track: "»mtc. Heavy Mental by   Crashtestdummy"

April 2016 - Same edge
Start and finish blocks have to be on the same edge of the stadium area, no matters at which altitude and rotation (participants: 12)
Winning Track: "[MTC] » Ikirouta by   AR »Trian"

May 2016 - MTC Islands
Build a track within the limits of some pre made islands on a base track (participants: 18)
Winning Track: "MTC - Don´t let me down by   shortz.esu"
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