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DTC - Duo Tracks Contest | 45000cc!
DTC - Duo Tracks Contest | 45000cc!4:40 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!


In BFB topic, Pat came up with an idea to organize a contest, where duos should make tracks and compete one against other. I really liked that idea and started to organize it... So here it is!


Like in WBM, there are three categories, the most popular track styles in TM:

o Tech/speedtech
____   °°Dino°° and   SPN'« "DTC - Symbol of Life"
____   Calum_:( and   MnM|nevermind' "DTC - Think Twice"
____   kOen.ft and   Mr. Happy "dtc - virduoso."
____   Supreme and   .nixx "DTC - Once upon a Time."
____   pascow.esu and   mr.hubby "dtc - dual engine"
____   fab'm PT <3 and   Ongrid.xT "DTC' Colorado"
____   S P I D E R and   Tarzan ">> [DTC] Dennis"

o Fullspeed
____   Didi|R4a and   eSU.shox "DTC » stoned²"
____   Speedy' and   Sturm ~µb "DTC - Mystery Motion"
____   ZoggeR and   dadm "DTC - Prophecy"
____   jstc and   Pat "DTC - Cosmic Opera"
____   AR » squiki and   'FLow.dic "DTC - silent winter."
____   Sky.esu and   Martial [bad track link]
____   Razo.'R |R4a and   Kumpelblase "[DTC]Di-Pole"
____   Mastermind and   Dule "DTC - Take 'em Down!"
____» and   GodofWar "DTC- Time Tackle~FS"
____   »Angry! and   Mungi "[DTC] »Unplugged"
____   C4 Freak and   MnM | Revii "DTC - Liberation"
____   vneck and   ~dynamic. "DTC - Whiterun"

o Dirt
____   wormi and   der-bozz.esu "DTC - Alea Iacta Est"
____   'nwt' ®ocket and   master94ga|On MX "DTC - FuS!on"
____   peteypablo7 and   makonen.nwt "[DTC] Divided but United"
____   DuM-DuM and   nwt'Sadh "DTC.AfterShock"
____   speedevolution and   dulf "DTC - DSD"


Both players shoud leave here a post which says the category he wants to participate in, and his partner's name.


o Track must be made by two builders, both builders should build approx. same sized parts. It's your choice how to divide the track into parts. Scenery and MT can be made by one person.
o Tracks by one builder or by three and more builders are not allowed.
o Blockmixing, stadium oversizing and mods are not allowed.
o Released tracks or tracks which already were in beta area are not allowed.
o Tag for the tracks is DTC, it can look any way you want: (DTC), [DTC], DTC - ...
o Minimum track length is 40 seconds.


Track should be uploaded on TMX between (and including) 1st and 31st of January 2012!
(I made the restriction of earliest upload date to avoid too many good tracks in december 2011, because CCP is running at the moment; thanks to Pat for suggestion)


At the moment there are 40000 coppers in the jackpot! If you have some extra coppers to donate, please send the donation to space41 and leave here a comment with your TM login.
Thanks for donations:

o   dan!el - 25000cc
o   eXtracT - 10000cc
o   Dule - 5000cc
o   Mastermind - 5000cc


Judging criterias are:

o Design - 15 points
o Fun factor - 15 points
o Creativity - 10 points
o Scenery - 7 points
o MT - 3 points

For every category I need 4 judges (so 12 in total). If you have enough free time in February, please send me PM. Have all judges, thanks!


Last edited 25-Nov-2012 by   dan!el
5:15 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

with   eSU.shox
5:27 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

with   Gum
5:30 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

nice to see people coming and don't forget - your partner must post here too!
5:56 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

with didi   Didi|R4a
7:08 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Nice you started it! Only thing for me to do atm is to find a nice partner
7:14 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

thx, and gogo!
7:18 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

fullspeed with dadam
7:21 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

7:29 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #

Speedtech with TimeBreaker.
7:39 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

O: [now please stop with the awesome entrys - theres no bigger "O" available]
Last edited 01-Dec-2011 by   jstc
7:45 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Dirt with   der-bozz.esu
7:46 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

good to see this organized. i lol´d hard when reading the details about the DTC tag.. "it can look any way you want to" .. remember our "nice" conversation at BFB thread?
but anyway good job
7:46 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #

Originally posted by wormi ...
Dirt with   der-bozz.esu

Dirt with   wormi
7:49 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #

fullspeed with zogger
Last edited 01-Dec-2011 by   dadm
7:50 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

holy shit o: two months of non-stop awesome tracks |:
8:15 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Tech with   »panKey.
8:17 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

alright, ill spoil it out.

Pat feat jstc
Last edited 01-Dec-2011 by   jstc
8:36 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #

Fullspeed judge!
8:38 PM 01-Dec-11 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

jstc o: and thx tribal, just one FS judge more needed
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