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TrackMania Unlimiter 1.3 - 'Infinity' coming June 2k18 [current released: 1.2]
TrackMania Unlimiter 1.3 - 'Infinity' coming June 2k18 [current released: 1.2]8:56 PM 17-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer



I'm not responsible for any track file damage or corruption made with TMUnlimiter!!

Before installation make sure that you have 2.11.26 version installed!


TMUnlimiter is a versatile tool that allows to break the limitations of the official TrackMania releases, allowing to create and drive tracks with features you have never even dreamed of. You can now put blocks in every location, including putting several blocks in one (blockmixing), expand the building space to 2048 blocks in every direction, change parameters of the car or use the parts of terraforming freely. In the newest update you're also able to rotate blocks, move them by a smaller gap than previously possible and even add custom ones! Everything is bundled with an easy-to-use configuration tool, from which you can make changes without restarting the game. Those features come together to create a package that beats the ManiaPlanet engine in simplicity and usability, yet is different enough so it doesn’t feel like an attempt to redo TM2.

Although TMUnlimiter is a huge modification to the vanilla game, it's built around the same values of gameplay the original had. This means that no matter what you'll create, everyone will have the same chance to win - no one is able to cheat. Every player who uses Unlimiter will see and play the same thing, no matter who or when.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHANGELOG:

- Added properties text into default editor interface
- Added smaller block movement/rotation steps
- Added ability to toggle block selection or helpers visibility via Tab key
- Added two new vehicle properties:
- Water bounce
- Vehicle air stability
- Added Triangles 3D function in MediaTracker.
- Added over 70 new custom blocks from ESL Competetive titlepack!
- Fixed bug with wrong checkpoint/multilap/finish trigger creation
- Fixed crash while loading editor (TMUnlimiter.ini file access issue)
- Fixed problem with wrong clip communication
- Fixed problem with not working time conditions
- Fixed bug with custom block creation when block was deep in Block category
- Fixed bug with misplaced text when TrackMania was not focused in windowed mode
- Fixed snap to ground, now block can be moved with arrow keys
- Fixed wrong paint button position in custom editor UI
- Minor fixes to TMUnlimiter.exe file
- Block connectors now is not created when block is manipulated or inversed
- Registered clips can't be displayed at start countdown anymore
- Rewrited block movement/rotation algorithm
- Changed custom block system - Custom blocks now have shared Images folder where can store textures
- Improved script system.
- Shift key locks all deafult TrackMania editor shortcuts



You can support my work by donating some money:

> > TMUnlimiter Donation < <

Every donation is appreciated!



> > TMUnlimiter Release trailer < <
> > TMUnlimiter Documentation [EN] < <

> > TMUnlimiter - Nations version download < <
> > TMUnlimiter - United version download < <

Last edited 30-May-2018 by   nod32
10:02 PM 17-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #

Christmas already?
10:52 PM 17-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Temporary afk!
Site Leader

10:57 PM 17-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

I don't really get what's new? For the stadium version I mean.
11:25 PM 17-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Temporary afk!
Site Leader

You can avoid clips for blocks for example, which is pretty cool
2:41 AM 18-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Originally posted by Sky.esu ...
You can avoid clips for blocks for example, which is pretty cool

you could already do this before with some tricks
2:44 AM 18-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

doesn't work for me tho - it crashes when i load my tracks.
11:00 AM 18-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #

nothing new for blockmixing, but it makes building faster because you dont have to change variations in trackstudio anymore
  fab'm PT <3
11:13 AM 18-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #

I tested and I still couldn't handle the variations well but I noticed the hidden blocks on coast, desert and island... It's cool but it leaves me with a small critic of this being waaaaaaaaay to late to have, it would be cool in 2009 but nowadays .... I don't think so, I don't know much of the activity in tm united but I know it's really low

as for stadium builing I liked how you can use or un-use clips it will leave more imagination to RPG builders, as for myself I don't think I will use any of these new features very often...

If an eventual update would be made my (wet)dream is to have individual terraforming as blocks including hill variations etc and we could just place dirt hills as easly as placing a block, that would be so much useful for a more clear and beautiful decoration in rpg

edit: I guess zenit was faster than me but I'll stick on what I said, it would be so cool to do that
Originally posted by zenit in tmu-x ...
Also it would be awesome if you could include all the "non single" blocks inside the list. For example a whole folder with every dirthill variation, or the ones with inflatables.
Last edited 18-Feb-2016 by   fab'm PT <3
5:51 PM 18-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

Not gonna start another thread, but am I the only one with the problem?
I open one of my PFs (Inertia, PBJ - both are 32^3) and both crash at the loading screen.
No error logs, no error messages, nothing. Any ideas?
6:08 PM 18-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Temporary afk!
Site Leader

send the map to someone else, to check if the problem relates to the map
9:11 PM 18-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

Hello, I released a quick fix which exists only on nations version

Download: THERE

Sorry for that error
10:50 PM 18-Feb-16 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

Yeah - no worries. As long as you keep providing this stuff, we're good

Great mod tho, helped me a lot building some PF stuff
9:22 PM 02-Mar-16 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

Hello , I posted informations about unlimiter 0.6: THERE
Last edited 02-Mar-2016 by   Tomek0055
10:07 PM 02-Mar-16 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Love the new incoming features, thanks for your work tomek! I'm glad that someone is updating unlimiter to the perfect mixing tool
10:10 PM 02-Mar-16 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

Now, if you manage to get multiple rotations on the block (vertically, diagonally etc) on the block, we might just start considering you to be Jesus Dalai Lama Christ.

Great work tho.
10:19 PM 02-Mar-16 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Quote ...
tbh I really don't care about >256³ - though it's epic progress - because I/we never use it in RPG, but if you manage to give access to all dirthill and pool variations inside the editor, I'll love you forever - that's kinda what evey single RPG builder has been waiting for for years

^ this would be awesome!
1:40 PM 11-Mar-16 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

Hey, when i try to run this programme, it says
Quote ...
Failed to inject TMUnlimiterProbe.dll

what can i do ? i play through Steam btw
Last edited 11-Mar-2016 by   meNtality
  AR »Trian
2:04 PM 11-Mar-16 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

there's a way to get unlimiter work with steam (at least 0.4 or whatever it is) but I never tried it, just downloaded the game without steam

also there's been a problem recently with windows 10 (at least) giving this "failed to inject" thing but running unlimiter multiple times as administrator until the message doesn't pop up works for me.

also not using a desktop shortcut but running unlimiter directly from the folder it's located in helps according to some
3:34 PM 11-Mar-16 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

can you give me a link where i can download TMNF (or TMUF) for free?
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