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ARC 2019 - General Information & Registration
ARC 2019 - General Information & Registration9:34 PM 13-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

ARC 2019


the TMX Allround Champion starts into its next edition! This tournament demands the skills of the player in six different styles. The styles are: Mini-Fullspeed, Tech, SpeedTech, Dirt, Fullspeed and RPG (~4-7 minutes)
After a two-year hiatus, TMNF will experience the return of a legendary competition, with hundreds of participants over the years. The Building Phase gained some traction and we were able to get a lot of nice maps sent in already. Now it is time to open up the registrations for the Solo Contest!

What's New?
Based on the number of participants, there will be either 4 or 5 rounds lasting 10-12 days each. After every round a number of players will have to leave the competition - those who drove the slowest times overall.

For the first time, players that leave the competition, will have an incentive to continue driving the maps of the following rounds. After Round 1, we will open a side competition, in which those can participate that did not make it to the next round. There, you will race against others that left the competition early, which will, therefore match you with players of a similar skill level. Everyone leaving the main competition can continue hunting the maps and win the side competition. With every new round, players that dropped out of the main hunt will join this side competition, making it progressively harder to claim high positions here as well.

Prizes - Call for donations
As I lost my trackmania key and cannot access my own sweet sweet coppers anymore, I would need the help of someone reliable who can host the coppers on there account and after the competition send them out to the winners. This person has been found! It is MR, thanks a lot! Therefore, please send the coppers you want to donate to his TM account mrlord_ If the competition sees more than 100 registered players, there will also be a cash prize of 35 euros divided between the Top 3 of the competition. If you want to donate money to the cash pool, please contact me via PM.

Donations received: see the 2nd post below.

The exact number and distribution of coppers and money for placement will be announced shortly before the first round starts.

Past Winners
2016 - racehans
2015 - racehans
2013 - Omnipotz/Epik
2012 - Jerem
2011 - B1ts
2010 - Dave

Now for the obvious parts, a competition like this should have rules and restrictions on participating and hunting. Just as in the last editions, I advise you to read the rules carefully to avoid any discussions caused by not reading the rules.

Since this is an open competition, every single user is allowed to enter the hunting part from this competition. The first round will be some kind of selection round where the better drivers will get the most points and where the drivers with some less skills will end up in the lower regions. Since I said, every single user, that also means that the users who've build a track for the competition can also take part in the hunt.

First round: 26th January 2019 - 10th February 2019

The Maps:
The maps will be uploaded on this account:   ARC2019. The maps will be selected with the beginning of the first round and the builders will receive a PM then whether their map got chosen or not.

Join the hunters:
I'd like to keep track of the hunters that join the competition. Therefore, I decided to let hunters post some kind of application form. I will also make a list from the participating hunters which will be updated during the competition. On that list, I'll also keep track from the users that submitted their replay pack and who didn't. For the application form, have a look:

o Username (TMX)
o Ingame name (TM-N/U-F)
o Ingame login (TM-N/U-F)
o Country

As example, mine would be:
o Sky.esu
o esu|Sky tmx (TMUF)
o stupidediasky (TMUF)
o Germany

You can register until the end of the first hunting phase by posting in this topic!

- Username: to contact you if needed
- Ingame name: to keep track of your replays
- Ingame login: to send coppers
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PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

Replay rules:
o Send me the replays via PM in a zip-file!
o Make sure to drive your replays under the account you applied with.
o Do NOT change replay names into 'speedtech', 'RPG', ...
o Make sure I can see your replay by just opening (so I don't have to open it with the editor)
o You have to submit a replay on EVERY track to get a chance on a prize.
o Missing replays will lead to a minus score of '-15' on your round score.

Cutting on speedtech, tech, fullspeed, mini fullspeed and dirt is NOT allowed. On RPG's, pathfinding is a task so if you find an alternative way, it is allowed.

In every round the 'worst' hunters will drop off from the score table. The rest qualifies for the next round. Depending on the amount of hunters, the amount of qualifiers will increase. The final round will be held with a maximum of 10 players. Below is an example from how it could look like:

- round 1: 100 players
- round 2: 60 players
- round 3: 40 players
- round 4: 20 players
- final round: 10 players

Keep in mind that this is just a raw example and it might variate if there are more/fewer hunters. Let's hope that we can reach a lot of active players this year.

Score System:
The score system will be the same as in previous editions. I didn't have any major problems with it during the other editions so I can't find a reason to change it. It worked fine so I hope it'll do fine this year as well.
Example: if 25 hunters drive, the first place gets 25 points, 2nd place gets 24, ...
When 40 hunters play, the first one gets 40 points, 2nd place 39 points, ...
The score will be defined on the first round and won't change anymore during the entire competition. So even if the final round is held with only 5 players, the first one will get 40 points if that was the case in the first round.

That's pretty much everything by now, but try to keep an eye on this topic to see if I made any major updates which will be indicated in my posts. Any posts that include information about this competition are unofficial, unless they are approved by me. So better await confirmation by me to be sure about something. Anyone is free to ask me a question about the competition. I'll be answering everything as well as possible.

Kind regards and I hope for a lot of participants.

Copper Donations (to mrlord_):
Vendetta - 4.500c
Pecorenzo - 5000c
MR - 10.000c
der-bozz 10.001c
Mentality - 15.000c
Waldfee - 20.500c

Sum: 65.001c

Monetary Donations:
50€ - aiden.Kral
35€ - Sky
25€ - Shadow

Thank you very much
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10:33 PM 13-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

don't forget to do a post on discord to get more people
10:57 PM 13-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

Yup, thanks, will follow And you don't forget to participate
11:35 PM 13-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #

o MR (TMX)
o MR. (TMUF)
o mrlord_ (TMUF)
o Germany
Last edited 13-Jan-2019 by   MR
12:18 AM 14-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

o meNtality (TMX)
o apX. meNtality|srb(TMUF)
o mentalside (TMUF)
o Russia
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5:04 AM 14-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

o aiden.KraL'
o tmX aiden.KraL'
o aidencral (first connection since 563 days )
o Germany
Last edited 14-Jan-2019 by   aiden.KraL'
9:05 AM 14-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #

o Switch (TMX)
o JFF Switch.FST (TMUF)
o lucasml (TMUF)
o France
11:27 AM 14-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

o Vendetta. (TMX)
o apX. Vendetta. (TMUF)
o dave_the_brave2 (TMUF)
o Australia
5:36 PM 14-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

o Levon(TMX)
o Levon6s (TMUF)
o mglulguf (TMUF)
o Norway
11:19 PM 14-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

o grobec (TMX)
o grobec (TMNF)
o grobec (TMNF)
o France
11:55 PM 14-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

o »RtA«wally
o wally
o -wally-
o Canada

2:42 PM 15-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

o elaus43
o elaus43 (TMNF)
o elaus43 (TMNF)
o Germany
9:35 PM 15-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

o 5upernatural (TMX)
o got | Waytah (TMUF) (name is in cyrillic)
o 5upernatural (TMUF)
o Netherlands
Last edited 16-Jan-2019 by   5upernatural
9:40 PM 15-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

sef.Paras! (TMX)
sef.Paras.idt (TMUF)
dukeraul90 (TMUF)
2:31 PM 16-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

o Snellejasper (TMX)
o »Snellejasper (TMUF)
o snellejasper (TMUF)
o The Netherlands
6:46 PM 16-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

o jumper.esu (TMX)
o esu | jumper (TMUF)
o jumper___jack (TMUF) (3x underscore)
o Germany
5:32 PM 17-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

o JoFo.
o jofo
o jofo
o Norway
1:14 AM 18-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

o The_Dope_fish
o Dope_fish (TMUF)
o the_dope_fish (TMUF)
o Israel
Last edited 19-Jan-2019 by   the_dope_fish
12:21 PM 18-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

o racehans
o racehans
o racehans
o Germany
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