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ARC 2019 - Round 4
ARC 2019 - Round 410:50 AM 10-Mar-19 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

________The fourth round of the ARC is live! ________

You can find the maps here or right below:

"ARC2019 - wormi [D]"
"ARC2019 - Dule [FS]"
"ARC2019 - adrijk [RPG]"
"ARC2019 - Sky [ST]"
"ARC2019 - Switch [MFS]"
"ARC2019 - Wally [T]"

Deadline: 23.03., 23:59 GMT

You can hunt the maps offline or online, on the official ARC 2019 server, hosted by jumper: tmtp://#join=arc_2019


I created a discord server for all the important information on the competition, join it here:

Good luck to everyone and have fun hunting!
3:38 PM 24-Mar-19 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

The results and new maps will follow next Thursday - little break until then.
  Quantum| Lewis
5:27 PM 24-Mar-19 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

OMG hype is real
1:18 PM 27-Mar-19 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

We are entering the final!
have compiled the results of round 4 and we finally know our Top 10 (that is actually a Top 11) for the last round. Super close call for the Top 10. Unfortunately, a number of people had problems with their computer this round, which led for example to Vendetta and racehans not being able to send in replays. With racehans the big favorite is leaving the tournament - opening up the field for a new winner. I am expecting close fights for the top!

Round 4 Results:

1. PLACE Mudda - 352 Points
2. Place Harry - 343 Points
3. Place Marius89 - 336 Points

Further these players made it to the next round: MR, KarjeN, Raizzen, Switch, Lewis, wally, LX and Dunste

Find the full results here:

THANK YOU to everyone sending in replays and participating.

I hope to see 11 motivated players for the last round. If that is the case, everyone can play a good role in the fight for the front places. If you don't intend to drive the final round, please let me know so that another player can replace you.
2:24 PM 27-Mar-19 : Quote : Report : #


@sky: On the overal points, you mixed up my and switch results (round 4)
2:39 PM 27-Mar-19 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

thanks for the notice!

good luck in the final
  Quantum| Lewis
9:37 PM 27-Mar-19 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

What a super close fight for top10 it has been!!
So happy to have achieved it also this year, even with a tougher field of participants

Good Luck everybody for the final round!


11:15 PM 27-Mar-19 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

Congratulations on making it into the final round for the third time in a row, next to you only Marius managed to pull that off!
4:01 PM 04-Apr-19 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

This ARC2019 competition is way too long.
In my opinion, it should have been 1 week per round and maybe, 10 days for the final.......just my thoughts
  Quantum| Lewis
7:42 PM 07-Apr-19 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

For sure it's long and it's hard to keep the motivation high, but there's no way to hunt 6 maps in 1 week...
It would mean that who has more free time goes to the following round
9:51 PM 07-Apr-19 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

Well, it would be the same to everyone, BUT!!, if they exclude RGP( because it's not driving, it's nonsense), it would be 5 maps per week, which is doable...
6:46 PM 13-Apr-19 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Seb's video:
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