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Name: Download Concrete Extacy
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Arild
Version: 26-Jun-2008
Released: 26-May-2008
TMX id: 105045
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 69,538
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunrise
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0:38.61   mimee_+ 0:00.0069,538
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0:38.77   elconn+ 0:00.1667,809
0:39.75   norlly12+ 0:01.1457,219
0:40.96   IuAdrien+ 0:02.3544,143
0:41.46   oys+ 0:02.8538,740
0:41.54   BBFoss+ 0:02.9337,875
0:41.54   JakeRay+ 0:02.9337,875
0:41.56   BBHomer+ 0:02.9537,659
0:41.63   Codie+ 0:03.0236,903
0:41.72   SL Bögel+ 0:03.1135,930
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Author Comments

Update 26.06.08
I'm really sorry! There was already one cut I disliked, but Foss found yet another, in similar style (avoiding the QP by jumping right). Those two combined were just too much, and I felt I just had to update it
- Fixed both mini-cuts
- Made a tag in the intro "Updated version"

After many, many hours of "work", here it is: my first track for TMNF

I've built this in a little different style than my previous TMU-tracks. It's still speed-tech with many slides and jumps/drops. But there are no offroads and very few road-blocks. It's concrete/platforms, and lots of them! I think I've managed to mix it up quite a bit though, so it should feel fresh with some (hopefully) new combos!

- 2257 Coppers
- 1 reuse
- Lots of crossing roads (very complex little thing, could be good online in TA?)
- Full MT
- Working CP-respawn

I really hope you'll enjoy the map, and please leave an if you do. Otherwise a comment is always nice (edit: I stand corrected)

Lastly, once a again a huge thanks to Vastapaavi for all his help and hours (I think) spent testing the track, cuthunting and giving feedback! I very much appreciate it!

Big thanks for the
- Breach
I was hoping that the GPS wouldn't be too necessary tbh. Glad it helped you though! Was a little uncertain about the "class", but if you crash 1 out of 2 that is an indication Unsure about the author as well, might've been a bit easy. Nice replay anyways, ty for posting!
- Harmony~Bros Actually both me and Vasta thought the start kinda reminded of your work I'm very happy to hear your enthusiasm, 'cause you've long been the best platformers in my eyes! Great replay also!!
- fastforza Glad you had fun
- SweSebbe It bothers me a little that it takes so much effort to feel the flow. I knew it would take a couple of runs, but not that much. I'm still very happy about your comment; live and learn. Cool that you liked other parts though, nice time also!
- Kendal Favourite mapper even Very happy to read your comment, and that you were blown away Also very glad you found the flow, got kinda scared about that one. Btw, noticed you were out stealing starts on old TMNX
- Tomdeos Cool to see that you liked the ideas and track all that much, appreciate it The MT I stole from my previous track Nice time!
- womble Haha, glad to hear it man, always nice to be of an inspiration Great time as well! Getting close up there!
- Guykes Hehe, that's what I was hoping people would think Glad you liked the platforms, and particularly that you see it as an inspiration for tech-mappers Awesome time for you as well
- matto Great award! Glad liked my finished work and ideas! I'm sure you're able to complain about something though, ty for the restriction
- Bajs You make me happy Thanks for testing my TMU tracks also, glad you liked 'em! Didn't even know if that were possible. I love your comment, so much flatter in so (fairly) little space, I really appreciate it! Very glad I'm able to inspire your great tracks as well! Haha, yeah the color of the intro is butt ugly Very nice replay also!
- SapphiroN I don't think it's just your abilities. I might've focused a bit much on complexity and concrete, thereby sacrificing some of the flow/driveability. I'm moving into my own little niche Anyway, I'm really glad you liked individual elements of the track, I really enjoy reading your comment on them! As with Bajs: yup nasty color!

User Comments
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  Arild 29-May-2008
- TimeBreaker I was asking Vasta to fix the resizing of my picture, just before I read your award Though, don't be surprised if I ask you some time in the future. Ok, now your Awesome, damn that's long, still I've read it four times already! Glad to hear that you liked the atmosphere, and ty so much for taking the time, I really appreciate it! And I love reading it! Ty for putting me in the top 3 as well I wasn't all sure about how the response would be for a track this "weird" I also very much appreciate that you've driven the track for one hour straight, that's quite the compliment. Along with your amazing award, I'm delighted Thanks again! Awesome time also, though I'm a little puzzled
- Djsisi Glad you liked the compactness of the track as well as the ideas, and most importantly that you had fun Very nice time as well!
- DerFeineHerr After our pm's a couple of days ago, and no award, I was sure that you didn't enjoy the track. So I'm even happier that you actually do, and to such an extent It's great to read this is the best track you've tested in TMNF, and what an awesome description I very much appreciate your comment!
- Razor Hmm, I really liked that combo as well. and I will demand all the credit if you steal it. I don't think a piture-link is unreasonable Glad you liked the "surroundings", as well as the track though
- Metal_Snake Awesome award!I really appreciate your kind words, and I'm very glad you found the different elements of the track, scenery, MT that appealing! Awesome to hear it's your favourite as well, along with your other compliments Thanks for taking the time!
- Codie"Masterpiece" always brings out a smile on my face So does the rest of your award! I'm very happy that you find it that good and "one of a kind"! Really great award
- SJ@TMN-ƒ Nice award! Glad you liked the track and ideas behind it
- Vitro Hehe, the awards I get Indeed you did give me your first award in TMN, though I have no problem getting your sixth either The end is very unforgiving, my appologies. Very glad yo liked the rest, and also the six months "never before seen" was quite a compliment
- NLpwf Glad you got a recommandation then, and of course that you liked the map
- ceo_tw Happy you liked the transitions and design
- maya1 Cool to hear you got wowed
- hoheb Well said
- HockVery happy you think it's a "masterpiece", and that you enjoyed the corners
- JumperJack I agree with you on that cut-thing, but so few others do Very glad you made the effort, an hour is quite the compliment regardless, and it's an wesome time you came up with!
- Zock It got a bit shorter than intended, I had a really hard time comming up with an ending, so I wouldn't push my luck Great award, glad I didn't disappoint! Very nice time already though! (edit:) Impressive now, so close!
- v000nix So am I Glad you think so well of the map, especially happy about the masterpiece-part, and that you had fun
- Xisdown Nice award
- KiWiNiNjA Love reading your award Very glad you liked the different style, and took the time to address the different parts! I always back off a little on the author: getting a bit much now, since my skills are declining. Oh, have you also seen the first awardpage, there's no way TMU-awards are better than what I've recieved here Thanks again for your detailed comment, a truly great TMN-award!
- möp Very happy to hear it's one of the best you've tested! Nice last sentence also btw
- Seychellen Tried to think out of the box, glad it payed off
- Mecas Very happy that you liked the transitions and technical elements, and that you still find and like my style in this mess
- Sebi Cool that you liked it
- Continues below -
  SapphiroN 30-May-2008
It's wierd that this track has only 16 awards. Well I keep telling about this track to my friends.
  TimeBreaker 30-May-2008
  DerFeineHerr 30-May-2008
Call some friends to see this track? good idea saph..
I will do this too. Cant stay like that.
  Metal_Snake 30-May-2008
Oh yeah me too
  Arild 31-May-2008
- Exrange Will try, nice award
- MNM Glad you liked it, and found the smoothness! Nah, it looks boring (doesn't have to though), also the tracksize becomes that much larger.
- FaHoFF Very glad you think so, nice to hear
- HardDance Hehe, happy that you found the MT that impressive, also that you enjoyed track of course Great time as well!
- CraxX Glad you enjoyed the race, also that you liked the platform-use and transfers that much
- Panter Nice to hear
- vgr Hehe, glad you think so
- Larz Happy to see my a new teammate enjoying my work, in particular that you enjoyed both the track and "surroundings"
- TStarGermany Hehe, indeed
- Maelstrom Happy to hear it
- Hubby Another awesome award from you Very happy you enjoyed both my NF-maps, and thanks for the specifics on the map also, a confidens boost right there Good time as well!
- eeeee Hehe, glad my drugs has an effect Great time again! Thanks for posting
- perz Very happy you liked my first NF map aswell, despite the lack of flow Nice to read that you enjoy the ideas behind my maps as well, and again a great time by you, ty for posting
- Sebe Very glad to hear that you think so! Very good time also, thx for the post!
- Holmen Glad you think so! Awesome time you've come up with as well!
- Foss Particularly happy you found it addictive, despite it not beeing in your style. Again an awesome time by you, I'm impressed with you BB, damn quick the lot of you!
- Balmix Very glad to hear it man, "sick fun" is what we're all looking for Very good time also, ty for posting!
- HawkGer Very happy you think so
- Gülle That's a good sentence to start off an award Happy to hear you liked the map that much, and the ideas behind it!
- .Dave. Hehe, glad you think so My award nb 100 in TMNX, divided between only 2 maps
- Showtime Glad you think so
- Zayl Cool to see that you checked out a single-map from me also. Glad you found it nice
- Oys Guess I'm becoming better as I go Glad you still had fun, despite that it's less challenging! Sick replay you posted, I thought the map already was pushed to the limit
- Per Happy to hear it
- Natzke Very glad this map is still considered original! Awesome to see that you enjoyed it enough to "add" it to your favourite tracks! I very much appreciate your choice of words in the award, thanks!
- GPS Happy to hear it! Ty for dropping by after playing it on PPO
- Tennis-Master-95 Glad you think so
- D.ani So are you


Originally posted by DerFeineHerr ...
with much luck it can work nicely

That right there is a problem for me, I don't care much for luck... Also the outro doesn't look good now.

Though Guykes now has the lead without the cut, and claiming it doesn't matter, I'm not certain. I'll leave it for now, but my mind might change

Indeed this has become the recipiant of many amazing and long awards, I love it Thanks again all!

Thanks guys, seems to be paying off

Awesome run again mr. Cheater Very cool fight!

--> Metal Snake
It did make it And the downloads certainly shows it

--> KWi: There are three reasons:
1. I promised a Nations comeback when Forever were released
2. Activety is higher here (though I will return )
3. Many older "tm-friends" hang out here, rather than TMU.
Hope you'll enjoy it
  Metal_Snake 31-May-2008
This track is finally in the bow, as it deserves has been there 2 days before..Congratz anyway
  ~KiWiNiNjA~ 31-May-2008
Uh look, one of my favourite mappers has released a track in TMNFX
Why not TMUX

Will give it a run tomorrow, cant wait
  Codie 01-Jun-2008
could have done it a lot better, this time is done after 10 min. had once -0.33 or something like that. and my end was horrible, too. gogo for 41.4/3x or even better.
  MNM 02-Jun-2008
Denne skal testes til de grader!
  iDream Nika ! 03-Jun-2008
hehe Arild
Will test it asap
Sure it's a good one again
I'm goin to beat that time
  TimeBreaker 27-Jun-2008
too bad thet rack got updated
  Arild 28-Jun-2008
Again, I'm really sorry about that! I had accepted that the map had one "cut", and I weren't going to update it. But when another one showed up, too much luck was involved. And the already existing replays were ruined anyway. Thanks for your repost though
  Codie 09-Jul-2008
not with me hock!
  BBFoss 19-Jul-2008
Your turn Codie.
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