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Name: Download POWER@de Red'Mini
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   InfernO.F® || Mnh
Version: 06-Apr-2009
Released: 06-Apr-2009
TMX id: 1102843
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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0:27.83   sulazdk+ 0:00.00-
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0:27.85   Switch+ 0:00.02-
0:27.87   Harry.esu+ 0:00.04-
0:27.88   AR »Down.+ 0:00.05-
0:27.89   GSA|dynamYte+ 0:00.06-
0:27.89   AR /wind+ 0:00.06-
0:27.95   JoFo.+ 0:00.12-
0:27.96   matza+ 0:00.13-
0:27.97   Life. Ayato+ 0:00.14-
0:27.97   One.+ 0:00.14-
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Author Comments

::POWER@de Red'Mini ::

6 apr 2009,19h05

Hey ,
Now "POWER@de ..." is a mini track (~30sec) with higt speed
This is my new Fullspeed track.
The speed is always
There are hard transitions and many smooth jumps. This one is good for wr hunt and the scenery is light (2682cc).
So enjoy your run...


~ 28secs
~ Mood : day
~ Difficulty : Expert
~ 0 Loop
~ 3 walls
~ Smoothness
~ hight speed :
~ platforms :
~ screenshot : (by my )

=MT Work=

~ Intro
~ In-game : (camchanges and GPS)
~ Outro
~ AT : 28.63

=Thanks 4 all betatesters=

- GSA|Dynamite
- Coasterking
- Syncro.~ zT
- syian5
- Alekos
- V2Vector
- Pr!n<3 ~ sF.
- Darryl
- °GØD°diplo
- Fire_Crocodile
- user_123
- Acura_RSX

Comments and replays are always welcome and if you like remember to award it .

User Comments
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  InfernO.F® || Mnh 13-Apr-2009
you have an AWESOME time matza !!!
sO now gO 27.97 & BEAT DYNA's times

THanX for 's

.36| GUELLE for your
.37| Showtime for your & great replay
.38| V2Vector for your :award great repay
.39| TBR»Stoned for your nice & your AWESOME time
.40| GSA|Cheet for your

~~ OMG !! 40 's ~~

.41| Socius for your
.42| homer for your
.43| laguna for Ur great
.44| Gubbi for "AWESOME"
.45| Darkracer "ger for Ur
.46| iMap for ur
.47| Revilo.o' for ur
.48| le-mino for ur :waward:
.49| TGYoshi for ur
.5o| 'Flowin'Dino for ur

~~ OMfuckingGod 5o 's

.51| armi111 for ur
.52| wAaxii@fl studio for ur
.53| Fowst for ur
.54| Ivica for ur
.55| Pat. for ur
.56| Luki for ur
  craxx <3 13-Apr-2009
well you should at least be happy that we uploaded a time!

how and why should we beat dyna. he is the best FS-driver in tm. now tell me how should we do that????

sry but... -.-
  Showtime 13-Apr-2009
There u go LB +3k
  » Ptitnono.F® 13-Apr-2009
CraxX is right xD. You will have a Classic thanks to every single player that uploaded a time. In your top10, I only see some incredible times, and Dyna is really unbeatable .
  matza 13-Apr-2009
almost no time is unbeatable, you usually find tricks and ways to always improve your time, it's just a matter of time

ok, the shorter the track is the less improvable your time is but you can at least try

and sure, dyna is probably the best FSdriver around here, but that's why it's fun hunting him, at least for me

EDIT: 10 minutes later: second 27
omg that start was so bad .55 at first cp
  InfernO.F® || Mnh 13-Apr-2009
yeah matza have right & U have an AWESOME time matza
thanX show +3k
  matza 14-Apr-2009
loool had a bug and hit an edge of a wall xD

but still .96
  InfernO.F® || Mnh 14-Apr-2009
  GSA|dynamYte 14-Apr-2009
not bad matza... I'm too lazy to beat it again
  matza 14-Apr-2009
yeah it's not bad, but if i hadn't touched the dirt and the wall it might have been a 8x

but ty dyna, appreciate it

i might try it again
  InfernO.F® || Mnh 15-Apr-2009

édit : CLASSIC ??!!??!!

  Acer|wells 04-Jul-2009
Classic Cg matey
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User Awards
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User Award   Socius 07-May-2009
Amazing track!

+++ Speed
+++ Hunting
+++ Flow

User Award   homer 07-May-2009
once again awesome hunting track...
User Award   laguna 28-Aug-2009
Awesome speed!!!
User Award   Gubbi 27-Oct-2009
awesome one !!
User Award   Darkracer "ger 28-Mar-2010
Nice ...
User Award   iMap // gone OFF4EVER 24-Aug-2010
User Award   MnM | Revii 19-Sep-2010
User Award   le-mino 27-Sep-2010
nice !! linp of mod pls
User Award   TGYoshi 29-Sep-2010
Lovely online hunter!
User Award   °°Dino°° 29-Sep-2010
So fast and so nice wallrides,
they are really perfect

User Award   armi111 29-Sep-2010
nice hunter!!

User Award   waxii:. 29-Sep-2010

User Award   Fowst 29-Sep-2010
Great track!
Nice speed, nice transitions and very much fun to hunt!

One of the best tracks I've seen today
User Award   iv!ca' :O 29-Sep-2010
User Award   Pat 29-Sep-2010
User Award   AR | Luki 14-Jun-2011
Amazing track

Love this kind
User Award   Kebab 22-Aug-2016
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