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Name: Download Mirage
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   spn & croco
Version: 26-Apr-2009
Released: 26-Apr-2009
TMX id: 1192154
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,252
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:51.60   crøcø+ 0:00.0013,252
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0:51.72   cranberries+ 0:00.1213,067
0:51.82   EMOR+ 0:00.2212,913
0:52.02   spn & croco+ 0:00.4212,604
0:53.19   Ryan+ 0:01.5910,801
0:54.27   ZY | Cran =)+ 0:02.679,137
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Author Comments

New boys are in the town
T3cHn0 M4nI4cs (Techno Maniacs)

So, here's finally our first, but not last track!
It's a fullspeed track with a great smoothness, if you can keep your speed.
It has some jumps a loop and a wallride.
Also a nice scenery.
But I won't tell about this track so long, just drive it and have fun.
And don't forget: "Please award it, if you like it!"

Some facts:

- Name: Mirage
- Style: Fullspeed
- Long: about 50-51sec.
- Coopers: 4031
- Loops: 2
- Walls: 4
- Mod: Sunshine


- Difficulty: There are three parts which can be a bit tricky,
so best take a look on the gps on your first run.
When you've got the right line its quite easy to finish,
but not so easy to get a really good time...


A.T. - 00:52.07
Gold - 00:56.00
Silver - 01:03.00
Bronze - 01:13.00

Firs part of track (stjepan 15 sec.)
Second part of track (croco 15 sec.)
Third part of track (stjepan 10 sec.)
Four part of track (croco 10 sec.)

We hope you will enjoy the track...
And if you like the track leave some ... and replay


User Comments
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  SPN'« 26-Apr-2009
  spn & croco 28-Apr-2009
Well, Joe.B this track is not for n00bs
Just joking
And tnx for
  Rasque 24-Jun-2009
hey guys.

very impressive track but theres a few things which drove me mad...

1. CAM CHANGES. U guys dont let me use all my skillz (airbrake needed, for instance) because u force me to use cam change AND airbrake (if I wanna a really good time). And yes...what about players using cam1? NB: always confused me when I finished the cork and I wanted to change back to cam 2, the trigger for change to default is a bit late...

2. DARKNESS. The wall after the cork (u know after jump and left curve) is very short, but thats ok (or not?...), i cant see fuckin nothin of it! On top of that, if i want to see something of it i must change the cam. The scenery doesnt let me see what comes. Or, the mood does.

These are the main problems imo and i think these one are the keys to understand why this track wont be selected for online?
Its worth to fix some problems on it and it could be a f'in good one! Really!

No replay because i cant drive with 5 fingers in same time... but authortime is soo beatable



LUCKBOOSTERS: luckboosts are really annoying but heres a perfectly used one. always 150%.
RESPAWN: a smooth fs track doesnt need to be respawnable, i think...there are tons of them. (tons of respawnable too, yes, but its not a tech..)
  spn & croco 25-Jun-2009
Thank you all for your comments,
I'm sure that this will motivate us to
make better track next time
Thanks for awards!
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   joe b 28-Apr-2009
Hey guys...
You built a very amazing track here...
but there were some things that were totally annoying... grrr...
1. This Luckbooster(s)... they are only for LOL Maps imo... not for FS tracks... stop building them
2. this edge on the wallride... I crashed there like 3 times...
3. This long drift at the end where u jump through the Cp
anyway... amazing track ere
good job
User Award   LeonHc(ex.Leon/g°) 28-Apr-2009
Well maybe too hard for me ...
I cant finish ...but anyway i saw many
nice and smooth part here...
Really expert full speeder.. its for
pro drivers not for noobs ...
But i ask my self,why you build track like this then
Some part really rocks on this map and some ideas
and trannsmision is really awsome and proffesional...
You really suprise me with this fs... keep build ful speedl duo
becouse you deffenitly got it...
And scennary is allso really nice,much better then croco map beffore
Screenie is well good
deserve guys..
User Award   Natzke 28-Apr-2009
To hard for me
...but BIG award for effort, crazy jumps and cool scenery

User Award   cranberries 29-Apr-2009
o.O cool track but too difficult ...

I'll tell what you did wrong !
you made the track work only on highest speeds possible, plus on top of that there's random and unnecessary stuff that disturbs the player too much ...
first, transitions: there's really no need of so many little jumps with the black platforms and they work only if the player gets everything right up to that point so it's really annoying to start all over again just to play same 10 sec over and over again ...
second, alternative booster: (the 100%, 150% or 200% boost), placed between two walls and no time to react to which intensity comes up, dudes, don't use this boost block, it's very random placed like this and the player has no control over it, ...
thirdly, scenery: there's allot of poles and also platform combined with houses to ride on plus some black platform that will only start an uncontrolled slide and does nothing else at all, all these are very unnecessary and just aggravates the hell out of me when they ruin a perfect run ...
forth, respawn ! respawn !! RESPAWN !!!: that should have been the main thing in mind when building a hard track, you guys have to understand that there's all sorts of different players and all with different skills, don't exclude 90% or more of the possible players that could have enjoyed so very much your wonderful track by setting up the difficulty to sky high just because you know the track and can only go fast and smooth on it, respawn is the best thing for a player to understand the track quickly, NOT GPS !!! a gps can show me the way but can't show me how to drive it, I myself have to drive through the track to understand it and learn it, so keep this in mind for the next tracks, pls ! ...
okay ...
I think that's enough, hope you don't take me the wrong way, I'm saying all this stuff in my AWARD, so it's obvious I liked the track,
so ...

thumbs up

User Award   Ryan 29-Apr-2009
Ok, I love this track! But you guys seriously annoyed the crap out of me with this one part of this track than any other track I've played. About 28 or so seconds in you have a jump, and to land that jump there is a little jump placed backwards. Now I know you can do it smoothly, but I crashed there at least 30 times before I finished the damn thing ONCE!! Other than that, great track

User Award   Rasque 24-Jun-2009
see comments
User Award   Zer0e 27-Jun-2009
I can imagine the work that went into this track.
Playing the track is too difficult for me, but not due to player skill
My computer is too weak to play even on the lowest settings for this one
If it weren't for the GPS, would never had seen it, therefore it
Maybe if it wasn't on the night mood, I might have had more then 10 FPS

Only thing I can recommend, is a track like this, put in on Day
Less demanding on the video card
Not all have great comps
User Award   stalker3334 03-Dec-2009
looks beautiful in gps,but theres not enough signs for me.the red and yellow are best,the signs [default] u used are hard to see,u have to look to c laggy for me to even attempt a run...but driving in gps is good,so im awarding for this...
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