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Name: Download DeFacer of Speed
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Ducky.
Version: 18-May-2009
Released: 18-May-2009
TMX id: 1256434
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 7,947
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:43.71   Ducky.+ 0:00.067,881
0:44.03   GSA|Concept+ 0:00.387,531
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Author Comments

Hi ,
i present you a very special track this time: a tribute track.
It is my first tributetrack at all, I hope you like it
The track is for DeFacer.

Why DeFacer ?
In my opinion Defacer is absolutly the best Fullspeed-Mapper, I think about tracks like Smooth Life, In the heart of the night, boiling engines [...]
His tracks are so awesome because they are simple but difficult, they are perfect for recordhunting, they have simple scenery(enough imo), they are built after a clear concept so that you dont have to "learn" the track; to cut a long story short: I'm addicted to his style and his maps

I hope my tribute is good enough for this great mapper
I've done my best to built a track in the Defacer-Style, i hope you can figure that out

There is also a video to this track!
Watch !t

In this case big thanks to KwyksChris, who made this very very nice video!!!!

'bout the track
-44 sec
-Speed >400
-Flow ( i hope it has )
-No mixblocks
-Simple scenery
-Platfrom & Road
-Re-Used parts

Intro: Only simple text effects, but i like it
InGame: Gps
End: Nope

My own work. I'm not sure what i should think about it: I asked many people, 50/50
I thought about changing it, but then I decided to take this one; my first ideas.
some GSA-m8's

I hope you, especially Defacer, like the track.
Any kind of feedback would be very n!ce


User Comments
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  Ducky. 18-May-2009
Thank you

zT|DeFacer...what a great award(i think the longest i received ever^^)
im so happy that you like the track and that you can identify it with some of your tracks
Ps: your new track is great!
  uetzer|R4a 18-May-2009
2 things

1. bad time for upload
2. pls make the Author comment only italic and not big ...looks nooby
maybe a few words like "tribute or video" can be big


will drive it tomorrow
  Ducky. 18-May-2009
Thank you for the nice tips
I'll do remember them for my next map
  uetzer|R4a 18-May-2009
you can edit that
over the screenshot are the options!
  Ducky. 18-May-2009
i know, but im too lazy
maybe tomorrow
  SynCro. 19-May-2009
I would send a pm to defacer.....or he will prob never find this track
  Ducky. 19-May-2009
i've done that already
  Fytrim. 19-May-2009
defacer combined with ganjarider...
  Ducky. 19-May-2009
what do you mean?
that they use the same account?
  m4nsge 19-May-2009
hi ducky. i drived sth like a beta-version on ur trockendock-server and maybe u remember that i told u to change sth with that last loop.
Its a pitty that it still stays the same.
apart from that shitty lucky loop u crash into when ure too fast, this map really rocks-da-speed.

Nice flow and challenge aside from the end.

God map, but no award

PS: keep on tracking this way, like it very well...
  Cheater | own ManiaLink! 28-May-2009
One question: Does defacer know something about that track?
  Ducky. 28-May-2009
he told me he would test it soon.
  DeFacer 28-May-2009
.5x is definitelly possible here
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 15 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award 18-May-2009
Fantastic FS!
One of the best I have played in TMNF!
User Award   acura_rsx 18-May-2009

brilliant one
User Award   GSA|Foxi 18-May-2009
Great Work
Great Speed
Great Idea´s

User Award   Chris <3 18-May-2009
Awsome map
maybe i get a bit luck and will wrive a nice time
pecahce chris
User Award   mukko 18-May-2009
nice track;)
User Award   xxxbot 19-May-2009
super fullspeed
User Award   ZapZap 19-May-2009
very fast track you made here
also very smooth
so why not give an award

User Award   ZoggeR 19-May-2009
Smooth, fun and rly entertaining
Great track
User Award   GSA|Concept 19-May-2009
Nice track, but m4nsge is right the last loop could be better, anyway
User Award   Hitchy 23-May-2009
one of the best fullspeeders in tmnfx
really really underrated
User Award   Xav | New beta | Vacation 24-May-2009
Awesome speed
Keep on building.
User Award   amnesia | asylum 25-May-2009
Awesome track
Great FS
Great dedication
User Award   vladish.F® 28-May-2009
excellent track dude
all is ok
good job
User Award   Cheater | own ManiaLink! 28-May-2009
Very nice map here!
Nice flow and speed. Also some nice wallies and loops. Just the last is maybe a bit too hard
And yes, it's really underrated
So I hope you get more of these

User Award   DeFacer 28-May-2009
Whada dedicaton my friend

First of all sry for l8 .. I was kinda bussy last days that's the reason. Anyways what a track ! The name is greatly chosen, I was very surprised how cool it really is. Well to the track: intro looks very nice, text effects seemed great to me. Then starts the race ! I can see that you have been inspirated from "Boiling engines" at the beginning .. it's gr8 warm up .. you catch the flow and here we go ! After smooth transition to the road comes big curve and another transition to the loop this time. Everytin' is under control without bugz and speed is gradually rising from second to another. After loop is there lovely wallride which is very important @ hunting 'cause you can win or loose a lot of time there ^^ then comes another smooth transition to the platform and another loop with even better flow than the first one. After this finally comes my favourite part with reverse-loop and really challenging curve to the right ! When you're too far from the curve you just fly away xD I love that idea, it's very challenging. Right after we can see genious calculated wallride with kick-assing speed ! That's the best part of the track imo 'cause flow starts to be insane there like in my last track "Fascination". Afterwards comes finally finish line with magnificently smooth jump to the loop ! (I remember using these long jumps to the loops or another jumps in my tmn tracks too ^^) Then just lovely ending or masterpiece track jike it should have been.

I really wanna thank you for this dedication to me buddy. You made my day, trust me


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