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Name: Download A r g r e n y
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Alekos+IsDiableeto+Muffin
Version: 23-May-2009
Released: 22-May-2009
TMX id: 1293756
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 20,107
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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Author Comments


...A month ago IsDiableeto asked Muffin to make a duo...Muffin had the idea to make a trio, so the two asked Alekos...They started building...Muffin began with a transitional part...Afterwards IsDiableeto continued building with a fast and smooth part...Last part to build is Alekos' part...he continued IsDiableeto's speedy part...The route was done...They recognized that it was great...The next step was the scenery...First each of them wanted to build scenery and the best will be taken...But Muffin accomplished his part as first...It was so stunning that the other two just said "WOW, we take this one"... The scenery was done...They recognized that it was great...The last step was the MT...This part was mastered by IsDiableeto...He made the stunning Intro, In-Game and Outro...The MT was done...They recognized that it was great...Now, that the track was done they needed a name...After a while the three mixed the letters of their contries into one word...Ar for Argentinia...Gre for Greece...Ny for Germany... All together this is Argreny...The name was found...They recognized that it was great...

And now this pretty long text for those who are to lazy for reading
First part: Muffin
Second part: IsDiableeto
Third part: Alekos
Scenery: Muffin
MT: IsDiableeto
Screen: IsDiableeto Big

Another details:
Mode: Sunrise
Coppers: 2386
Lenght: ~ 42 secs
A.T.: 41.78 ^^
P.B.: 41.64

Finally we hope that you'll enjoy our track. Please leave a replay, a comment or an award

Cut deleted

Alekos IsDiableeto Muffin

User Comments
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  Alekos+IsDiableeto+Muffin 22-May-2009
Thanks for awarding:

» Dutchy
» Chazu
» Jago
» diplO
» G-Force
» Lia
- Thx for you big award !
» KwyksChris
» Egus

  Dutchy! 22-May-2009
  Bajs 22-May-2009
  Cheater | own ManiaLink! 22-May-2009
looks good that map, I will try this when I'm home again
  Chris <3 22-May-2009
will make a replay after update map
  isdiableeto 22-May-2009
  Bajs 24-May-2009
You didn't fix the cut nabs.
  Lia - OFF tracks 25-May-2009
  Alekos 01-Jun-2009
Is this the story of ur life or not?
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User Awards
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User Award   Dutchy! 22-May-2009
Ok Guys Constructive feedback for everyone

MT-Work'Quite nice, But the ingame MT really kills it
I don't want text when im playing the track
Scenery Good nothing to say

Muffin's Part: The drop's nice and the first slide is also cool
but the platform drop to road Is not so nice, if you have to much speed you can bump
Isdiableeto's Part: Is cool:P, but right after muffin's part The platform to dirt drop is abit slow, and doens't brought me the action i wanted
Alekos Part The best from all , though it's very short, but some cool idea's at his part so good job
Overall a good tech, but the somteimes slow lame jumps and drops where bringing the action to a low level,

But overall nice job Guys

User Award   Chazu 22-May-2009
Suppah track you made here guys
Only 1 thing;
User Award   Jago 22-May-2009
Great track guys! Keep up the good work!
User Award   diplo|mp 22-May-2009
awesome trio
some good slide
some good jump
and the flow is really nice
good job
User Award   !kaOs.' 22-May-2009
Very nice track
Great intro, nice slides and very good flow
User Award   Lia - OFF tracks 22-May-2009
hey there u guys , great track u made here just superamazing ! when i saw this track i thought of a super wow effect
and guess what it is a great wow effect my first look @ this masterpiece whas abnormal so i opend this track
and i c this amazing screen from diableeto great work u 3 guys are big friends of me and u already know that i love all ur tracks
now lets start with the real award !
MT work
WOW diableeto just freaking amazing intro ! just the wow effect comes back i watched this! and the 3 cars that are soo cool !
very nice work wow wow wow effeeeeeeect the super drops in the intro and the amazing jumps!
this intro is much better then all my intros togheter
just freaking amazing! diableeto i love ur intro
then the ingame good work again super gps sign and a nice usage of colours
and again these blue bars to show who made what ! just cool and superb
omg i have much to say about this one! just supertrack deffinatly underrated
only 5 awards for this super award what a shame! but lets talk about it first of all this start and watched the gps and a very smooth drop to the gps thats also a very nice part to start the gps i watched the gps and then drived the track
u go forword then down then 3 obstacles then a super smoooooooooooooooooth drop to a perfect slide and a perfect calculated dirt part with an amazing superb slide to the platforms and a good drop to the next jump very nice work muffin with ur part!
then diableetos part comes after the smooth muffin drop xD a good jump to a very slippery slide platfrom part with a good drop to the dirt chekpoint what i like then a good transition with an amazing slide! to a platfrom part again and again the same jump so thats diableetos part
very stunning part !!
then comes alekos a very hard slide to a mini dirt part and then a good slide to the transitional wallride that comes back on the road like on my track feel the vibe xD after that superb slide you come on the pretty long dirt part under a drop xD to an awsome slide again and then its the end of this amazing M.A.S.T.E.R.P.I.E.C.E
just superb i think i fall in love with this road in overall mood very nice dirt , slides , drops , transitions
good work u guys
have a word with u guys muffin hey there muffin , ur my friend and an awsome builder! i like the very smooth drop and ur amazing slides to the platform part and
O.M.G THAT SCENERY simply a f*cking masterpiece u build of the wonderfull track! really fits with the amazing track that i love the good usage of road , dirt even castles so i just luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv ur scenery
2. to diableeto hey diableeto with ur newest track i whas amazed of the MT work and now this? u really impressed me with ur mt work
a good and simple intro what i just love to make so whe both like making intros xD best intro ever m8 , ur also a very good driver as i c in the gps !
you give me sunrise and i'm amazed keep it up
3. alekos hey dude! u dont know me that good , but ur also a very good builder that syian told me i like ur part in the wonderfull track so i give u my big respect! keep building m8

well guys this must be the biggest award ive ever bin given i hope that i can c more of you guys ! and you of me
so i l ve u guys
keep it up!

... lia

User Award   Chris <3 22-May-2009
Nice map!
User Award   egus 23-May-2009
User Award   Bubble 23-May-2009
Great Track
User Award   gimpy 23-May-2009
What an amazing track!!..
A masterpiece of slide, jumps, flows, senery and dirt..
I have to say that i love the dirt when is open like on this track, better then grass!!..

Just fanstastic track!!..
User Award   Raw <3 25-May-2009
yoo! the track is Great,
Really nice calculated and nice flow, 4 sho

User Award   laguna 26-May-2009
Awesome track!!
User Award   nitro.~uT' 03-Jul-2009
really nice you 3
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