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Name: Download A New Religion !
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Dutchy!
Version: 09-Aug-2009
Released: 26-Jul-2009
TMX id: 1548569
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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Author Comments

You’re explorer in Dirty Dreams-‘Dutchy~!


Hello Maniacs , I welcome You to my new Religion,Dirt~!
After my latest dirttrack I was kinda disappointed, I just knew I could make , something easier ,something smoother ,Faster, More Challenging, and most of all Something better!

The Story

I started this track while I was building my first DirtTrack, after the release of that one I continued Building this one, I think it has cost me approximately 10 HOurs to build what I have now,
Building, checking, Rebuilding, that’s the Story of this track, after TB’s Critical Comment on my last DirtTrack, I wanted to Prove, that I can make a map he, and the rest likes, and I think I did a better job than my last dirt, that’s for sure , I Hope you have fun in Dirt again TB, Sorry for my other track, I hope I can let you enjoy dirt Again

The Track

Well like I already said, it took me a lot of time before this map was Finished,
Although once again I enjoyed building it a lot!, Thanks to Matto I found the fun back in this game, Once again Thanks Matto, , But back to the map, this time I wanted to make a fresh new start with Dirt, I wanted to create an Track Wich is easy to finish, but without losing the hunting feel, it has a good variability of ‘’Slide’s. Variable Drops+jumps, and I think I succeeded? , it’s a 1 Minute long Dirtyy Adventure, With a Delicious Scenery, as I may say so?
Mostly when I play my maps a long time they get bOring for me, this map didn’t gOt Me Bored so far, what I would say with that?, imo im most proud of/imo this is my best map I have made so far


Track InforMatiOn

Style: Dirt

Name: A New Religion

Scenery: Yep, and a good one , with 3118 Coppers,
I tried to create a nice relaxing Atmosphere, with different cOlorish Infaltable’s wich fit in good imO
I think I spended 2 hours on the Scenery . I wanted everything tO be Perfect!

mood: Day, I also tried Morning, but for me day looks much better, With this Scenery

MediaTracker: Yes, Made by AidenCral, and it is Exactly how I wanted it to look like, don’t skip the Intro Please, it has a Message, Please don’t skip , Thanks a lot for this Intro Aiden, you’re one heck of a MasterMind when it comes to The MediaTracker well done!

AuthorTime:, Yes and for the first time i did my best to make a good one, although i'm Not a Skilled Driver
Beat my Time: 55.85, Go Go Hunt It


* Matto
*Mono xD or xP?


For this track i had setted up a screencompo With alot of Participants


It was a really really really hard decision, but this is the top 3, Congratulations, and thanks everyone for participating!


Big Version!

2: Brenni
Small Version

3: Mono

Big Version!

As ReQuested by Etidu

Outlaw by   Kakashi

So that's all Folks, Every replay+Award is Much Apreciated
Every kind of Feedback is much appreciated To~!

Regards, Dutchy!

User Comments
Showing 39 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Dutchy! 28-Jul-2009
  ZoggeR 28-Jul-2009
I have found a cut, but I don't know if it brings anything...
  Dutchy! 28-Jul-2009
If it's not faster don't show
  Kakashi 29-Jul-2009
laggy comp, tired, I don't like dirt .... so bad replay, sry
  Dutchy! 29-Jul-2009
Lol you don't like dirt. and still an award

humzzz... Funny
  Kakashi 29-Jul-2009
héhé i don't like to DRIVE on dirt i mean ^^ but i like dirt maps
  ZoggeR 29-Jul-2009
The AuthorTime is somehow sick
  Dutchy! 29-Jul-2009
Hmm well didnt cost me alot of time,
first had.48 but somehow that time was gone
  ZoggeR 29-Jul-2009
Then try it again and upload it^^
  Dutchy! 30-Jul-2009
lol are you sick
  eXtracT 30-Jul-2009
aiden, very well done on MT, i love what you did with it
  Dutchy! 30-Jul-2009
Gratz For Aiden

Will Work on Thankslist, Later on
  »n4meless|Less active. 30-Jul-2009
See Dutchy,you got all teh atteion..
I just got lame 40dls-.-
  Dutchy! 30-Jul-2009
that's very less, :
Well i got 218 dl's now

  Kakashi 31-Jul-2009
yay the showcase brings 2 new DLs

edit : 3 new DL's and 2 awards
  Dutchy! 31-Jul-2009
uhmm no?

Sol666 Found a Cut, so had to re-Upload it

So Sorry for all the Broken times
  sol666 01-Aug-2009
mmmh, sorry to inform you that the first cut is still there (very hard though) and i found a second, even bigger one. 54:27 with only the second cut... check your pm!
  TimeBreaker 02-Aug-2009
He'll be back on 7th
  Dutchy! 09-Aug-2009
Oh My..

Tafkaeb found 2 other cuts, What The Heck, next dirt i will ask him to cuthunt
My AT's bad now, the ct's are all fixed i hope

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User Awards
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User Award   'ATR' Jamz 12-Mar-2010

Love this track, what a great flow it has, near perfect!!!

Deserves every award it gets

User Award   master94ga|On MX 20-Mar-2010
Nice track!

By Master
User Award   THE-MadTom 27-Apr-2010
I like the smooth tracks, and this is one - no better feeling when you manage to finish a round without going down from the gas pedal (key) even once. And this can be done on this track!!!
User Award   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb 02-May-2010
Sorry for a shorty, great flow and transitions on this one

User Award   peteypablo7 03-Feb-2013
meh, can't seem to know why I forgot to award this track o_O guess that it slipped through my attention when you released it. however, I'm stumbling on it now and decided to give it a go I even managed to get the top 10 some closer by adding a replay really neat track with great turns, nice drops and a great overall feeling
User Award   Sky.esu 16-Oct-2014
one of my favorite dirttracks
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