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Name: Download End of the Earth
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Zipperke
Version: 26-Aug-2009
Released: 26-Aug-2009
TMX id: 1668160
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:31.52   Dubby+ 0:00.07-
0:31.55   AR »Mudda+ 0:00.10-
0:31.56   Jay^.ps+ 0:00.11-
0:31.62   chrisor.+ 0:00.17-
0:31.64   Dule+ 0:00.19-
0:31.65   AR »dejf+ 0:00.20-
0:31.73   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.28-
0:31.73   Harry.esu+ 0:00.28-
0:31.76   3DMAX! Ankh <3+ 0:00.31-
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Author Comments


Today I present my most advanced fullspeed track

I created an intro like you've never seen before.
I made this with the help from TstarGermany's picture to text convertor.
very handy application because you don't have files that need to be loaded.
Its a little moving animation about a comet that's about to destroy the earth.
what if we cannot stop it?

Check it out

I Also used this for the ingame MT work

An Iphone appears with funny textmessages and quotes during the gps.
if you want to try this too...
go to

About the track:

This time I tried to build an original fs track.
It's kinda like RPG styled fullspeed
Smooth, fast and fun
Lots of transitions over water because after the earth exploded all that's left is an damaged stadium with a big crater
I just love the little sissing sound every time you jump over the water

more info:
PF to GpS
Not to hard
Not to long
Water blockmixed so you jump over water instead of the normal transitions between tarmac and dirt
Outro: made by Emil and me
Mood: at night

coppers: 4091
speed: up to 580

Music: I heard this song: Slyder - score for the first time in GTA3

here's the video on youtube made by takashi


these guys deserve all the credits for the great screenies i use for this track

Bigger one




Lia aka heartless




text + black bars:
text + no black bars:
no text:
many thanks go out to them

It was hard for me to take one winner
so I didn't take one
The screens from Lia and rewiind where epic
they both deserve to win in my opinion
2nd giligoop awsome screen, to bad the cutout didn't worked out as planned
3th Ripke: he was the one who first posted the screen with an explosion

So have fun, like I had lots of fun building and testing it

many thanks go out to all the betatesters:

Enai Siaion
GSA|Ducky !mW

track showcase for rewiiind because he won the screencompo

NFS: Underground by   rewiind

great job man

track showcase for lia aka heartless his fabulous fullspeed track..
Unbroken by   Lia - OFF tracks

great job with the screen

also check this underrated track from giligoop

Face the enemy by   giligoop

Many thanks to every single one that awarded or downloaded my track
1000+ dl 100
nr1 botw nr 1 botm, nr 32 boat

User Comments
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  brenni 05-Sep-2009
how could this track get over 80 awards ?
well, i really like the whole idea, but this track ain't that good as many of awarder's said ..
  Zipperke 05-Sep-2009
that's just the thing
if this track would only have 5 awards you would have award it
it's the "overrated" curse
fact is, i spend over 15 hours in mediatracker figuring out the image to text convertor wich scale was the best for the idea with the planets i had.
the Iphone idea.. ever seen something like this in trackmania?
I spend hours blockmixing (over 100 blockmixes)
and you simply don't award because for your opinion there are enough awards already.
i'm not bitter, i just don't like the fact now this track has more then 80 awards people come wining because they think it's overrated.
I worked hard enough for this
  Joost»LT 06-Sep-2009
Well the originallity of the concept and such...
I didn't really feel that concept

ofcourse the text thing is very well done, and I can see it took you a great deal of time, but it only gets me wondering why you didn't use the pictures themselfs...
(and bandwith limit and such is not an arguement in my book, dropbox [fileden, but no bandwith crap] is easy to use, fast and reliable)

I do like this text converter though and I think this could be very usefull too, but it's not something I award a track for

And talking about the award curse, well yes it is there, ofcourse it is
But I think it's a really good thing...

when a track has a big amount of (very positive) awards people read those before playing...
and they then have a high expectation of this track...
if it is still surprises them, it's is really a good track... worth of the extra award you can give too it...

but in this case the track didn't meet my expectations... and therefore I wrote that small comment

so I think this award curse is something good and that it also makes sure that popular authors always try to hit a better quality

Because, let's face it;
critic is an energy impulse that motivates you to do better next time

No harsh feelings and ofcourse this is just my opinion
  sj@tmn 06-Sep-2009
Oh so you made over 100 blockmixes? That's a lot ^^ I recall that tstar's RPG track had over 1600.

Well yes, I saw the iPhone-idea a lot, Crusard was the first. pda or iPhone? What's the difference.

I wouldn't award this track even if it had 0 awards. I don't award effort/time; I award tracks.
  Etidu 09-Sep-2009
Sj, that's exactly what I wanted to say for CJS'story track ^^
  rewiind 03-Oct-2009
congratz on 100 !
  Zipperke 03-Oct-2009
Thnk all you guys so much
This a big surprise for me too
When i released it, I hoped I would get in botw with 25 awards or so
never expected this
  Pat 25-Nov-2009
awesome intro and awesome blockmixing
  janwerk 19-Feb-2010
Very nice Track!

Very smoothy!

Nice Intro!

5/5 *
  GeNe007 03-Aug-2010
Faster is possible for sure like matza said... didnt drove the end very well hope u guys like it.
  Zipperke 03-Aug-2010
amazing time great skills dude
  GeNe007 03-Aug-2010
thnx Zipperke
  AR »Ghost. 05-Jun-2011
.82 also a fail end LOL
  chrisor. 29-Dec-2016
great time raven, now i`m satisfied
  Ravenwest 29-Dec-2016
thanks mate but you know mudda has no limits
  xeqzion 29-Dec-2016
Daamn Raven, you got it Sick time!
  Jay^.ps 25-Mar-2017
failed some .4x's
  Ravenwest 03-Apr-2017
you're the best then
  chrisor. 11-May-2017
hell yeah, great time again raven
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User Award   Sky.esu 15-Jan-2020
User Award   Dule 28-May-2020
Mfw played this on the release day but somehow didn't award... A map ahead of its time and still challenging as hell to get a nice time!

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