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Name: Download Black Order II
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Fytrim.
Version: 30-Aug-2009
TMX id: 1707849
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 56,174
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
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0:39.67   matza+ 0:00.2554,036
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Author Comments

For Darknoob

Black Order II - 30.08.2009


Hello people from this tracking community! today I present to you:

The second version of the order that's black

It's sunday evening here in Holland and I want to tell you that I worked really hard to get it uploaded by now. This track is a fullspeeder with a speed that can come over the 600 km/h, a smoothness wich makes you go like wow everytime you drive it and a flow where I could only dream of building!

I've got to say this track is not alloud for noobs or any kind of people who can not handle highspeed curves, tight wallrides and slippy offroads. To make you even more exciting this is a track you need to learn. Don't know of some of you still have vacation? it's over now. this isn't a track that can be played by the first time, not the second time and maybe not even the third time! Don't be awared of the first jump and upfollowing platform curve if you take it right the rest of the track will be smooth for sure!. So, find your way to take this track and it will be good for sure!

About the lay-out, it has a great variation between right and left curves, an open loop, flowing wallrides, smooth jumps and drops and a finish jump! Further you wil drive on road, dirt and platform! This fullspeeder is my most compact fullspeeder ever, it has many crossovers in height and the loop is going true the big platform. For me it looks amazing, I did my best on the scenery and I think I succeeded. When starting I wanted to make a light scenery.! it is also quite light but it still has around 5000 coppers, I hope it's not a problem for you guys!

If you can't play it because of the mood you can give me a pm, I will give you the password so that you can change the mood!


Intro - A short intro with some nice angles, Fx and text effects
In-game - Bumpercams and gps.
Outro - A regular good outro

Name - Black Order!
Style - Fullspeed!
Coppers - ~5600!
Length - ~40 sec.
Authortime - 40.23!
Mood - Evening!

About darknoob. this is not a tribute. this is just a little dedication for my Israelian friend because he really deserves it! He's a great trackbuilder who is however underrated. So i'm asking you, don't let his track slip away, test them award them and love him like I do. Thank you.

Matto - You helped me a lot on this one and you've been such a great betatester and screenmaker.
NLpwf - Once again your help was really appreciated!
Mimo - Always testing my tracks with great feedback afterwards.
BLiNNeMaNS - For the music!

Like already mentioned it's made by matto and it's a real beauty



Good luck and have fun!


User Comments
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  Fytrim. 02-Sep-2009
The Trailer of Black Order 2.
  matza 02-Sep-2009
you forgot me in the thankslist : s
  Fytrim. 02-Sep-2009
i'm sorry. now your in
  GSA|dynamYte 03-Sep-2009
naah .5x is possible for sure, maybe even .4x
will retry it tonight
  Fytrim. 03-Sep-2009
your time is sick already but .4x would be stunning!
  GSA|dynamYte 03-Sep-2009
with a perfect run .4x is definitely possible, but I have no inspiration driving it again
  El Cid.esu 04-Sep-2009
rofl kendal XD
  ZoggeR 04-Sep-2009
He stole my idea with the pics
  uetzer|R4a 05-Sep-2009

and I thought I have a good run
  GSA|dynamYte 06-Sep-2009
well, then you thought wrong
  uetzer|R4a 06-Sep-2009
for sure
  El Cid.esu 07-Sep-2009
@TmG ~ necro : i think a track with more than 40 award is wrong to say its underrated, but i agree could deserve even more.
  Fytrim. 08-Sep-2009
No the track is not underrated. This amount of awards is ok for me. There are better tracks that have less and also a lot worse tracks that have more.

Like I said. I'm okay with this.!
  Dutchy! 09-Sep-2009
  malowitz 26-Sep-2009
duality is a nice song, but there are better ones from slipknot
  Fytrim. 26-Sep-2009
  Ravenwest 14-Apr-2018
nice ar rules bro
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User Awards
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User Award   Lia - OFF tracks 03-Sep-2009
well it deserves my award ,because its much better then mine
User Award   chuckn0rris 03-Sep-2009
Mindblowing Fullspeeder!

User Award   Cheater | own ManiaLink! 03-Sep-2009
Awesome map!
Fun to drive, good flow, nice MT!
Very deserved

User Award   El Cid.esu 04-Sep-2009
Great work.
Flow + Transitions
User Award   Vector.- 04-Sep-2009
very good work dude.... 4 Sure!
User Award   Etidu 05-Sep-2009
Very nice to drive again a FS track with smooth drops and jumps, I think it's the first time I see a drop from dirt hill to road like that
The intro is really great, also the first wall is perfectly bult. The scenery looks overworked though (imo).
User Award   Wally 06-Sep-2009
Very nice , I loves the curves and all Nice job
User Award   W!cked 07-Sep-2009
48 awards?... far too little this map is clearly underrated

superb , dude

smooth and speedy fullspeeder, nice mt and awesome music ( )


... necro
User Award   TimeBreaker 10-Sep-2009
Without being too addicted by this track.. I think that this is pretty much the best that you can get from a fullspeed track nowadays. It was smooth, flowed very well, had nice but easy transitions and is online-friendly (regarding the difficulty, not the coppers). The scenery looks fabulous. The intro is very clean, like I love it. The screenshot is really cool and unique. the ingame MT is nice and the outro was also really nice with some cool cameras. I must keep it short and maybe a year ago I woul've thrown out an 8k character award but it's not the time for this and I'm pretty much done with fullspeed so you must live with this. It's probably one of the very best nowadays, just to point that out again.

User Award   »Osamo'.F® 18-Oct-2009
Awesome, wonderful, perfect.....
User Award   Zenit 17-Feb-2010

awesome =)
User Award   janne618 29-Jul-2010
User Award   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb 18-Sep-2010
This track is totally mindblowing and I only find it now Shame on me for not discovering it before. Awesome track with cool jumps'n'drops. Also scenery and MT are top class

User Award   Pat 11-Feb-2011
Ah, totally forgot the award here. Just an epic track. The scenery looks amazing and the mt work is also really nice. The track itself is really flowy and full of nice ideas.
Click (:

User Award   vneck 21-Apr-2011
User Award   Ravenwest 04-Nov-2016
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