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Name: Download [RPG] Ex Gehenna 2
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Enai Siaion
Version: 31-Aug-2009
TMX id: 1708242
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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5:37.79   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.00-
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5:46.47   Xerox.+ 0:08.68-
6:14.34   oiram456+ 0:36.55-
6:29.48   Kilburn+ 0:51.69-
6:46.93   mt17+ 1:09.14-
6:59.35   >Dawe+ 1:21.56-
6:59.42   Realized2+ 1:21.63-
7:01.63   elgster+ 1:23.84-
7:04.42   Voyager006+ 1:26.63-
7:09.41   ChevyImpala1967+ 1:31.62-
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Author Comments

22/11/2010 Partial solution
Put it into Documents/TrackMania/Skins/Stadium/Mod/ (do not unzip it! Just put it there as a zip file)

11/11/2010 Disaster struck!

TMMOD disappeared off the internet and it took the DrakKar mod used in this track with it! One of the TMMOD owners quit and the site may never come back up.

This is devastating, unless I manage to find a copy of the mod and put up a download mirror. If anyone has it, please tell me!


[RPG] Ex Gehenna 2

Half RPG, half story track, this is the result of many hours of work. It is set in an alternate hellish world where you get to find the spirits of those you killed and set them free.

The difficulty should be easy for RPG veterans, much trickier for newbies, but there are no frustrating obstacles that may have put you off playing traditional RPG tracks.


It seems my fileden account is down for a while. So use the media pack or nothing will happen!

08/09/2009 MEDIA PACK
Use. The. Media pack!! My Fileden bandwidth is running out. Leave the ingame downloads for people who play this track on a server!

01/09/2009 NOTICE
A few sounds have been disabled on Fileden because at the current rate my Fileden account will run out of bandwidth in 6 days. This will extend it to 7.
For god's sake, USE THE MEDIA PACK!

31/08/2009 MAJOR UPDATE
The irritating cutscenes have been removed and are now simple messages from the spirits while you're driving. This should make it a lot less annoying to complete the track.


Graphics settings

Using shader model PC3 is highly recommended to enable the advanced graphical effects: 3D distance fog, blur and fade effects for a hellish look.

Also enable 'postprocess FX' in the launcher, but also disable 'force bloom FX', 'force colour FX' and 'force blur FX' or else it will override the track settings.

Of course, the track will also work in lower settings, but it will not look as pretty...


Author's time: 9:23.92
Over a minute and a half gained over the old time with cutscenes.

Good luck!


List of CPs

- On the rooftop across from the first jump into daylight.
- Almost directly above this one on a higher rooftop.
- Just after the 'fire escape ladder' ride (the broken blue ledges).
- On the first long section of broken road.
- At the end of said section, just in front of the bridge.
- At the other side of the bridge.
- Across the next jump, just before the first 'follow-the-car' section.
- Between said section and the stairwell climb.
- On the second section of broken road after the stairwell climb.
- About 10 seconds before the second 'follow-the-car' section.
- About 5 seconds before the second 'follow-the-car' section.
(Yes, two CPs right after each other)
- One turn before you go across the bridge in reverse.
- Before the 'Shrine to Denise'.
- On the second floor of said shrine, before the power station part.
- On the roof of the Dark King's manor, just before the deep drop.
- At the bottom of said deep drop.
- In a room halfway through the underground section.
- In the penultimate room, when the blue effect goes away.
(The entire temple section has no CPs)
- At the start of the long tunnel towards the light.

User Comments
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  Xerox. 06-Feb-2018
GPS: 5:48.64 by Wirtual.
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User Awards
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User Award   TheWestend 13-Jan-2018
Brilliant track. This is what RPG is about!
User Award   Rioyter 07-Jun-2019
This intro oh god
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