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Name: Download [RPG] Daylight
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Enai Siaion
Version: 05-Nov-2009
TMX id: 1971422
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 21,733
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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4:58.15   Xerox.+ 0:00.0021,733
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5:13.86   berk1n+ 0:15.7114,862
5:26.17   FireBiker+ 0:28.029,478
5:41.03   mt17+ 0:42.882,979
5:47.01   >Dawe+ 0:48.86363
6:09.84   klody+ 1:11.690
6:11.51   BUG|haftbefehl+ 1:13.360
6:35.78   venóM+ 1:37.630
6:42.59   ©h®is+ 1:44.440
6:46.28   Tecfan+ 1:48.130
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Author Comments

[RPG] Daylight

Half RPG, one quarter story track, one quarter hunter. You were in a wrong place at a wrong time: in a tunnel when it collapsed. Find your way out through the machinery and maintenance tunnels.

It is easy for veterans, probably harder for beginners, but the difficulty is mostly in the beginning to allow for hunting once you have cleared the obstacles.


Assets and media
For added realism, the track uses a mod and custom sounds and car models. Locators are provided, so it will automatically download them.

However, the content adds up to a lot of megabytes and may download slowly. Also, Trackmania fails at enabling things like sound when it downloads them during a race until you quit and restart the track.

If you want to avoid this whole mess, get the media pack:

And unzip the content inside your Documents\Trackmania folder. (My Documents for XP users)


Graphics settings

Using shader model PC3 is highly recommended to enable the advanced graphical effects: 3D distance fog, blur and fade effects for a dark underwater look.

Also enable 'postprocess FX' in the launcher, but also disable 'force bloom FX', 'force colour FX' and 'force blur FX' or else it will override the track settings.

Of course, the track will also work in lower settings, but it will not look as pretty...


Author's time: 8:16.98
This should be beatable by about a minute on a perfect run, if you can get a perfect run...

Good luck!


Tips (spoilers)

- Airbrake, airbrake! A bouncy landing slows you down at best, causes you to crash at worst.
- Should the road suddenly end during the first climb upwards, use the ledge on the left.
- After said climb is a long straight tunnel followed by a room that kills you. Aim for the hole in the right wall.
- The room with the broken road pieces after the gas leak section requires airbrakes to prevent bouncing off the platforms on landing. This room is actually easier if you go slowly; you only need a slight amount of speed to clear the gaps, and a little more for the last gap.
- After this is a dip in the ground followed by a jump. Airbrake to prevent a hard landing in the dip. If you have to respawn, it gets harder; back off all the way towards the edge.
- The 'Danger' part is easy at speed - aim for the ledge on the metal bar on the left, crash across the gap and airbrake for an easy landing.
- But if you fail it, you may want to drive back to pick up some speed again to make it less tricky.
- Reverse boosters can be cleared by tacking, like a sailboat: plow into them, press the gas and brake to spin your wheels and turn against the flow.
- You can cut most of the Seawitch's cave if you get there at high speed. Be creative!
- At the undulating 'Ventilation shaft' section, slow down and hug the ground or you'll faceplant the road on the other side and lose a lot of speed.

User Comments
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  peteypablo7 05-Nov-2009
can I be the first to say that the screen is just awesome
  Tecfan 05-Nov-2009
can I be the second?

if people are having problems with the backwards booster drifting, they can see here:
  SimonHolm 05-Nov-2009
NIce!!! i love it
  d@se 05-Nov-2009
i'm third...awesome!!!

Tring it now!

  Zhuckar 05-Nov-2009
geez a big mediapack 97 mb!

  Enai Siaion 05-Nov-2009
Most of it is thankfully cars and the mod, otherwise my fileden account would be eaten about
  d3mon 06-Nov-2009
Can't you put a single cufking empty MT block in the outro so I don't have to remove 36 pages of them to see the damn replay?
  Enai Siaion 06-Nov-2009
Why can't you 'see' the replay with MT?
  Tecfan 06-Nov-2009
damn, almost drove 5, but unlucky in the last drop on the last cp >.<
  Enai Siaion 06-Nov-2009
  venóM 06-Nov-2009
Best RPG of all time imo
  Enai Siaion 07-Nov-2009
  peteypablo7 11-Nov-2009
meh, maybe not the best time but the biggest award though anyway Enai, please make some more of this movie-styled RPG's if I could I would help ya XD
  Voyager006 23-Nov-2009
That witch was crazy scary x.O

And you still love these electric shock failure-clips, it seems (which scared the hell out of me now)
  maraboo2000 20-Dec-2009
Fantastic work andawesome track with a superb mod indeed! and i was former player of "real" rpgs...of D/D style...
The road is clear, it's a long track but not too much that is good!
very creative tricks like to follow the ghost
I would like to ameliorate my 30 mn/1st run with seismic and load the mod but the file may have been deleted, so how to do?
  Enai Siaion 23-Dec-2009
Uh... what are you asking for? You say you like the mod but you can't load the mod?
  Elro 05-May-2010
Problem with replays: If I download one and want to watch it, it plays all mt content at once and you cant see the replay. Try it to see what i mean.
  >Dawe 26-Jan-2011
You have to open it in mt editor and there remove mt or select right ghost in camera..
  |PT| CakeyFA 28-Oct-2012
the follow car thingy is fail
  Enai Siaion 29-Oct-2012
Define "fail".
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   master94ga|On MX 16-Feb-2010
Nice track!

By Master
User Award   sol666 03-Mar-2010
absolutely awesome work.

the whole atmoshere is so intense, mt work stunning, leaves me just speechless.

you desere a lot of for this, here is mine!
User Award   almostar 17-Mar-2010
Very nice track, senai_siaion, god job and i like the story and atmosphere so here is my for you!
User Award   Elro 05-May-2010

Great MT =D
Also great Track! I liked it
User Award   pieterdie 06-May-2010
dang this beauty is underrated!

nice atmosphere and effects, cool storyline to

User Award   denniskoo 27-May-2010
Good job!
MT is stunning
Keep it up!

Greetzz Papfles
User Award   GreyCrow 25-Jun-2010
Great map, yust like all of the maps you make. Exxept cp 7 to 8 sucks i hit the celling morethen i get to the other side
User Award   yoshi80 08-Sep-2010
nice track. it was funny when the ghost car fell off.
User Award   funnybear 09-Jan-2011
User Award   N00BYZOR 10-Feb-2012
I absolutely love the atmosphere of this track !!!

Truly awesome job

The story, the mt effects, the intro, the spots....are extremely cool...!!!
User Award   jordanr 19-Aug-2012
Hehe what a nice track
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   Vadidas 14-Oct-2016
User Award   Maca 13-May-2017
Wow...great MT work. The track is kinda easy, as it said, but is looking damn fabolous.
User Award   Xerox. 25-Jun-2018
Quite enjoyable
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