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Name: Download Heal the World
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   c0ve
Version: 06-Dec-2009
Released: 06-Dec-2009
TMX id: 2088636
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 81,845
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:53.69   Spunki+ 0:00.0081,845
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:53.83   Habba+ 0:00.1480,564
0:53.85   Druidz|Svenne+ 0:00.1680,381
0:54.01   ChillerSide.+ 0:00.3278,918
0:54.25   Boeny+ 0:00.5676,723
0:54.29   ppmaster+ 0:00.6076,357
0:54.36   Safran!+ 0:00.6775,717
0:54.49   vgr+ 0:00.8074,528
0:54.50   c0ve+ 0:00.8174,437
0:54.50   Jumper07+ 0:00.8174,437
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
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Author Comments


Im going to present ya today my new track…
First I thought about that i`ll release it on Christmas maybe as a little present but I worked very much and quickly on it in the last few days so…here it is

Heal the World

Facts :
-length:54-55 sec.


Also a big thanks to my Betatesters, for the help and the great words

also another big thanks to Kn0lLe (: …
for doing this marvellous screenie for me
here`s ya showcase m8

Omen by   kn0lle

Another showcase form my m8 boeny and his really great techie
Above The Clouds by   Boeny

and a great track made by spn
No MoRe TeaRs! by   SPN'«

Now start your engines and let`s start driving
Greetz cove

User Comments
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  c0ve 06-Dec-2009
thx for awards to
1.: R0ckzor thx m8
2.: Kappa o_O yeah you`re right m8
3.: Boeny thx honey
4.: "spn o.0 ~uT thx m8
5.: HardDance thx m8
6.: »d!plO« thx m8
7.: 'Flowin'Dino thx
8.: Kn0lLe (: thx m8 great time
9.: Benbe' thx m8
10.: fr3ia thx m8

------10 awards ------------ o.O

11.: .Dotchy ty m8
12.: Spunki thx for your words an your amazing replay
13.: »DutchY'' thx m8
14.: lia * heartless thx m8 it was me a pleasure giving ya a hint
15.: X Raptor thx for your short but nice award
16.: R4a|Heroe| thx
17.: apple.hildedewilde thx dude
18.: Kachna thx...yeah kappa already said it and i think u2 are right
19.: ~Rekyem! thx for your great words
20.: davidydg thx

------20 awards ------------ o.O

21.: wantedboi thx
22.: Tomdeos thx m8 for ya really great words an your replay
23.: ppmaster thx m8 for ya perfect time
24.: Hubby v2 wow awesome nice to read thx m8
25.: LiuWong thx
26.: Knusper. thx
27.: ANE.aenima thx m8 (:
28.: Zenit thx dude (;
  Boeny 06-Dec-2009
thx for showcase
  SPN'« 06-Dec-2009
Tnx for no showcase
  c0ve 06-Dec-2009
xDD spn
i`ll add one for you
  SPN'« 06-Dec-2009
Lol u dont have to its ok xD
  diplo|mp 06-Dec-2009
lol spn
cove the link for the screen does'nt work
  c0ve 06-Dec-2009
xDD...then let me add a replay to your new map
driven online .64 atm...will try it again offline later
thx diplo
will change it in a few mins
  kn0lle 06-Dec-2009
  c0ve 06-Dec-2009
thx knolle
updated it...
should work now
  kn0lle 06-Dec-2009
  SPN'« 06-Dec-2009
tnx for showcase
  Sampi.Kappa 13-Dec-2009
omg i´ve 53.71 but on the old version x((
  c0ve 16-Dec-2009
old version? mean the beta-version?
  JakeRay 14-Jun-2010
How can I dislike this track so much
When it first gets hunt'd, it shows all these flaws. and bad flow. sorry
and the replay I made was 55.03.. god dammit.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   wantedboii 09-Dec-2009
User Award   Tomdeos 12-Dec-2009
I don't know if this is gonna heal the world, but at least it kept me busy for some time. I really like all these slides, nice creativity. The flow is nice and the speed is good.

User Award   ppmaster 13-Dec-2009
awesome techie
User Award   mr.hubby 13-Dec-2009

hmm actually Im more jealous than stunned...why?
well you always build the style I always wanted to build but I've found my own thing now ;D
so lets tell ya my feedback about your track =)
First the track is overall just amazing ! I think everything from the track itself but also the screen are just awesome (;
Furthermore the track itself aint just fantastic you managed to build great slides ( & easy one )
with many smooth drops xD & of course all combined with a constant flow that all in all makes the track damn addictive
at laset for some time..unfortunatly I have to say that Im to bad to submit a reaply =o I just got a 57.32 &
I may can get -0.5 into finish but that is still to bad for top10
Anyways I really enjoyed my ride here & had the feelin to tell you that =D

User Award   LiuWong 19-Dec-2009
Liu Wong
User Award   kaynBock 22-Dec-2009
very nice tech
User Award   aenima 24-Jan-2010
Awesome! Very basic slides but that's why it's so addicting and fun
User Award   Zenit 24-Jan-2010


User Award   Druidz|Svenne 05-Feb-2010
Awesome track
User Award   Metal_Snake 14-Jun-2010
Wow, really amazing tech track
User Award   ChillerSide. 08-Sep-2010
Very nice one =) 53.8possible =)
User Award   waldfee 19-Mar-2016
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