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Name: Download Hunting Santa Claus [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
Version: 07-Dec-2009
TMX id: 2091860
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,096
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
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13:17.67   deus.esu+ 0:00.009,096
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13:52.21   >Dawe+ 0:34.546,732
14:13.80   jurajojo+ 0:56.135,255
16:19.02   Realized2+ 3:01.350
17:02.86   TAC+ 3:45.190
17:27.23   german761(RazoR)+ 4:09.560
17:50.81   Voyager006+ 4:33.140
20:33.02   Big Al.xT+ 7:15.350
20:39.62   -MfG-Lucker+ 7:21.950
23:56.63   JereM.+ 10:38.960
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Author Comments

Ho Ho Ho!
-|MfG|-Lucker and -|MfG|-Big Al present a christmas map!

Own mod:
Outro: You must see this!!

Your 1st try should be ~40-60 min...In the end a time under 20 min will be possible for many players.

First of all we did a fitting x-mas mod. Very colorful (You will hate xmas after that )!

The story is short but effective:
Its christmas and Santa Claus forgets You.
With his sledge he rides over Your house and away
Now You have to hunt him to get Your present!

XXL-Screenshot of some spots

During building the map we did a lot for the cigarettes and coffe industry
Its not the hardest map and we didn´t create only new challenges, but there are many many new spots also.
Almost no lucky parts in it. You can do the map 95% with skill.
We only want you to have a great time playing this map!
We did a lot of mediatracker works, mixed a few nice christmas songs and some funny soundfiles also.
!!!It´s extremly necessary to download the FILEPACK before you play the map!!!

The auto-downloads:
We did all skins/horns/mod/challengemusic in the right way with locators, url´s and so on...
But on the server it´s sometimes difficult to load all the important media files.
So we recommend to download the whole media file (~60MB) and just put it in Your
Trackmania folder. It´s very simple.

!!!!!!!!!! --- Instructions: --- !!!!!!!!!
Download the file below:
Click and do simple installation! <--DOWNLOAD!!!
Just go to Your Trackmania folder (You can find the path in the readme.txt) and extract the zip file there. Thats all.

(link doesn´t work? try this: Mirror 2 )

Technical data:
- 2 guys ~ 4 weeks of building
- ~17.000 coppers in TM-editor
- ~7.500 real blocks in Challenge Editor
- ~15 ghost replays
- We had a lot work (and many many problems) with the MT.

1.000 Coppers goes to FJC Mario :
Screenshot Hidden room

Artists of Sountrack (all xmas songs, its really worth to hear them!)
- Yello
- Run DMC
- Bryan Adams
- All-4-One
- Die Roten Rosen
- Hermes House Band
- Brian Setzer Orchestra
- Rap Allstars
- ...

Visit our Homepage

The map is online here: Kacklappen RPG (the green one)
Or direct join: Click Here !
Or: Just type in server-search: MFG all our servers will appear!
Overview of Kacklappen servers


-|MfG|-Big Al & -|MfG|-Lucker

And remember: Awards are the fuel of mappers

- ShortzZ <3
- kopstoot <3
- bigrobin <3
- SWRT#Tac
- MfG Sidewalk
- -scorpion- <3 fuel ^^
- Igntul
- >Dawe
- Jurek
- special thanks to Tandur
Many RPG´s are underrated like (for example) this:

[RPG] Another Dimension. by   zulu

User Comments
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  shortz.esu 07-Dec-2009
fhärst !!!!!
  Golo 08-Dec-2009
It looks nice...
but it´s strange... TM doesn´t load the track... at least it takes ages till TM calculates the shadows... all other RPGs are working well on my computer. And if TM finally finished loading it, the quality is horrible... I already tried different options, nothing works :/ 09-Dec-2009
Oh Yes it may take a while. It´s a really big track.
All other testers had no problems like You.
Maybe try Your shaders at PS2 and set shadows option lower.
If You already tried this, may I ask about Your hardware?
  Golo 10-Dec-2009
ok, thx, it works fine on PC2 thoughit doenst look that pretty. Ill try to finish some time.
  Big Al.xT 11-Dec-2009
@Igntul: Yeah heavy weight track, but its a x-mas track, and x-may bring You all new computers with better performace, ask Santa Claus
There are no really hard spots at this track, maybe just watch a replay.
The skin we found at
Thanks 4 Your award <3.
  shortz.esu 13-Dec-2009
real underrated track

  Frx ben75 24-Dec-2009
I don't like RPG tracks. It is too long, too confusing, too laggy... I don't think this track will change my mind. A good mod and a good MT are not sufficient for me. It doesn't deserve a showcase. Sorry for my words, but it is just my opinion!
  HardDance 24-Dec-2009
So why did you download it Ben?
RPG just passed 1 year now, and i guess we will see it for a long time.

Gogo RPG
  Zipperke 25-Dec-2009
I tried it
The intro at start is so annoying.
if you press your trottle you land on your head, and got to restart that intro all over again
the santa skin never loaded
then ive got to the part where you need to ride the narrow line to the top
after 10 minutes i quit in rage and frustration.
but i like the girls
  Frx ben75 25-Dec-2009
@Harddance: I have downloaded this track, and I have tried it. But I have give up after the 1st checkpoint. I think this style of track is just not my cup of tea.

  Voyager006 28-Dec-2009
This track is a pain in the ass to do clean runs and wr's on

Well, tried to complete the song list (too many missing song titles xD) - i hope it's okay since the author didn't publish the titles but the artists:
Yello - Jingle Bells (intro)
Run DMC - Christmas In Hollis
AC/DC - Mistress for Christmas
Brian Adams - Reggae Christmas
All-4-One - Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer (or whatever the name is )
Die Roten Rosen - Auld Lang Syne
Herms House Band - Merry Christmas Everybody
Die Roten Rosen - In Dulci Jubilo
Rap Allstars - Last Christmas (not the real one tbh, i like the original better)
Brian Setzer Orchestra - Jingle Bells

Only one title missed when i released the list
  -MfG-Lucker 29-Dec-2009
Die Roten Rosen - In Dulce Jubilo :-)
I think this song you mean
  Voyager006 30-Dec-2009
I think you're right THX !! I'll add it to the list

btw: I was unsure if Die Roten Rosen also had a other name of "Die Toten Hosen", which made the searching a bit more difficult, but not difficult enough ;D
  dragir 30-Dec-2009
Is definately more than intermediate in the difficulty!
I was at 3rd or 4th CP but is defiantely not my Tracktype and should be increased to at least Expert in difficulty.
And the Carskins in the Download Package are in the Wrong folder, had to move them to CarCommon to make them Work. 30-Dec-2009
Die Roten Rosen = Die Toten Hosen
^^ with this name they sing their christmas songs :-)
  Fegir 31-Dec-2009
in the outro i can only see my replay -.-
  deus.esu 06-May-2010
  Erizel (brutal) 11-Jun-2010
Had to watch your run NomNom ^^

Very impressive You almost failed at the very end by the goal when you hit the tree, but fortunaly it went okay GJ
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 29 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Tecfan 29-Dec-2009
great RPG, cool blockmixing and tricks.. but on CP9 you can take 2 CP's, and I'm not a fan of cutscenes ^^
User Award   Fegir 31-Dec-2009
User Award   sk8snow4life 02-Jan-2010
Your track is really good bro !! I understand now why some details can make a big difference ^^
nice flow; gr8 jumps and skillz; nice confusing road and really nice pics
Your a model for good map creation
User Award   deus.esu 30-Apr-2010
lovely track!
great tricks, with the best mod and story u can think of
i wish i could give u more than just 1 award
User Award   .Kouba. 10-May-2010
User Award   Realized2 20-Oct-2010
What a great christmas map ^^
User Award   .grenade' 13-Nov-2011
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   ==>logan<== 16-May-2019
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