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Name: Download Midnight Breeze
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Mosseman
Version: 01-Jul-2008
Released: 01-Jul-2008
TMX id: 209809
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 48,184
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:44.03   craxx <3+ 0:00.0048,184
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:44.17   Mosseman+ 0:00.1447,265
0:44.71   vgr+ 0:00.6843,719
0:44.83   Zyre+ 0:00.8042,931
0:44.83   SpeedBr THICO+ 0:00.8042,931
0:44.88   Dubby+ 0:00.8542,602
0:44.89   Slartibartfast+ 0:00.8642,537
0:44.92   scala+ 0:00.8942,340
0:45.00   dr-ukr.kota+ 0:00.9741,815
0:45.03   HardDance+ 0:01.0041,617
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Author Comments

Greetings! This is my first track for TMNF.

But, don't fret, I've had some help from some very experienced folk who know how to build some truly legendary tracks. This track, just like all of my future tracks on TMX is primarily made of dirt and I'm hoping I can become a reliable source of popular, fun and challenging tracks. Anyway, on with the details.

Length: 45 seconds
Coppers: 2842
Author record: 45.09

The track is classified as "intermediate" but comprises of some fairly easy turns but has a couple of tricky jumps. The track is considered a bit more n00b friendly as you can complete the track from any checkpoint and even has a small alternative route to avoid the toughest jump on the track.


Serious thanks to Scala'w4. He helped me get up to speed with some of the cooler features in the TMNF MT (ghost GPS) and also the splash for the track, not to mention various tips and critisms for the rest of the track.

Thanks to Zippy'w4 for his brutally honest thoughts on my tracks. This track would be pretty damn awful if it weren't for his comments on my prior attempts over the months.

Thanks to the rest of the w4 team for testing the track and throwing in their thoughts on it during development.


Now, go play the track and give it lots of s...please?

User Comments
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  Mosseman 01-Jul-2008
Thank you's

Thanks Scala, half of that award belongs to you.
Thanks Tiger, glad you like it.
Zippage! Main man!
Thanks Womble, you can expect more tracks with no dirt bugs - they're my sworn enemy!
Darrel, huzzah! Thanks.
Thanks, ICEMD.
Woo, thanks, Hugo.
Karso! That means a lot getting an award from you, bud.
Thanks, sabine.
High praise DeFacer. I'm hoping this track will serve testament that dirt tracks CAN be smooth and bug free.
Timebreaker, thanks, man.
Thanks, harddance.
Thank you very much Qwerty.
Thanks, coat.
Thanks, Mort.
Thank you, Danish.
Thanks, public.
Cheers, ben.
Thank you very much, Raphael.
Cheers, Zyre.
Cheers, GOKHU.
Cheers, vgr.
Cheers, Rooper.
Thanks, MrMono.
Thanks, CraxX - and gz on WR, I'll have to try and beat that!
kota Nice feedback. I'm hoping you'll like my next track: Midnight Storm.
  Zippage 02-Jul-2008
Let me try to explain my award. as i dont want you to think im being unfair.

For me what could have been the Best track ive ever raced. is spoiled by the end.
i just dont think it lives up to the rest of the track.
the track itself is very very clever. some of it is pure genius in design.
then you get to the end bit and i thought meh what a waste.

dont get me wrong i loved the track as a whole. just didnt like the ending as much as the rest of the track

  Mosseman 02-Jul-2008
Yeah, as you well know mate, I did try to change it somewhat, but the designs I came up with were either really...fiddly, too hard, ahd no flow, or as Scala put: just didn't fit in with the spirit of the track.

So yeah, Personally, I like the finish, I like how it interacts with two previous sectiosn of the track and the run to the final straight offers a light challenge to pull off a strong time in itself. Either way though, the track got very high praise so I'm feeling pretty chuffed nonetheless. Thanks, man.
  Tige® 28-Sep-2008
Congratz for showcase...really deserved
  ANE.Gman 28-Sep-2008
Finally a showcase and some more awards for this track
  Mosseman 01-Oct-2008

Thanks for the awards, all. I think I owe many cuddles to whoever showcased Midnight Breeze for me.
  craxx <3 02-Oct-2008
ahh 43.x is surely possible with good drivin
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User Awards
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User Award   GOKHU 01-Oct-2008
Great work & nice time record.. 4U
User Award   vgr 02-Oct-2008
User Award   Roop 02-Oct-2008
nice dirt track one of my favourite
User Award   _Mono » 02-Oct-2008
Great dirt here !
Good job

~ MrMono
User Award   craxx <3 02-Oct-2008
nice dirt track

get ya

User Award   dr-ukr.kota 05-Oct-2008
wow even i the biggest dirt hater ever must admit that this track is amazing.
This must be the first dirt track that i have even found fun to drive theres absolutely NO bugs which is so unusual for dirt tracks, that realy shows the skills oh the tracks author . This is probaly the first ever dirt track that i've found good enough for an award (and that says quet alot). Also this is the first dirt track that i've found enjoyable to drive!. Even more than enjoyable! übber fun! I love this track mate .

BUT The ending does take away from the overall experience, the track would be a 10/10 ANY DAY if the ending were better, so i can only give it a 9/10 . But iam sure that you'll learn from comments like this and improve on ur coming tracks :B i cant wait to see your next creation


Ps; i've just got myself a new favourite dirt track builder
User Award   Katagrama 15-Mar-2009
User Award   SenTineL 12-Mar-2010
I love Dirt Tracks, and this one is one of the best.

Great work !

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