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Name: Download These days
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eXtracT
Version: 14-Jan-2010
Released: 14-Jan-2010
TMX id: 2226305
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 66,045
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:38.04   Metal_Snake+ 0:00.2263,740
0:38.24   eXtracT+ 0:00.4261,644
0:38.27   Khone+ 0:00.4561,330
0:38.35   HardDance+ 0:00.5360,491
0:38.37   diplo|mp+ 0:00.5560,282
0:38.38   Bucky+ 0:00.5660,177
0:38.42   >Y<+ 0:00.6059,758
0:38.56   Bajs+ 0:00.7458,291
0:38.61   Tomdeos+ 0:00.7957,767
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Author Comments

- 14/01/10 -

Sup tmx-ians, looks like I’m here with a new track for you all ...

Not really for the massive 4000 word author comments nowadays, but I’ll give you the low-down on my map. It is constructed of tarmac and platform, set amongst heavy scenery under a full moon creating an intense atmosphere. Hop the new an interesting transitions will satisfy your hunger.

The name you say? Well . . . These days I think tmx has lost a bit of spice that it used to hold, and I reckon a lot of people agree with me. These days are different to how they used to be, These days the oldies and legends of tmx are hanging low, waiting for a time to rise again. These days is the present, and history is history, but history can be brought forward. Let’s see tmx liven up a bit! Enjoy the track and have a good one xD

- D e t a i l s -

Length: approx. 38/39 secs
Mood: Night
Signs: Default
Author Time: 38.60
M-T Work: produced by yours truly
. . . . Intro: cool cams, ghosts, text and fx effects
. . . . In-game: simple Gps cam
. . . . Outro: on a tech, you kidding? Just fx colours & bloom thanks

- S c r e e n y -

From my legen - dary buddy Metal_Snake.F® who whipped up this wonderful beauty. love the angle and the atmosphere created by this shot! I am truly honoured to have such a loyal friend who time and time again produced wonders for me, thanks mate xD

< < Bigger Screen > >

- B e t a ‘ s -

90% of these guys are good mates that still spend the time to give me some feedback about my track. And I thank you guys for such awesome words and advice, my hat goes off to you.

- "spn o.0 ~uT
- Mono
- uetzer|R4a
- Rewiind
- brenni
- » DuTChy
- Metal_Snake.F®
- PagH
- Cheater»Zero«
- zT|DeFacer
- Mr.Hubby
- HeroE.|R4a
- ziem0n

*N o t e
Oh, and don’t give up on the track straight away. It might seem hard from the first few drives, but it’ll hopefully grow on you, give it some time, and hunt this track like crazy! xD

Thanks fellas xD


User Comments
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  eXtracT 14-Jan-2010
thx list:

thanyou all who went to the effort to award this track:

01.|Metal_Snake.F® - wow thanks my friend for such awesome words xD
02.| DarkNoob»uT' - haha thanks man, short n sweet is definently cool!
03.| Leon/g° - hey mate, thanks for this great i appreciate it
04.|uetzer|R4a - wow, stunning mate, glad you enjoyed it aye
05.| PagH - haha thanks my good buddy, always count on ya mate xD
06.|fr3ia - those three words mean alot mate, thanks alot for your nice
07.|SapphiroN - wowee, what an thanks so much my friend
08.| sj@tmn - haha sjaaaaaaaaay! hey man, thanks for this stunner
09.| zT|DeFacer - dude what an thanks for the beat words man
10.|.c0ve - haha thnkas mna for your lovely enjoyed it
11.|fytrim. - wow a legend? thanks a billion mate, super swell
12.| » DuTChy - haha yes put much effort into scenery, thanks
13.|The End. - really? thanks man, glad to receive such words
14.|"spn o.0 ~uT - hey thanks alot man, glad you enjoyed it xD
15.|Bajs - haha thanks man, i like honesty, and a great thx
16.|HeroE.|R4a - thanks dude for this li beauty of an xD
17.|Cheater - haha told ya it'll grow on ya xD thx for the awesome
18.| »d!plO« - wow coming form such a great builders honours me xD
19.|Wesc. - haha i know its quite heavy, yes, but glad you like it xD
20.|»BasTon.F® - hey mate, i can always count on a great from ya
21.|Roomie¬ - haha hey thanks ma roomie lol awesome i love it
22.|FaHoFF - hey bud, thanks for that awesome glad you liked xD
23.|Rewiind - damn rewiind, you bring a smile to m face mate, thx so much
24.|>Y< - hey man wow to what you said oO, thanks man for this
25.|HardDance - yes not all transitions xD so glad you liked it mate
26.|Krow - hey krow, thanks for such lovely words my friend, and great
27.|Kn0lLe (: - haha thanks mate, those short words mean alot man xD
28.|Zhuckar - haha indeed it is my friend, thanks for your awesome
29.| Kakashi - bahaha love that show xD thanks for that great buddy
30.|Empy - hey man, great award and what a crazy time O.o well done
31.|Mr.Hubby - haha ill let him know mate xD thanks for the
32.|Bucky~UT` - woah thanks for this awesome mate, thankyou
33.|GSA|Joker. - thanks mate for this bold award buddy xD it great
34.|.Mono - wow, thanks a million my friend, best man, thx
35.|Khone - haha glad you chose to give it a drive, thanks alot mate
36.|Tomdeos -hey thanks dude for this short n sweet my friend
37.|TimeBreaker - haha thanks TB for this stunner thx alot man
  SapphiroN 14-Jan-2010
Looks very interesting. Will try a bit later.
  PagH .xT 14-Jan-2010
Im in love! - again
  uetzer|R4a 15-Jan-2010
And thats what I called

"so I can live on tmx"

Most 's are REAL awards with much words nice comments and so on

  eXtracT 16-Jan-2010
haha i agree, and thanks guys for all these lovely awards

... plz ... get ... to ... BOTW ... c'mon lol
  - ziE @ RIP TM <3 16-Jan-2010

I'll drive it tonight, haven't been on to tmx for the week, therefore you've not received an award yet.

  Dutchy! 16-Jan-2010
  eXtracT 17-Jan-2010
haha thanks Dutch, but now your catching me with your new map
  Dutchy! 17-Jan-2010
well the main thing is we are both in BOTW, but ofcourse with you're map you deserve it more then me i guess
  PagH .xT 19-Jan-2010
pretty successful aiy?

grats mate
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User Awards
Showing 39 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Roomie¬ 15-Jan-2010
Perfect map,love this 1.

User Award   Cw*FaHoFF.xT 16-Jan-2010
Really cool track, so much fun indeed. But I honestly needed some time to figure out how to drive it. First half of the track is awesome, then in the second part, where is transition with half pipe and road makes me nervous. Here is really hard for me to find the right line, but whole track is really enjoyable so this can be ignored! Great mt also, good job m8!

User Award   rewiind 16-Jan-2010
Wow, you can’t believe how happy I am to see someone like you return to TMX. And with ‘someone like you’, I mean a legend. One who knows the secret to making platformtracks like they were made in the earlier days of tmnfx. While playing it I had that classical feeling of those tracks again. That’s what I fancy about this track the most. But.. the feeling is only little of what makes a memorable track. The ideas used are so amazing, so smooth, they fit so well together. All of this packed into an amazing scenery, of wich the effect is strengthened by the night mood and the water at the bottom. MT work is just nice, nothing more, nothing less. For the used transitions: I personally didn’t have too much trouble with them. Sure they were hard the first or second time (the quarterpipes were tricky), but fitted well to the track and its style. All in all, I hope you’ll keep on tracking. Well, don’t quit at least! Now go and be proud of yourself.

User Award   >Y< 16-Jan-2010
WOW cant say anythink bad about it
User Award   HardDance 16-Jan-2010
Really nice comeback track mate. iTS A LONg time since iv played a tight and speedy platform track. So i really enjoyed your smooth transitions and cool sections. The track got an amazing flow, really well made all the way. The scenery is wicked, compact and and nice. Love all the details. And its very raceable, if you get me, it dosent have all those stupid transitions where you have to have the prfect speed or that one line to do it. Ohh, yeah, almost forgot, the intro is great, really intense with those fast cams and the cool text effects. Great job dude, keep it up.
User Award   Krow 16-Jan-2010
nice track, so cool transitions and flow!
User Award   kn0lle 16-Jan-2010
Damn nice
User Award   Zhuckar 16-Jan-2010
Very enjoyable after some time. I could write a much longer award but i'm not in the mood atm. It's the thought that counts, right?
Good job

User Award   Kakashi 17-Jan-2010
Legen - wait for it - dary !

User Award 18-Jan-2010
Great platform styled tech
User Award   mr.hubby 18-Jan-2010

haha extract you may havent known me before but now you will ;D when I saw the beta track I was like °_°...extract's back? Oy yes =) & hell yea this track is great :> but its also reminded me of cranny's platform track which has been uploaded not that long ago ( that aint bad at all but it made the stunning moment abit less perfect ^_^ ) (:...but lets talk about the track in details (;.First, the track got these turns, slides & transitions in there. They get supported by the amazing flow <3. Secondly you managed to make an unbelieveable atmosphere which is just as great as it is because of the eyemazing scenery =o I love this one <3! Finally, this track is really cool to hunt because its challenging & easy at the same time so it makes damn much fun to drive =)

P.S: could you tell your friend Nerfez that he should build some more mini ? ;D

User Award   Bucky 19-Jan-2010
great track.

This is the paradigm of platform tech. There was a good balance between comfortable transitions, and those that were a bit unfamiliar. Flow is good, the smoothness is there, This map isn't lacking anything really, so here's to that. Hope to see more tracks like these amid the rise in popularity of the old school tracks.

User Award   GSA/Joker 19-Jan-2010
awesome tech,

great ideas and cool slides

just great

User Award   _Mono » 19-Jan-2010
Finally!! It's really been a while since i've seen a such track like this. You know, the quality, platform techish track thing xD And this is amazing. It's exactly the style im trying to master atm. But you master it completely. This track is just wonderful. Cant find words. I was in love from the first time i drove it in beta.

User Award   Khone 19-Jan-2010
at first i thought i would dislike it
i really hate some maps of this platform-tech type but because of those amazing awards i had to give it a seconds try and it was 100% woth it!
super addicting super reuses super flow! totaly messed up the last 10 seconds would have been a 37.xx otherwise i guess
awesome job here
User Award   Tomdeos 20-Jan-2010
Cool map!

User Award   TimeBreaker 23-Jan-2010
this is a really unique feeling track by a very special builder. you made sth transitional and platformy that I like , great work !!

User Award   GONE4COD 22-Jul-2010
The first time i dove through this hell of a track, i thought just : "w00t?? just 37 awards?" I thought this, cause this one deserves many more awards. If Timebreakers "Somewhere I belong" has 280+ awards, this one deserves of course more than 100 awards! I really dunno what is wrong with these guys here on tmx. Those transitions are just unbelieviable and those platform-drifts just incredible. The scenery is a bomb and i can't stop driving this one. It's just so much fun to drive it. It's just unbelieviable °_°. A very big award from me, for this masterpiece .

User Award   dadm 28-Feb-2011
... sorry for late award. Anyway here it is
One of the best platform tech ever made in my eyes.
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