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Name: Download Switch°01
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   JumperJack
Version: 10-Jul-2008
Released: 10-Jul-2008
TMX id: 236302
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 68,062
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:27.52   Nexou!+ 0:00.0068,062
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0:27.82   HardDance+ 0:00.3063,610
0:27.89   casper #mot+ 0:00.3762,572
0:27.90   JumperJack+ 0:00.3862,423
0:28.09   okto+ 0:00.5759,603
0:28.13   Nazgul Aars+ 0:00.6159,010
0:28.34   »RtA«mael²+ 0:00.8255,894
0:28.42   Cw*FaHoFF.xT+ 0:00.9054,706
0:28.44   RKO 90+ 0:00.9254,410
0:28.44   Namusis+ 0:00.9254,410
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Author Comments


The custom music used in this track will be downloaded automatically. So when you’re not connected to the internet while playing, or have got a slow internet connection, please download this file before playing the track!!

Download the music (~3 MB)
Place this file in this folder:
My Documents\TrackMania\ChallengeMusics.

The Track

So, it has been a while since my last tech track has released on tmx, almost two years to be precise!! But here I’m back, with tech it is. This track is about thirty seconds long, so it’s officially a kind of mini, but it feels like more!! ^^

At the start, you won’t see anything of the track, just your car, the start itself, and lots and lots of grass and air. But when you turn around 180 degrees at the first corner, you’ll find yourself in a ‘suburbian jungle’, a twelve by twelve blocks large track, where every spot is used as building area or scenery!!

The track itself is quite fast, techy and precise. And don’t be fooled by all those fake finishes!! ^^

Length: ~30 sec.
Style: tech
Coppers: 763

- Intro: yes, simple but good looking, as always ^^
- GPS: yes
- In-Game: yes, but only cut-preventing
- Outro: yes, simple as well
- Music: yes, Flathead by The Fratellis!!

- Author: 0'28"24
- Gold: 0'30"00
- Silver: 0'34"00
- Bronze: 0'43"00

Bigger Screenie

current downloadrating: ~100

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User Comments
Showing 13 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  JumperJack 10-Jul-2008
tnx Djsisi78 thank you for that amazing award!! ^^
tnx Barta thank you!! ^^
tnx CraxX thanks mate. for sure we'll play this one together online sometimes!! ^^ and indeed, you can do better than that. have a nice holiday!! ^^ oh, and my screenies, well, right now i'm not spending much time on it, so i want something nice and simple, and i like it... ^^
tnx Maelstrom thank you for that awesome award!! i really appreciate it!! ^^
tnx Akon thank you!! ^^
tnx little_idefix thanks mom, i know you can get bronze!! ^^
tnx Ghostdog thank you!! ^^
tnx Sebi haha, after virtual insanity, almost everything is a relaxing cruise!! ^^ oh, and the gps is driven quite fast indeed, it was 28"18, i believe... ^^
tnx RKO 90 haha, yeah sure, that last turn is definately fs!! ^^ and the outro was a little nicer before, but due a text and 2d triangles bug, i had to delete these blocks. and these static cams are something i used to do in the beginning. however, since i don't really like making outro's, i want to finish them as quick as possible, and with these static cams that's possible, without letting it look ugly... ^^
tnx WopZ awesome award!! ^^
tnx FaHoFF wow, amazing award. and addictive shorties are indeed also the kind of tracks i like. i'm happy you think this is one as well!! ^^ nice time as well!! ^^
  Bartouille 10-Jul-2008
  craxx <3 10-Jul-2008
you took the wrong symbols for track-linking its this one " and not that one ”. stupid guy xD


better replay soon


yep ms just an awesome intro


i wanna race this track against you on heavens door

edit²³: ugly screeny

edit³² : cYa soon chickzzzz
  JumperJack 10-Jul-2008
woops, sorry. the tracklinks are fixed now!! ^^

and come on people, this is a recordhunting track, so come and recordhunt!! ^^

-edit- come on, i know you all want to download it!! ^^
  Cw*FaHoFF.xT 11-Jul-2008
under 28? I'll wait for someone to beat me
  JumperJack 11-Jul-2008
yeah, under 28 is possible, i'm really sure. in an earlier stage of the track, i already drove a 27.99...

thanks for your time, mate!!
  Djoszee 13-Jul-2008
craxx, it'll be on heavens door later ^^
  Kakashi 26-Aug-2008
The other screenie is beter imo
  JumperJack 26-Aug-2008
yeah, i know, but i'm a bit too lazy to change it here, as well as the link to the bigger screenie. i might just edit many of my screens in the near future anyway, but that depends a bit on the wacom i might buy, or not... ^^

-edit- nice time, okto, i think it's time to upload my own personal record here now...
  Kakashi 26-Aug-2008
Wow amazing time JJ
  okto 27-Aug-2008
damn...i just crashed at the last turn...^^ -0.22 on my time
  JumperJack 27-Aug-2008
ayy... that's a real shame...
  okto 29-Aug-2008
yeah, okto the noob
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 17 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Djsisi78 10-Jul-2008
GreatTrack mate
Nice ideas flow and curves
Very fun to play.
Good job => <=
Keep it up
User Award   Bartouille 10-Jul-2008
Cool track Awesome for online for sure
User Award   craxx <3 10-Jul-2008
sry noo time for big award even you should get for this track

sooo great...soo fantastic...soo perfect

i luv it :-*

get ya well deserved for such a nice shorty

cheers and cYa on the 28th CraxX....
User Award   »RtA«mael² 10-Jul-2008
Nice compact track m8
I love the ''photo'' effect in the intro, it looks great
And the map, first, it's super duper compact o.O nice tricky start, and cool drifts, bit hard to take the dirt smooth, overall a pretty nice mini

grtz mael
User Award   a ... gone 10-Jul-2008
IIIIIIIi like the screeny

nice track

cool slides and nice flow

User Award   little_idefix 10-Jul-2008
pff, not so easy 4me
User Award   GhostDog 10-Jul-2008
a difficulty tech map
some tricky parts and some good drifts
User Award   Sebi.nGine | off 11-Jul-2008

what a compact techtrack oO
it is really hard and challenging, but after driving virtuall insanity, a really relaxing cruise xD
the flow is great
the drifts are marvellous
the intro is nice

everythink works fine, and btw-awsome driving in the gps 8-)

User Award   RKO 90 11-Jul-2008
Wow, this one is lovely!
(except the start, that's the only part I don't understand how to drive )
All the rest is lovely, enjoyable, hard and bastard ^^
Cool hard drifts, nice flow throughout the track
The second last turn is really haaaaard... a true techturn
Cool finish as well...I thought the last turn was FS
And a truly amazing AT... I think I can't get closer

The Intro is simple, but damn good-looking and effective IMO... looks like a photo effect
Outro is cool as well, maybe I just miss some little bit different cameras

>> <<
User Award   wopz 11-Jul-2008
great track here lovely flow and good balance all the time
User Award   Cw*FaHoFF.xT 11-Jul-2008
wow so addictive mini m8

Now I was playing this monster for more than 30mins to get descent time. At first I wasn't feeling the flow but after 10mins it was sweet ...slides,mt,ideas,... perfectly tricky and challenging!

Men now when I learned how to play it I wanna more and that's what I like - perfect mini hunter

User Award   eXtracT 16-Jul-2008
what can i say man. . .one of the best short tracks

so mooth, so original, so awesome

my to you

User Award   Namusis 23-Jul-2008
Nice mini Jumperjack.

The track is really challenging and well calculated all the way through. I especially like the ittle jump after the lil platform part.
I would have liked a more important scenery as the track sometimes feels a bit empty but it's a great challenge.

Keep them going.
User Award   PAM180 31-Jul-2008
Super map... !!

for you !!!
User Award   Kakashi 26-Aug-2008
a great compact track

good for rounds
the start is hard to masterize, but the derifts are really cool

User Award   okto 26-Aug-2008
nice one
User Award   ZayL 01-Nov-2008
Nice track jack

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