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Name: Download .|how - o3|.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   cranberries
Version: 02-Mar-2010
Released: 02-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2423261
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 48,651
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Offroad
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:51.16   vennike+ 0:00.0048,651
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:51.41   cranberries+ 0:00.2547,225
0:51.65   Fosco+ 0:00.4945,855
0:51.80   mr.hubby+ 0:00.6444,999
0:51.91   diplo|mp+ 0:00.7544,372
0:52.02   ~ET~+ 0:00.8643,744
0:52.30   pantseri+ 0:01.1442,146
0:52.32   JaXeL+ 0:01.1642,032
0:52.50   viandox+ 0:01.3441,005
0:52.62   DDR.Buddha+ 0:01.4640,320
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Author Comments

__.|How - o3|.__
how to drive dirt

I started building "How" as a series of tracks on how to drive some of dirt's trickiest sections, they should be training tracks for noobs like me ^^ this dirt track right here is mainly about OFF-ROAD SLIDING ... I find this off-road/dirt part of TMN-F to be very demanding and truly intense to build and even more so, to play, so... these dirt tracks are my little dedication to the real Track-Maniacs

Track Style ~ Off-Road

Off-Road slides ~ 5
Dirt road slides ~ 2
Road track slides ~ 0

Off-Road parts ~ 5
Dirt road parts ~ 2
Road track parts ~ 9 small, 1 medium

Jumps/Drops ~ 3
Hard turns ~ 2
Respawn ~ 1oo%

Copper Count ~ 33ooCC
Mood ~ Sun Rise
Scenery ~ Moderate

you have to know by now, my old saying:
"... it's all about the track !! "

have fun and never stop improving yourselves as drivers and builders !

.|how - o1|. by   cranberries
~ this dirt track is about uphill/downhill turns

.|how - o2|. by   cranberries
~ this dirt track is about true dirt flow

please don't believe even for a sec that I do tracks for awards, or for TMX... all my tracks are a reflection of my own style of playing and my own ideas on how a track should flow, feel and look... and I understand perfectly that we're all different and we each have our individual preferences ... so, don't feel pressured to award, to comment or even play... I am here just for the fun and the excitement of TM tracks and TM playing...

User Comments
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  cranberries 08-Mar-2010
thank you guys for your awesome awards

o1. Halogucker - hey [ XD ] so great to see another fan of the off-road

o2. vgr - wows [ \o/ ] thanks so much dude, so great to read your award

o3. Zenit - hi mate [ =) ] thank you for playing

o4. .Dave. - aaaah [ O_o ] thanks so much for playing, dirt-maniac !!!

o5. pantseri - oh man [ =$ ] thank you so much for this amazing award

o6. viandox - no cut [ ^^ ] you'll see my replay soon, big thanks 4 playing

o7. master94ga - heeey [ =) ] awesome surprise. thanks so much

o8. Hubby - hey dude [ /-) ] very cool review in your award, big thanks

o9. Buddha - hi [ >.< ] thank you so much for the wonderful award

1o.»d!plO« - oh man [ o.O ] I'm speechless by your award, thank you

11. ZverYshka - OMG [ =D ] what an awesome and sneaky surprise

12. kangawallapuss - hey [ ^.^ ] awesome of you to have tried it, thanks

13. DuTChy - wows [ O_o ] tnx so much for this incredible award/review

14. JaXeL - hey [ =) ] it's so great of you to play, awesome surprise

15. Raybuzzz - hi m8 [ /-) ] thanks so much for playing online

16. Sharky - hey dude [ \o/ ] so glad to see you here, big thanks

17. Lainen - hey [ =D ] thanks so much for this cool award

18. Roomie¬ - hi mate [ ^^ ] so cool of you to stop by, thanks

19. ~ET~ - hehey [ \-) ] so great of you to play and award, big thanks

2o.rOw - wow [ =$ ] thanks so much for those nice words

21. Natzke - OMG [ O_O ] my old friend, what an amazing surprise, ty

22. TimeBreaker - aaah [ ^^ ] it's a visual pleasure to see you here

23. matto - thank you [ =) ] that's very true and very honest of you

24. Peteypablo7 - of course not [ >.< ] it's really great to see you here

25. vennike - oohoo [ \o/ ] I knew you can make that awesome time

26. Roadkill - hey [ \-) ] thanks so much, glad to see dirt fans around

27. hockolycyous - hi mate [ =D ] big thanks for your nice award

28. answer - wow [ =$ ] thank you so much for this awesome award

29. Fosco - hi [ o_O ] thank you for the wonderful award and replay

3o.WoodMan - aah [ ^_^ ] nice to see you again, thanks for the honesty
  Dutchy! 13-Mar-2010
Vennike You're sick
  vennike 13-Mar-2010
Compare mine & cran's replay you can see that i lost atleast 0.2 in the middle so..
Leeeeeet's go 50!
  mr.hubby 13-Mar-2010
thats vennike
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User Awards
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User Award   Natzke 06-Mar-2010
Cool one
User Award   TimeBreaker 06-Mar-2010
These tracks are more of a visual pleasure than a driving pleasure for me, becausei just cant drive this well. Your kind of scenery in combination with these dirt sections is one of the few sceenry types, that actually look pretty with forever/united blocks. everything else seems ugly so gg dude, a visual pleasure^^.

User Award   matto 07-Mar-2010
Awesome design! Very well made slide section, they get a little boring after a while but they're good for learning ^^
User Award   peteypablo7 07-Mar-2010
nice again cran good job in the dirt atmosphere you brought to us. I love all those poles you used in the track since they give it a cool special feeling. won't be able to upload a replay though hope you don't mind
User Award   vennike 13-Mar-2010
A worty addition to the "how" series. Great scenery & a fast enjoyable ride as expected from your maps
User Award   roadkill » 16-Mar-2010
That scenery blows my mind away !!
It's perfect
And the track is also perfect (:
Dirt FTW !!!

Keep it up !
User Award   Hockolycyous 16-Mar-2010
Really GW
User Award   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb 20-Mar-2010
Nice dirty! Awesome use of off-road and totally amazing scenery which can be sometimes annoying, because of the narrow path
Cool flow and some smooth jumps

User Award   Fosco 06-May-2010
Nicely composed
User Award   WoodMan 06-May-2011
I'm not quite the driver I used to be, so unfortunately I couldn't post a time. I'm about 1 sec off of last place there in the table.

I think this is not your greatest dirt track Cran, it is a bit repetative, however it is still a cool track and the scenery/atmosphere has that trademark Cranberries awesomeness!

.: :.
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