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Name: Download [PN] ParticipatioN
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   uetzer|R4a
Version: 07-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2441907
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 36,357
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Stunt
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 2m 30s Diffic.: Lunatic
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
2:19.82   Nawk+ 0:00.0036,357
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
2:29.06   Storm!anon+ 0:09.2421,941
2:29.09   uetzer|R4a+ 0:09.2721,894
2:29.09   peteypablo7+ 0:09.2721,894
2:29.09   > ReaL Dave ~+ 0:09.2721,894
2:29.09   lfg90rs+ 0:09.2721,894
2:29.09   DisGo.esu+ 0:09.2721,894
2:29.09   'nwt' ®ocket+ 0:09.2721,894
2:29.09   -raVer-+ 0:09.2721,894
2:29.09   Argon98+ 0:09.2721,894
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Author Comments

?!? xD


"I realy dont konw how to start this Author comment

All here on tmx know that every [Px] here are adjudged cause the most ppl think that the builders wants only 's
Maybe some are realy building [px] for that...

But I think the most ppl build maps like these cause it makes realy fun
So what I realy want to tell you is that I built this map only for shouldnt be an extraclass of a [px]...just a funny "movie" to look "

So lets start with the map


Video Thaaaanks a lot Roxxy for this nice Video
Coppers: ~10.000
Time: 2:29.xx
Time to built: I start in Januar to build this one...
Screen <-- Bigger Version...Made by me!


The Finishline is a lil bit special...You have to Navigate your car into the finish...
Short before the finish is a you can give speed to your car for a few seconds to hunt a nice time


I have to say "thank you" to a few people

Mr Zogger: Its always a pleasure to talk with you about tm or something other Its okay that you nearly always forgot to say something to my tracks if they're released

Jojo:'re a crank men xD Nuub

Roxxii: Thx for this Video

Soo now its time to drive the track

A lil bit commercial

[bad track link] A lil Project of me
"[MTC] Lease Of Doubt" The MTC Track of Mr Zogger
"[FS] ThE sPiRiT" A Realy underrated track by Dark Puma !


User Comments
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  uetzer|R4a 07-Mar-2010
  Dutchy! 07-Mar-2010
Oh No Uetzer
And you should make the lines shorter

eventhough i dont award Px's
I think this track was a lill bit boring too,
Too less spectacular stunts imo
  »Flo.F® 07-Mar-2010
underrated atm
  uetzer|R4a 07-Mar-2010
Naaa its okay
  diplo|mp 07-Mar-2010
this one have a showcase on my new track
  uetzer|R4a 07-Mar-2010
Big thx dude
  diplo|mp 07-Mar-2010
  Hitchy 07-Mar-2010
Well, for me it was kinda boring with the low speed and the bumps where you lose speed. but you show your creativity and that's what it's all about in my opinion. It was fun for you, but not quite fun for me, hope you understand. I like your other tracks more even i haven't played all of them!
  joe b 08-Mar-2010
Sorry, no awards for px from me, although it's quite cool. <3
  Storm!anon 09-Mar-2010
I don't really know how I got this time, I looked in the editor and the car just sped up near the end for some reason
Maybe crossing from the edge to the road made it faster.
Great track.
  PN`D4v1d 09-Mar-2010
Nice videotrack, cool to watch. No from me though cause I don't pxtracks and you don't want it as you said yourself But nice vid
  Replica' kinEma 13-Mar-2010
Screenie has Estonian car track
  rodl 14-Mar-2010
finally a px track with less than 100 awards
  Storm!anon 16-Mar-2010
there's plenty of px tracks with 0 awards
  Ivi » gone! 16-Jun-2010
Just saw this comments now, and how PN can be boring, actually you don't play, just watch.
you award it for hard work of author, or u really play it?
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 36 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   dow|.Dave. 13-Mar-2010
Really nice PN track!
Lovely made.
User Award   PkD //Kappa 13-Mar-2010
Nais x)

User Award   Mateo. 13-Mar-2010
NICE [PN] Track ! BIG
User Award   Ivi » gone! 13-Mar-2010
ain't possible, sick work here and very underrated

User Award   Cam° Uludix | Bye tm 13-Mar-2010
Great [PN]
User Award   qb»Flow 13-Mar-2010
cool stunts and very nice start
User Award   DDR.Buddha 14-Mar-2010
very nice one
User Award   comedY_xT. 28-Mar-2010
User Award   .Kouba. 08-Jun-2010

Very nice PN !!

User Award   deislerx3 13-Jun-2010
nice pn
User Award   Snicker... 13-Jun-2010
Very Good Job, Here !
User Award   ARGON. 05-Jul-2010

»»» «««

User Award   Erizel (brutal) 09-Sep-2010
not bad
User Award   Mastermind 12-Sep-2010
just 33 awards?
That's ridiculous!

Very nice work
User Award   Sky.esu 24-Jun-2012
Nice one. 1000 submitted replay.
User Award   Nawk 27-Oct-2015
I was trying to get a different route but wasn't faster.
So I tried endcut and it worked!
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