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Name: Download Detroit [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   igntuL
Version: 22-Mar-2010
Released: 22-Mar-2010
TMX id: 2485800
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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25:26.24   HylleZ+ 0:00.00-
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25:43.73   Wirtual #mot+ 0:17.49-
28:04.52   SkandeaR+ 2:38.28-
31:47.08   wojoradi+ 6:20.84-
32:28.69   -DrM-+ 7:02.45-
33:39.88   mt17+ 8:13.64-
35:01.24   oiram456+ 9:35.00-
35:06.26   mons+ 9:40.02-
35:26.17   igntuL+ 9:59.93-
35:49.67   thom+ 10:23.43-
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Author Comments

I'm back again with another RPG map wich this time have something special, continue reading to see what it is

Screenshot in higher quality

Story: 2012, you are in the well known U.S.A city called Detroit. As you can imagine by the date, the world is going to end, and the whole world population just escaped from it to Gliese 1214 b, another planet similiar to our earth. All what you can do to save yourself is to escape from this city just became desert, and get the last spaceship to reach that planet in the minor time possible, you have approximately 2 hours. Good Luck


Lenght: Well, that's the point, the lenght ^^. Author time 65:31.73 dont think i am a noob driver, or well, i am, but this time is not so bad ^^, in fact with a very good run with very less respowns a 40-45 can be done but i think it's pratically impossible do better. The first time lenght can be between 4-4:30 hours for good players and 2:30-3:00 hours for expert players. yes, i'm not kidding, "hours" . 100 cps , around 10-15 of this are rings. I think that map can be seen bad form some players, because of the insane lenght, but i think if you are a good driver, you can enjoy the map, or atleast i hope ^^

Difficulty: Well, the map is hard, but playable for not very expert but decent skilled players, except for the last 20 cps, wich are very very hard. This map is obiovusly very long, but to be a map for pro's, and for make you spend many time, it have to be hard too. There aren't "hidden" rings, but keep the eyes open.

Coppers: 16661, i hope it's not that much, i 've done the possible to make it light (666, the hell, will it take bad luck? ^^)

Blocks: 10841

Blockmix: how can it be missing

Mod: 2084 mod, the wonderfull mod made by fish and stromek for their trio track "the Day after" with HardDance. Dowload it here

Media Tracker:

Intro: 50 seconds of intro to show you some spots of the map

In game: just a sound + some texts to make you dont miss any cp + a music.

Outro: none

Easter egg: 6 easter eggs, 5 different planets + the sun

Important: Let the mod load and than rejoin the server\map because if you dont do, some textures won't be shown and the atmosphere will loose beauty

Important II: Due to many complaints about the freezing bug, i decided to write here for all: For who have this bug you MUST set the music volume to 0, if you dont have this bug i recomand to listen the music for the giving-atmosphere

Now i can only wish you Good Luck and Have Fun!

WoOoOw 30 awards! thanks a lot guys

User Comments
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  Panos 27-Apr-2014
Freaking nice time drm!
More than 1 min better than hyllez and mt!
  -DrM- 01-May-2014
Lol, nice comeback Hyllez.
But no dedi = never happened, sorry.

Nah seriously, that's pretty good. Gonna be hard to beat.

And feel free to thank me for your new improved wr
  Panos 08-Jul-2014
  crankshaft 10-Jan-2016
what does RPG stand for?
  igntuL 14-Jan-2016
Role Play Game
but its kind of intended as "adventure tracks"
  crankshaft 24-Jan-2016
alright, so the role you are taking on is that of an adventurer, right?
  wilfred 16-Aug-2016
I was pissed at the end. I spent so much time on this track, and then I had to do the one thing I am not able to do... So I just drove around and found a special 'noob' finish.
Now I can die in peace
  Wirtual #mot 01-Jan-2018
Sector Run - 18:23.25
  Loe 02-Jan-2018
  Dreep 21-Dec-2019
so fun hunting it
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User Awards
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User Award   trunks_11 08-Aug-2016
not bad
User Award   Wirtual #mot 02-Dec-2016
User Award   Padraic 22-Jan-2017
User Award   Nicklander 25-Mar-2017
Wow so many great ideas !
I love this weird stuff !
User Award   szentvik 01-Apr-2017
Finally had the chance to finish this track. Waited this moment for many years (yeah I could DL it and play offline, but naaah ). Successfully missed a cp (74 maybe), so that was upsetting a bit, but went for another round and managed to finsih.
Great job man! I come...
User Award   Xerox. 01-Apr-2017
Truly a classic RPG map. Great ideas, awesome first run experience and also huge hunting potential, one of your Top-3 maps for sure
User Award   knoxville_nico 25-Aug-2017
Didn't know that Detroit is so beautiful!
Gonna have to visit it some day!
User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 26-Dec-2017
User Award   TheWestend 27-May-2018
This is rightfully a classic map. I have driven this map a lot of times throughout my "trackmania carreer", and it just keeps being interesting and challenging. It inspired a lot of other mappers to also push the limits on how long a map can be. The atmosphere is great, and each time I finish it feels like a great accomplishment!
User Award   Tarkkh 11-Nov-2019
Hard RPG track, but really nice one
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