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Name: Download [RPG] The Tomb
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   [AUT]Icarus
Version: 27-Jul-2010
TMX id: 2664463
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 18,801
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Maze
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
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6:48.36   mons+ 0:00.0018,801
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7:04.39   Realized2+ 0:16.0314,372
10:45.03   [AUT]Icarus+ 3:56.670
17:24.15   HouseKeepR+ 10:35.790
7:42.71   B1ts+ 0:54.35-
14:12.59   peteypablo7+ 7:24.23-
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Author Comments

So this is my second RPG Track.
It's longer than the first one and I also added a Mod to it, wich should be auto-downloading.
If it does not work please make a short notification.

About the Track:
Yeah the Track is build to show a Tomb and the Story behind is that you have to get a Relic.
Thats all, but sorry that there isn't any MediaTracker content cause I am not very talented in making those things

Feel free to comment

Version 2:

* Added 3 Checkpoints to make the Track more comfortable to drive
* Removed the biggest cuts to make them undriveable

User Comments
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  peteypablo7 02-May-2010
any possibility to post a replay would be helpful since I'm not that talented in RPG's
  Elro 16-May-2010
I'm usually not bad in RPG's, been playing them for awhile now. But this track has some parts that are really hard, like the jump with the 3 rings. But these things make the track a bit annyoing.
I didn't play the whole track, because I really was bored after trying a part again and again..
Till the place where I was where not very much and (in my opinion) good and new parts.
But, the mod was just great!
  :-) 16-May-2010
sometimes it looks like you use speedhack on your replay bits!.. x)
  Tecfan 17-May-2010
this RPG is too basic for me.. the same tricks all the time and the atmosphere is not original, sorry
  B1ts 17-May-2010
morteN, hehe It isn't that great, but most parts are done safe and nicely.. I'm quite sure it's gonna be improved easy meat for RPG pro's

Kinda surprised seeing this in showcase oO but well, cg for that Your work will be rated as it should be now..

  eatherquake 17-May-2010
tecfan => maybe you could give us original RPGs to support your talking?
  Frx ben75 19-May-2010
I don't like RPG tracks because I have never finished it. It is often too long and too confusing. A showcase changes nothing for me. In my opinion, it is not interesting to play it. I find it is too boring! Sorry for my words, but it is just my point of view!
  B1ts 19-May-2010
have you played some tracks like montezuma's treasure? no? then don't tell us that it is boring and confusing.. some tracks are easy and not that long.. I can just tell this to you guys.. who don't like RPG stuff.. Why don't you spare 1 hour (max) TO FINISH montezuma's treasure and then tell us what you think.. The only problem is that you haven't finished any of those yet ! and most ppl change their opinion after finishing a nice track.. it doesn't fit for all driver's styles, but it sometimes makes sense.. if you have a bad pc (like I do), you shouldn't get attracted by these tracks much, but with optimal pc guys I think that RPG community could become bigger.. well.. w/e.. that's some of my shitty ideas..
  Frx ben75 19-May-2010
I have downloaded your replay and I am not motivated for downloading the track. This style of track is made only for some guys with very good computers. That's the problem with RPG tracks. Sorry, I have no motivation for playing more than some minutes. I think I am not alone in this case.
  TimeBreaker 19-May-2010
ben, do you have onboard graphics?
  Frx ben75 19-May-2010
I have not a onboard graphics, but my graphic card is probably too old.
However, I think it is just not my style of track.
  eatherquake 19-May-2010
B1ts => thanks for montezuma's treasure! I was justly wondering if there were great RPGs tracks with reference to tecfan comment
  B1ts 20-May-2010
ben, yeah.. problems with old pc make it impossible to drive RPGs.. you're ofc not alone.. I also have a very bad graphics card, blabla.. but still I can play some RPGs even with lags and mini-rpgs with no lag.. RPGs just hooked me ^^ and btw, I didn't tell you to drive THIS track to get a REAL feeling of an RPG I was talking about montezuma stuff.. it doesn't matter now though..

eatherquake => hehe np.. it's my favourite RPG track and it has a nice amount of awards for some reason ^^
  Frx ben75 20-May-2010
I think a RPG track with low scenery could be my taste.
  B1ts 22-May-2010
oh finally r2 tried this one
  Realized2 22-May-2010
hmm , i used some alt. ways . Dunno , if they were built intentionally or are they cuts ?
  ,,Januy 22-May-2010
What DO you like Ben. All those stupid complaints from you all the time, starting to get on my nerves.
  Frx ben75 23-May-2010
Really??? I complain about the tracks when I don't like it. I don't see where is the problem. I think you never read carefully my comments because you would see I am not complaining so often. I give a lot of awards then it proves you are wrong. I just give my point of view. Am I free to do it?
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User Awards
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User Award   peteypablo7 03-May-2010
Hi man,

although I didn't really found the way in first case at some spots, I did managed to finish this one. Keep in mind that I'm not really an RPG-driver and you'll know that I really did found enough motivation on this one to continue trying some good stunts and tricks in here. the worst part for me was the jumps through those 3 ring CP's XD didn't liked that one very well, but apart from that I really had a lot of fun driving it. guess I should improve my driving skills for some RPG-techniques (like the pipelines and so on) and I'm sure I can beat your time XD good job and well-deserved award
btw, I really liked that big room with that thing in the middle
User Award   B1ts 03-May-2010
very well built track m8 ! I really liked these ideas here.. really nice and what's best.. NEW ideas (I haven't seen most of them before).. I didn't like the double-piped area, however this is very tricky and it's very hard to make a perfect time.. (I had -20 secs and wasted everything in the turn with 3 rings, which is VERY tricky and hard imo)

Nice mod, great ideas, flow, fun.. that's what makes this track worth playing !
User Award   :-) 16-May-2010
great RPG !
User Award   nunni 17-May-2010
cgtz with showcase, it's a basic track, I think it's for beginners not to get very behind their screens
User Award   eatherquake 17-May-2010
Very nice track!
The mod is so nice! It reminds me of Tomb Raider so much
But i don't know why you guys complain about the "3 rings area" cause i have no problem with it! After a respawn, just go fullspeed to the left, then right, then left again to avoid a small jump that reduce the speed required to perform the big jump
Well, i don't know if I'll upload a replay, because the pipes sections are really my achilles' heel (and my times sucks because of them^^)
User Award   eie 18-May-2010
Nice track, but as Tecfan said, not very original
still nice and fun to drive =)
User Award   Realized2 22-May-2010
Well , basic track , but i think you implemented the mod perfectly. Looks cool!
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