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Name: Download TropiCana
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eXtracT
Version: 05-Jun-2010
Released: 28-May-2010
TMX id: 2767866
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 69,822
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunset
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:32.68   div+ 0:00.0069,822
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:32.80   Sky.esu+ 0:00.1268,283
0:32.83   Dule+ 0:00.1567,899
0:32.88   AR »Down.+ 0:00.2067,258
0:32.89   Chowcowbow+ 0:00.2167,130
0:32.92   Khone+ 0:00.2466,745
0:32.92   jayracing+ 0:00.2466,745
0:32.95   WaL-Crazy+ 0:00.2766,360
0:32.96   sliver_23+ 0:00.2866,233
0:33.01   JakeRay+ 0:00.3365,592
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Author Comments

TRACK UPDATE: last transition has been fixed for a much smoother ride (:


hey guys, ... look who’s back with a brand new track?! This time I decide to build a FS, but a mini hunter that you should all enjoy (: this track definitely holds my best scenery imo, I incorporated a wide variety of blocks and combinations to create a ‘tropical’ atmosphere that looks beautiful (: so please upload ya replays and get this track classic yea!

- D e t a i l s -

Length: approx. 33secs
Mood: SunSet
Signs: Default
Author Time: 33.20
M-T Work: produced by yours truly
. . . . Intro: my best work to date, simple yet effective i think
. .In-game: simple Gps cam chasing a ghost (respawns also available)
. . . Outro: produced by Nlpwf - absolutely stunning effects, thanks buddy

- S c r e e n y -

Set up a ScreenCompo for this track and was very happy with the outcome and number of submissions. Thanks to Tige® , »sp!ky« , .Ornaiim , »Revilo.o' , Metal_Snake.F® , »d!plO« & Psymax

However the winner was ornaiim with this tropical simplistic shot (:
> > WallPaper < <

- Specail Thanks -

NLpwf: for some really appreciated assistance with testing the track along with producing an absolutely exceptional outro, i appreciate it buddy xD

.Ornaiim: for his breathtaking screenshot, his showcase is below, please test out his great track "authentiQue" - a real addictive hunter (:

- B e t a ‘ s -

Thanks to all for their positive input for my track, I really appreciate it guys. Cheers to Mr.Hubby , F2theG'June. , sj@tmn , chris <3 , VAPOR Mastermind , .Ornaiim , Pat , »W!cked-guy' , FYTRIM. , Metal_Snake.F® , nRg || Kn!ght.tmX.

Thanks fellas xD


User Comments
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  eXtracT 28-May-2010
for the beta-tested that didn't like my ending, i tried playing around with removing and adding dirt but the flow wasn't the same, so i adjusted the camera and i think i found a compromise, thanks for your feedback (:

thx list:

thanyou all who went to the effort to award this track:

01.|»rafffi. - thanks for a great 1st buddy (: glad you enjoyed it
02.|»W!cked-guy' - thanks man for this one, and also for n awesome replay
03.| spn o.0 ~uT - hey man glad you enjoyed the end, thanks alot
04.|VAPOR Mastermind - thanks for this stunner award buddy, thanks (:
05.| Tige® - hey thanks my old friend for this awesome lil'
06.|.Dotchy - thanks mate for this great award and nice words in
07.|Khone - haha a comparison to DarkNoob is awesome (: thanks man
08.|.F2theG - glad you liked my atmosphereic scenery! thanks
09.|WAL-Ace - a lil nice thanks man, glad you liked the track
10.|.Ornaiim - haha glad you liked the 'ambiance' buddy (: thanks alot
11.|Mr.Hubby - wow friggin awesoem here buddy, thanks!
12.| hoheb - hey man, so glad to receive an from ya (: thanks heaps
13.|» Dutchy - haha your a legend man, thanks for this lovely
14.|sj@tmn - haha yer s-jay, tech next time i promise lol (: thanks a billion
15.|Hitchy - hey buddy thanks for this fantastic cheers man
16.|JakeRay - wow thanks for such an awesome man, thanks a mill
17.|WAL_Crazy - thanks man, glad you enjoyed a nice hunting map
18.| Snicker - glad you enjoyed driving ma map buddy, your a legend (:
19.|tim3found.. - hey man thanks for this great n short thx again
20.|NLpwf - thanks man, glad i got your approval haha (: thanks
21.| Pat - haha one word is enough for me buddy thanks alot
22.|Metal_Snake.F® - hey my man, thanks for this awesome mate
23.|Empy' - thats exactly the reaction i was hoping for, thanksyou
24.|Chowcowbow - im glad you thought so, and thx for the replay
25.| jaNNo - and also a very nice buddy, thanks for your kind words
26.|JakeRay - wow thanks for such an awesome man, thanks a mill
27.| indy_air - hey thanks for this overly cool mate, i appreciate it
28.| Cyber_Dragon - hey man, glad i could get an award from ya, thx
29.|maesterR - sup my friend, thanks so much for your awesome words (:
  mr.hubby 28-May-2010
sorry for this half-good replay
  PN`D4v1d 29-May-2010
Had -0.08 on my .17 and could have done 0.02 faster at the start too, so .0x is certainly possible
Just a replay though, but no award, the track as a "track" isn't really offering much, but it's good for hunting...
  Apx.Acer 29-May-2010
WAL Map^^^^
  indy_air 02-Jun-2010
Had a .15 at start, where a .10 is possible and no slide -.-
Gogo 32.xx
  eXtracT 02-Jun-2010
yes that would be crazy go go go ! (:
  Khone 05-Jun-2010
well thats fast enough atm
now i wait to strike back
  Chowcowbow 06-Jun-2010
Thx for message eXtract
Here's my comeback time
  PagH .xT 10-Jun-2010
  div 06-Nov-2010
sry for cutting but i had to find a way to beat down once
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Pat 30-May-2010
User Award   Metal_Snake 30-May-2010
Delicious little FS track !
It's a pleasure to see a new one from you mate, even more that this one is really delicious
Great job
User Award 30-May-2010
Enjoyable FS

User Award   Chowcowbow 31-May-2010
Challenging fullspeed !
User Award   ulysses 31-May-2010
very nice FS...
User Award   dadm 01-Jun-2010
Great and well calculated fullspeeder you made here Nice smoothness and Really cool scenery !
Well deserved award

User Award   indy_air 02-Jun-2010
Nice one
User Award   Cyber_Dragon 02-Jun-2010
User Award   RaµL 05-Jun-2010
great track
User Award   PagH .xT 10-Jun-2010
I'm astounded! What a creation! Thank you for this journey through the tropic environment - an absolute amazing feeling. The smoothness is definitely at highest level and the hunting abilities are unique! Furthermore the drops and blockmixing are perfectly executed. I know you haven't got much experience with fullspeed, but nevertheless you do a splendid job. I'm amazed, truly! In addition to this comes the beautiful intro - absolutely great and thereupon an awesome GPS road + effects! Astonishing work mate!
User Award   WAL-DarkEyes 12-Jun-2010
User Award   waldfee 15-Jun-2010
User Award   Baston 21-Jun-2010
Forgot to award this one

Such a wonderfully crafted one, very special

I really liked it, awesome FS hunter with many nice ideas and wonderful scenery / atmosphere

I noticed some bugs but it's all right and the track is overall so fun and addicting to hunt.

So great job once again and...

Keep it up,

User Award   AR »Down. 08-Jul-2010
Awesome track with great flow
User Award   iMap // gone OFF4EVER 01-Aug-2010
wow... i'm still stuned ... great MT work, ... - i first watched GPS and than BAM... this track is so wonderfull perfect that i could submitt my first run...

here's an BIG for your amazing creation here.
User Award   div 06-Nov-2010
very nice one!
-> <-
User Award   C4 Freak 15-Dec-2010
User Award   »RE! Hightower 21-May-2011
very nice
User Award   Sky.esu 20-Sep-2014
quite cool & good looking
User Award   TM Tube 12-Sep-2015

Koure In the panoramic thank you
F1 - Racer thank you
LOL Young thank you
LOL Summetric and Stures thank you
Fullspeed thank you

to any where

Thanks eXtracT

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