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Name: Download Synchronized Answer.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SPN&ZoggeR
Version: 23-Aug-2010
TMX id: 3070983
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 25,291
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:45.61   peteypablo7+ 0:02.9514,797
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0:43.54   F2.'P.H.C«+ 0:00.88-
0:44.07   answeR|'P.H.C«...+ 0:01.41-
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Author Comments


Today, spn and me (Mr.Zogger) proudly present you our second duo-track. After the surprising success of Lena <3, we were keen on building another one as soon as possible. We had many different starts, and some acceptable continuations, but nothing rly came up to our expectations. Until, one day, spn sent me a start where I immediately knew how to continue. (that was also the case with Lena <3 )
And again, it's a special track since it's a...tribute. „Yet another tribute?“ some of you might think...(prolly you don't care but anyways) „F*ck, yea! And it's probably one of the most deserved tributes ever“.
As it could already be seen from the trackname, it's a tribute to our good friend   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb. He is just one amazing dude in our eyes. He is always heplful (especially at Intros ), always gives his honest opinion, is a talented track-builder (still underrated a bit though), and he is one of the few guys who has the same humour and mood as we do. We have thought about dediacting a track to him for a long time, and now it's finally done, enjoy, ti si peder . This is your playground as Natzke once said

Enough of talking, here you have the facts:

~transitional, kinda compact speed-tech (the dirt-section is crossed 3 times)
~Intermediate (again, some jumps need certain speed)
~33xx coppers
~about 44 seconds long


Intro: Made by   uetzer|R4a. Thanks a lot mate <3. You saved us
InGame: Ghost-GPS made by Mr.Zogger
Outro: Never


After I have started to love   .wesc Screenshots, I asked him to do one, and he did a wonderful job there in our opinion . Interesting angle, interesting editing and an amazing font make this one of a kind . What do you think about it?


An enjoyable atmosphere is created by some clever block-combos to show you the way, in our opinion nicely included in the track, but still looking a bit empty at some places due to the compact design. Also, the evening-mood fits quite nicely in our opinion . We hope you like it too. (Made by Mr.Zogger)

So, I guess that was all you need to know, now pls download the track, test it, leave a comment , a replay or even an award . Any kind of feedback, both positive and negative, is highly appreciated.
I hope you enjoy your ride on this track, especially answer .
Peace out
spn and Zog.



For WesC's Screenshot:

Symphony by   .wesc

For answer:

.scoP by   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb

User Comments
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  peteypablo7 28-Oct-2010
About the scenery, I did saw that you guys took care of it. There are no big open spaces and the atmosphere is really good. There's a good amount off roadpieces used as scenery and I really do like that. The signage is well done and is placed at the important spots. Everything is well connected and you guys did well using a lot of different blocks. Most bad thing I can think of is the fact that near the ending part you have a quite open spot without scenery. Though, that's because you guys ran out of building space over there.

The mediatracker has been done very well. It contains a good amount of moving cams and clean text. I kinda disliked the ending part from the intro though. If that part would have been some more attractive, the intro would have been almost perfect for me. Clean driven GPS-ghost and nicely made text with cool colours for the first letters. The outro wasn't that attractive, but I don't care about the outro that much in general either.

If we take a look at the screenshot, you'll see that it's quite interesting. It does has a grey atmosphere, but I can't imagine this screen to be way too colorfull. The worst thing is that there's no big version available on the track page. Would have been great to see it bigger anyway. The angle is pretty nice and the fact that it's not tilted doesn't matter in here. Probably it would look bad if it was tilted so a good choice from the angle has been made. The editing itself took some time I guess and is really good if you ask me. In normal cases I would say that the text isn't on the best place since it crosses the inflatable and the platform part. Though, because of the 'glow' around the text, it doesn't distract me much. Very well done with the screen in general.
  ZoggeR 23-Nov-2010
Huge award, thanks man
  JakeRay 25-Dec-2010
replay + award
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User Awards
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User Award   uetzer|R4a 17-Aug-2010
Love it

User Award   jstc 17-Aug-2010
Amazing Track
Smooth TRansitional Easy.
Guys You did amazing work and answer can be really proud of this one
congratz answer!
well MT failed. cams are lame and text is nooby. and first cams going through a block
wtf? anyways
i thinnk on this one i'll post my replay
btw first replay on techmap ever! xD
User Award   SapphiroN 17-Aug-2010
It's good.
User Award   diplo|mp 17-Aug-2010
awesome duo
for an awesome guy
congratz mr zogger et spn
this track is a masterpiece
i love all on it
User Award   Chad 17-Aug-2010
Daamn good tech track , so much fun to drive.

User Award   »Flo.F® 17-Aug-2010
Amazing Duo
User Award   answeR|'P.H.C«|brb 17-Aug-2010
hm... I was quite shocked when I saw this at 10 newest tracks! Of course I immediately went to check the trackpage and I saw that it's a tribute to me by 2 most awesome guys here on tmx. That's amazing and everyone's dream. The feeling I got can't be described by words... Dunno if I deserve this tribute, but anyway thanks a million! I love you guys <3

spn story:
Actually I don't know when we met each other, it was probably because I was building a big brother project track with Natzke (which failed). Probably Natzke connected us... Right from the start I knew that you're an awesome guy, always helpful and always willing to test tracks and give good feedback and honest opinion. You're also very funny sometimes xD Not to forget, I love how you 2 guys are addicted with Lena. In trackbuilding I totally love your style! Amazing creativity is how I would describe it. Always awesome transitions and good slides in between that make the track flow insanely well. You are of course one of my favorite builders. You had a great impact on my tmx career and I want to thank you for that, I wouldn't be a builder I am now without you!

Mr.Zogger, the uncapable person story:
We met on msn. At first you looked like a serious person who isn't joking alot and I just thought, well okay you're like that. But more we talked more we got to know each other and more we started joking. We found out that we have the same most awesome humor type: RANDOMNESS!!11 So of course we got along very well. KURTOÄITSCHIKYLLÄÜFALKAZ0R. There's only one major difference between us. I'm not addicted to Lena (thank god xD). Oh and one more, we Slovenians aren't as dumb as germans to SYNCHRONIZE movies But I hate you for one thing. You aren't capable of doing anything in MT, but you just can't understand it yourself. So please stop saying that you can do things that you actually can't and come asking me to do it, because you failed xD Okay enough... Before I get to know you, I knew you for fullspeeders, but then I found out that you can make both fullspeed and tech. And with some quality! You're also one of my favorite authors.

The track:
The track is just epic, as I expected from builders like you guys are! You did fantastic job on it. I'll start with few words on the intro. It's quite good, with some cool cams and colors, but omfg I really really hate cams going through scenery pieces as first cam goes here <__> Anyway, solid work Uetzer. Screenshot is amazing, great editing! Great job wesc. Scenery is also great. It creates nice evening atmosphere to drive in. Cool colors and variety in it. But I have 2 complaints: there's not enough signs xDDD And it's a bit confusing at some places, like the platform after 2nd sculpture. I got lost 3 times before finding the right way xD. The track itself starts with this great start! I love it! It's smooth as silk! Then there's also that white-shit-thingie-to-QP transition which is great, but that white-shit-thingie bugs sometimes :/ But that's not your fault. Then there's of course a sculpture transition (obviously, spn and zogger xD) and after that great sliding combo. I love it, very smooth and flowish. After that there's smooth road to platform transition and short platform and again a transition to road. It feels good, that auto slide is nice and here we come to blue ground and another sculpture transition. This time in different direction than first time. It's smooth very smooth and than there's that platform which is good and flowish, but I got lost in first try xDD Continue in comment section...
User Award   :-) 18-Aug-2010
Awesome !
User Award   BacaBej 18-Aug-2010

User Award   W!cked 18-Aug-2010
what?! a duo by spn & zogger?! this track can't be bad!
and indeed it's just amazing. both your styles are really connectable and unique... and that's why i just love this track.
i love the awesome transitions and the well calculated drifts. the scenery is pretty awesome, the mt is nice, too...
what can i say more than: "great work guys!"?
User Award   F2.'P.H.C« 18-Aug-2010
Good, not perfect :/ tribute

Tbh: the transitions were not the smootest ones I saw from you two in other tracks. But that's not really a problem cuz they were drivable and not too frustrating. At least I am happy that there are authors who make some creative tracks. I have to thank you therefor and please keep building this style guys. Now back to the track. The start is pretty boring but it is continued in a good way. Cool, little transition and a white rooftop-ramp transition which is probably have never seen before °.° Then there's a very nice part untill the dirt drop which was not rly smooth but rather bumpy to land. No bugs, but just rly unsmooth^^. The transition combo which is followed after the dirt drop is pretty amazin actually though it can cause a bug but I had it just like 2 times or so. The ending is a decent one. Suitable for winning some terrain there. My conclusion is that this is unfortunatly not you're best track though it is rly a pleasure to drive - otherwise I didn't tried to make 43.xx - and it the scenery looked pretty nice. There were just some minor things - start, dirt drop - which prevent me for calling this track 'perfect' or 'fantastic' or something like that. BUT you guys proved again your talent with some rly nice, innovative transtions and the lay-out was also of a high quality. Sorry for being honest, I also could have write like 'incredible track, nothing to complain' but I just felt like telling you my opinion. Oh and btw: deserved tribute! answer rules^^. I'm off,

User Award   iv!ca' :O 19-Aug-2010
Track is actually great but Lena is unsurpassed.

User Award   «PasSion™ 23-Aug-2010
Wow Wonderful work here Zogger, Spn tooo wowwwwww guys. !!!
User Award   Natzke 23-Aug-2010
Wooohoooo soooo genius
Love every corner..every slide...every transition
You guys is so incredible crazy and so natural duo
I expect at least 50 awards for this madness
User Award   IntoX«OFF 23-Aug-2010
Awesome duo track you guys made. One of the best I tested lately for sure ! Well, that's true the end may seem a bit lucky and bumpy but you can take it by the right way most of the time so it's ok for me. The rest of the track is marvelous, the transitions are superb as always. Also the scenery is pretty nice looking.
You two did a damn great work.

User Award   peteypablo7 28-Oct-2010
Once the race has started, you really should be able to drive between the first poles. If you do crash over there, you better drive a track with just a start and a finish. It's a piece of cake to get the first drop smoothly. That's not bad, since drops that are hard to get smooth kinda ruin the track and that isn't the case in here. After you've passed the drop, you better directly turn to the left and try not to get any skidmarks if possible. If you take it tight, it may gives you some extra gained time for your WR. Then, you get a tiny upwards part to slide you through the first checkpoint. After doing this, I'm sure you're already speeding further on and nearing the small passage on the platform parts. Since there's a small difference of height, you get the possibility to start your slide through that passage what will bring you to the large white scenery part. Instead if used as scenery, we'll be racing on top of it now ... Follow the lines that are turning to the right and you'll see yourself aiming for a transition with a loop-part. When you did succeeded with that one, there's a short platform part to take some rest. Though, don't rest too long because another cool transition is coming up ahead. Get your car in a good angle and throw yourself on that structure piece which will connect you with the dirt. Your car won't get the chance to become dirty at all since you'll be on the road again before you know. Be aware about the fact that you'll be facing a slide coming up and make sure you slide it well. It'll bring you to the second checkpoint while the sun is blinding your eyes. Take care and get your turn to the right and head over to a 'road-changing' part. Once you passed that one, driving to the left will let you see the upcoming slide. Might be another easy one, huh? Well, I do warn you that your slide will last longer than you firstly would have imagined. You'll be making a quite wide 180°-turn, but it sounds easier than you'll have to do it with such a speed. When the slide is done, you're going upwards, through the third checkpoint. Make sure you're gaining enough speed because there's a transition in front of you that need some jumping power to succeed on a smooth way. Driving further on the platform and having a turn to the right will get you to a transition going to the road. There you'll pass the fourth checkpoint. You'll slide right again and go downhill onto the blue surface. Going up the structure which will cause a cool transition with the platform. Keep driving and following the platform which will have a right turn leading to the fifth checkpoint on the dirt. Keep speeding forward and make the drop to the loop parts. The transition isn't that smooth all the time, but it's not the worst I saw. You're landing on a platform and follow it to the left. Dropping off the platform will get you to a jump on another platform. If you continue speeding on that one, turn left, pass the sixth checkpoint and speed further and make the transition to the finish. Done.

In a first try, the track is really not the easiest one to think were you'll need to go. It'll take some time for practicing probably before you can aim for the best time on this track.

... continuation in comment ...
User Award   JakeRay 25-Dec-2010

you must be honoured to have all these long awards O; I know I would have appreciated such awards more than short awards like "I like it ", and so on! but the thing is, there's a very well reason for this track to have such long awards, and why is that? it's a manifestive psycho mindblowing track! though some part can be VERY tricky, it's just a pleasure to ride and drive this beautiful decorated masterpiece!

Also tried to get a good replay, but I think it can be done in .4x

User Award   Marlon 18-Dec-2019
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